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3 guys rob a fast-food restaurant, and bite off more than they can chew. A film about morality, is there honor among thieves? Read more

Savannah, GA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on January 20, 2012.

3 guys rob a fast-food restaurant, and bite off more than they can chew. A film about morality, is there honor among thieves?

Savannah, GA Shorts
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Thank you for visiting our Kickstarter Campaign, this page was designed to raise and fund the production of my senior thesis film "The Restaurant Job". We chose to use Kickstarter so we could share constant updates with our donors and give back awesome rewards. I hope you enjoy the project, I am very excited to share it with you. 

                                                                       -Nicholas Lee Reichard

The Project

What is the Timeline for the project? 

Right now we are currently in pre-production, and are scheduled to shoot in late February for a total of 6 days, with a finished product in early May! 

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects, allowing us to give rewards to our backers! It is an ALL OR NOTHING campaign based idea, so if we do not raise the money over a certain period of time, no money changes hands. If our project is successful, all of the money we raise will directly fund our film to the last penny, every dollar counts and will help make this film a reality

Whats the best way to support The Restaurant Job? 

Make a pledge via kickstarter! Any contribution, no matter how small or large, it will make a difference!

Spread the word by telling your friends and family about our film and this kickstarter campaign! Help us build momentum and donate today! 

What is The Restaurant Job about? 

All of Donation Packages have been named after famous robbery films, that I have used as inspiration for the film. I've always wanted to shoot an action film and this is my chance, even though The Restaurant Job is much more than that. This film digs in and touches on our morals, a conflict of interests in crucial times, is there honor among thieves? 

Who is involved in the film? 

The collaboration that takes place when making films is absolutely essential, and luckily The Restaurant Job has many talented people on hand and working hard to make this film become a reality. Let's meet some of the team:

The Writer - Brandon Reichard

Brandon directs music videos in Columbus, Ohio, and was just featured on the blog 'One Thirty BPM' for his music video 'No Room To Live' which was named one of the Top 15 music videos of 2011! He wrote The Restaurant Job which is currently in its 5th rewrite.

The Producers - Tom Fatora - Gage Hanlon - Vinny Varsalona                 & Michael Metzner  

Gage, Tom, and Vinny are3 guys who work very well together, and are a blast to be around. They are sophomores at SCAD and have been very involved in the film program. They recently produced a thesis project along side Nick this past fall, and are all excited to work on the project. 

Michaelmet Nick in Lacoste, France this past summer, where they both took classes in the small village and submersed themselves in the rich French culture. He currently is a senior at the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College of FAU, which is close to his hometown Wellington, Florida. Michael aspires to become a neurosurgeon. 

The Director of Photography - Pieter Ribbens

Pieter is a native of Savannah, Georgia. He has been on numerous projects and has a vast range of knowledge when it comes to cinematography. Pieter was recently accepted into the Local 600, which is the international camera guild allowing him to work on union feature films. In 2010 he was the Director of Photography for a film titled Recycle This which was featured at the Cannas Film Festival. 

Production Designer - Erin Murphy

Erinis senior at SCAD from Dallas, Texas. She quickly feel in love with production design and has been working on film sets since she was 16. She is comfortable working with a table saw and a sewing machine. She is currently working on 3 films, The Restaurant Job, Rain, Sleet, or Snow, and Tightening our belts. 

Editor - Austin Rink

Austinis now a senior film student at SCAD, Austin has a concentration in cinematography. Austin is very talented in every aspect of filmmaking, he knows everything about cameras and is very savvy with computers and his editing skills are impeccable. 

Sound Supervisor - Jake Ellis

Jakeis now a senior sound design student at SCAD who found his way from a small town called Titusville, FL. He will be overseeing the post production sound team, and is excited to work on this film. 


Check out our Facebook page! 

Thank you so much for your support!


The Restaurant Job Team 


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    The "Point Break" Package - Thank you for your generosity and supporting our film! You get a digital download of the final film which will be available to view online!

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    The "Run Lola Run" Package - We will give you an exclusive 8 x 10 still frame photo from a shot in the movie! + a signed copy of the script! (includes previous rewards)

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    The "Resevoir Dogs" Package - Gets you a DVD or Blu-Ray of the film + a Photo of the Cast and Crew! Note: DVD and Blu-Ray will include bonus features! (includes previous rewards)

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    The "Ocean's 11" Package - The Director will personally send you a Postcard when in production letting you know how the filming is going! + a Thank You Credit (your name printed) at the end of our film! And receive a one of a kind unique polaroid photograph from the set of the film! (includes previous rewards)

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    The "Heat" Package - Gets you an awesome Crew t-shirt + 11 x 17 mini Poster of the film! Also a Special Thanks (your name printed) at the end of our film in the credits! (includes previous rewards)

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    The "Inside Man" Package - Receive a full beautiful 27 x 40 movie poster of the film! You just became an Associate Producer getting your own credit at the end of the film! (your name printed) Also get a short 30 second film (viewable online and added to your DVD!) made on the set from the cast and crew, giving you a personal special thanks! (includes previous rewards)

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    The "Dog Day Afternoon" Package - Executive Producer Credit in the beginning of the film! (your name printed). You'll also get to see what it is like to be on the set of a film and become apart of the action! (Travel expenses not included) Have a seat next to the director! (includes previous rewards)

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