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$6,838 pledged of $16,384 goal
By nick black
$6,838 pledged of $16,384 goal

mmm that's a funding triangle you could calculate sines off of

thanks largely to two large donations from folks i'm not certain i even know (clint, john: my apologies if y'all're from among my tribes, and my thanks for your generosity), we maintain a linear pledge growth that's nothing short of uncanny. behold the screenshot below. i used the GIMP's straightedge tool to fit a linear plot (i believe this is the same way the top quark was discovered), used the sexy "leopard" flood pattern for superlinear areas between the curves, the "brownish-yellow" hyperfaecal flood pattern for sublinear areas.

i then brushed a purple gradient over the majority, because i really like brushing purple gradients. i likewise added ice cube because, hey, ice cube! it's provocative! gets the people goin'!

please do not, of course, confuse "linear pledge growth" with "linear pledge growth fit to the funding target"; the slope are in a ratio of 3:4. on-target linearity is represented by the red background triangle.

Happy Friday, everybody!

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