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Connect a HP C6602 inkjet cartridge to your Arduino turning it into a 96dpi print platform.
Connect a HP C6602 inkjet cartridge to your Arduino turning it into a 96dpi print platform.
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    1. NicholasCLewis Creator on

      @glops, I will send you you tracking number, however it is currently not showing any transactions past the acceptance scan. I am currently not very impressed with USPS for international tracking. I do expect it to arrive soon, please give it a few more days.

    2. Missing avatar

      glops on

      Hi Nicholas, can you check my kit with the tracking number, I didn't received it...:( Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      dosman on

      My first InkShield project:
      5 button inputs to print one of 5 messages, pretty basic for now.

    4. NicholasCLewis Creator on

      If you are supplying 12v to the Arduino via the barrel jack connector you should have the Vin jumper on. The times you would remove it would be when you are powering the Arduino via USB only and do not have the Shield powered.

    5. Missing avatar

      hbs on

      The headers seems to check out ok. Your comment re the VIN jumper is a bit cryptic - I am uploading to the Arduino Mega from the USB, but I have a 12v in as well for the Arduino. If I'm using that should I also be using the 9v battery? Should the VIN jumper be in or out?

    6. NicholasCLewis Creator on

      It turns out the forum I setup wont work right now. I will work on getting a new one setup. In the meantime I have added a few pictures ( to the use ( page showing how to check the pins and what it looks like if they are not making good contact.

    7. NicholasCLewis Creator on

      This is most likely a bad connection between the Arduino and the ABCD pins. Check that you have continuity from the Arduino (the best place to check is the bottom of the Arduino) to the pin on the Shield. I will post some pictures. I just discovered this issue with the stackable headers not always making a good connection on one of my Arduino boards.

      I setup a forum on the new Open Design Engine site. I may move it to my own site in the future but I will at least add a link to it for now.

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      hbs on

      Hi Nicholas,

      I've received, built and installed my ink shield. I've installed "MinimalInkShield" on a Mega1280. I am able to drag the printhead across a white sheet of paper and see some ink emitted, although it's sporadic and definitely not a solid block of ink. It's a handful of dots about the density of 'braille'. The board test points seem ok, as does the red pulsing LED. Not much output at all from SerialInk. Should I see a real flow of ink? Arduino is powered via 12v. What's a good way to test the output? Do you want to use this as a support forum or create a forum on your own site? thanks, hb

    9. NicholasCLewis Creator on

      You are correct that you need something to connect it to the Arduino. I did not have them on the mouser parts list because I figured many people would want stackable ones (which Mouser does not have). I have added a note to the parts page about the options (male SIL or stackable female).

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      Nathan B on

      Whoops - NVM... my mistake! All double-headers only.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nathan B on

      Thanks- Also, either Mouser skipped the single-row headers or they aren't on the list either... I luckily have some around here though..

    12. NicholasCLewis Creator on

      Nathan B,

      I have added more detail about all of the parts here:

      The power connector I used is not available from Mouser which is why it is not on the Project page there. It is available from Digikey:

    13. Missing avatar

      Nathan B on

      Noticed today when I was trying to put the kit together - Got the board only X 2 and had ordered X2 of the parts lists from - found that the power connector isn't on that list... do you have the part # of what you used per chance? Can't quite make out what you used on your boards...

      Thanks! Great idea!

    14. NicholasCLewis Creator on

      Tom: Here is a site I currently know about that has that information:
      (DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with them and have not validated their information. The site seems to be affiliated with InkOasis)

      This page lists printers for the C6602 cartridge:

      This page lists printers for the older 51604 cartridge which should be compatible with this shield (but is currently untested):

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      Tom Sofer on

      it would be great if we started pooling information regarding specific models of printers/devices these cartridges are used in. this will make it easier to acquire cartridges and , more importantly, carriers.

    16. Rickard Dahlstrand on

      Great work Nick, can't wait!!!