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I'm writing, designing, and publishing a book about the art and craft of interaction design. Handmade outline for $20; pre-order the book for $40!

I've been writing some longer project updates and reviews lately. Check them out!

"The more I read the drafts of Cadence & Slang, the more it feels essential. The brevity, scope, and thoroughness of Nick's thoughts on interaction design makes me think I'll be passing this around to colleagues and co-workers for a very long while." - William Couch,

I'm writing a book called Cadence & Slang, due in late 2010. It's about interaction design, which is the art and craft of making technology easier to use. There have been many products in the past decade that take generous advantage of good design - the iPod, the Flip Video, the Wii - and fortunately we're moving more in this direction. Technology used to be an awful lot more complex and overwhelming, and we've since learned to make it simpler.

But interaction designers don't really have a style guide yet. And few books in our field are accessible to those outside it. I've spent the past five years researching and writing a book that fills these needs, and now I want to publish and distribute it independently.

At the beginning of this year, I wrote an outline of the book, which summarizes it pretty well. If you like the outline, or the 2-minute video up top, I hope you can give whatever you can to make this book a reality.

I want to change the way that people think about how they interact with technology. I want you to demand something better.


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    The above, and I give you access to a private site with excerpts from the book.

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    The above, and a copy of Cadence & Slang Mini. Handmade, signed, and numbered by me. This is the outline of the book, with all of the rules and suggestions - only for Kickstarter backers!

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    The first three, and you give me a URL, application, etc. Then I write up a full report, probably around ten pages, analyzing it in detail.

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