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Caged: An action packed and tense fan film set in the Marvel universe following the escape of Luke Cage.

We're Gary & Nick, better known as Sneaky Zebra, a UK based filmmaking duo producing a variety of original content like; comedy sketches, music videos and short films.

Prop Wars | Power Rangers | Siri - Ultimate Combat Assistant | Cosplay Music Video

Some of you might know us from the above, but if not, rest assured  with nearly 4 million views on our channels and features on various websites and blogs, we are dedicated to making quality entertainment.

It is because of this passion for film that were are always striving for bigger and better things, sadly though, 'bigger and better' does not come cheap; that is where you come in.

We're here to ask for your help in making a new project - A Luke Cage based fan film. Being huge fans of everything the Marvel universe has to offer, we wanted to give some screen time to one of the lesser known heroes. A non-profit fan film that teases at the origin of Luke, what could become of him in Phase 2, and BEYOND!

Built on the foundation of Luke Cage from the comics over the years we've given our own Sneaky Zebra style to it.

A great inspiration for us was the first Iron Man film which does an amazing job at creating a grounded and realistic superhero film - you only have to believe Tony Stark is a genius who can create Arc reactor technology and the rest writes itself.

We wanted to capture a similar feel, with tense drama and high action, making our film easily slot right into the Marvel universe.

We will see Luke becoming more than just his former self but how he comes to grips with his new abilities and the consequences these will have on those who held him back before.

Luke is innocent man who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and endeavours to make the best of a bad situation.

We find him already spending time behind bars and, despite his good behaviour, is singled out and bullied by a prison guard who abuses his position of power; however things are about to change. When a chance to escape presents itself Luke makes his move and this time he gets more than just a 'spring in his step'!

However, the wake of his escape has drawn attention from various strategic departments who are keen to find out just what happened, and will let no one stand in their way to obtain to the answers they seek.

Our goal is £3,128.00 this is the minimum we need to enable us to shoot our short film and anything over that amount will allow us to enrich that world even more.

We've specifically made sure our film can be shot on a relatively low budget, whilst still delivering the most bang for your buck. Pulling in favours having most of the crew working "pro-bono" and hussling support where we can will help greatly reduce overheads. However we need this Kickstarter to assist us in costs that our just outside our reach: 1) Equipment. 2) Actors & Cast 3) Location & Set Dressing

Our YouTube channel allows us to upload up to 2K resolution film which will give a much more filmic look and feel. We therefore would like to shoot on the new Black Magic Cinema Camera and are also wanting to hire a more professional lighting rig than our standard work light setup. This will make sure the on screen image is of the best quality and so maximising viewer enjoyment.y

Of course we'd like to have a strong screen presence in our spec film and therefore the structure will be broken down into two main set pieces: One being large and action based; the other, a tense dialogue scene. Being able to hire professional actors/actresses to enrich these scenes will make this a flagship fan film.

Finally location - Our film will be set over 2 key locations, one being a prison which naturally is hard to find (especially for low budget) or a venue suitable to set dress to the look we require. The other is a more specialized controlled environment which will allow for a large amount of creative filming and storytelling (We can't say more for spoilers!). Both locations are a considerable part of our budget but are needed to make sure this film looks amazing.

We've spent a considerable amount of time putting all the pieces in place for the production - we will be filming across a 3 day timeframe and are set to  begin within two weeks of us hitting our goal (Obviously the sooner we hit it the sooner we can start production.) Our goal would be to release the finished film this Summer!

As previously mentioned we're working on the smallest budget we can without compromising on the production value - as a result we've created some perks and rewards with that in mind.

Note: the money we raise on this kickstarter will only go towards the production of the film, meaning that we can provide you, the backer, with a bigger, enjoyable and more kick ass product!

It's not just the financial support we need - but exposure too. So please spread the word on Facebook/Twitter/Blogs/Forums and help us get this made. Likewise you can chat with us on any of these platforms so don't be afraid to shoot us a message.

Hashtag: #Caged




Hopefully you can see that we are passionate filmmakers, we spend a lot of time, effort and our own resources on our YouTube channel delivering as much content as we can. However we really want to step up our game and produce something awesome, something amazing and most importantly something you are going to enjoy and with just a little bit of support we can do that.

A huge thank you for taking the time to watch and read this - we're keeping this a short campaign so we're going to be intensely promoting it and will provide all the details we can, so if you have any questions please get in touch.

~ Sneaky Zebra  

*This fan film has no association with Marvel nor claims any ownership to the Luke Cage franchise. This is a fan film made solely for entertainment purposes without intentions of profit off the film.*

"Caged" is a not-for-profit fan film based on the "Luke Cage" comic book franschise by Marvel.

Produced by Sneaky Zebra and Directed by Nick Acott & Gary Scullion

The intention of making this film was for it to be a spec film, with the primary purpose being to show a live-action take on Luke Cage.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We've spent a considerable amount of time prior to even putting this kickstarter campaign together planning as much as we possible can. Making sure that the team we have put together are all passionate about the project.

The biggest risk is our perks we're offering - hopefully as covered above you can understand we wanted to keep costs low and achievable but we hope we've offered enough to entice you, not just as the perks but us as filmmakers.

We've made sure locations are specific and controllable for our needs meaning we won't have to rely on the UK weather.

As with every aspect of this shoot we've used our experience on set and planned for all foreseeable challengers and built in redundancies to suit.

We wouldn't be here today if we had any doubt we can make this film happen.


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