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Antarctic Son: "Passage" (A musically guided short film)'s video poster

Director/Composer Nicholas Brittain and Musician Ben Von Wildenhaus will create the soundtrack for this surreal music-based short film. Read more

Seattle, WA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on September 1, 2012.

Director/Composer Nicholas Brittain and Musician Ben Von Wildenhaus will create the soundtrack for this surreal music-based short film.

Seattle, WA Shorts
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(HD Trailers & Project Description Video Below)


***Update: All donation/funding incentives will now automatically be upgraded to the next level!***

Because I am so emotionally invested in this project, I am willing to do anything to meet that goal. I've decided to double the funding reward/gift that anyone who has (or does) donate will receive (except at the $1,000 and $10,000 levels - for obvious reasons). So look at the funding level above what you are considering giving, and that's what you will now be receiving for your donation.

Also, as an added incentive to the folks that give $100 or more, I am throwing in something that every captain needs: an official "Knot Tying Kit" and a Captain's Pipe w/ tobacco! That's right, a real Captain's tobacco pipe! Even if you don't smoke, you'll be obliged to do so the next time you are at sea.

So again, thank you for your support and generosity. Also, please consider adjusting your donation to the next level, if you have the means. In doing so, you will really give me a major boost, and you will receive a much greater level funding reward/gift. And, I promise that all gifts will be made with top quality material.


Antarctic Son: Passage (Storm/Nightmare Trailer)


Antarctic Son: Passage (Fireworks Trailer)


Project Description Video:


The Story:

Antarctic Son: Passage is the first short film of a three part series. These short films rely heavily on sound, music, and cinematography to portray emotions and dialogue. 

Antarctic Son is a beautifully emotional and surreal story of a young man returning to McMurdo Base in Antarctica after having previously been evacuated during a mental breakdown. 

While wandering alone in an altered state, the young McMurdo Base worker finds himself witness to something so profound that his life becomes focused on a single purpose (for better or worse)... to return to the source of his crazed obsession.


Every Little Bit Counts. Seriously!

Filmmaking is an exciting collaborative endeavor, but one that takes a significant investment of time and money. We're pumped to shoot our film this August in the Pacific Northwest, and need your help to make it happen!

The many needs of a film production include such things as:

• Food for our Hardworking Crew

• Locations Fees & Permits

• Camera & Lighting Equipment

• Set Construction & Design

• Makeup Kit Fees • Costumes

• Editorial Equipment

And More!

Every pledge will go towards the completion of the film. Your pledge helps to ensure that we can run a safe and professional set, and produce a film that lives up to our creative vision.

We're excited to bring our friends in on the making of this project and we hope that you'll be a part of this journey with us!  You couldn't invest in a more talented or enthusiastic group of people, who share a wealth and variety of experience both inside and outside of the film industry. We've put a lot of time into coming up with rewards that are representative of our own tastes and will give you a lasting piece of the production.

If we don't raise our entire goal, we don't get any of the funds. 

So please, tell your friends! Re-post our link! And please consider giving us some spare change, or more if you think you can swing it.


Here's a little more about the team of professionals that you're helping out...

Nicholas Brittain Shaber (Director, Producer, Composer) -

Nicholas is graduating with a New Media Art Degree from Fairhaven College this Summer. Currently working as a Composer on projects large and small, professional and "for fun" alike. 

Creating this film as a composer has helped him to choose a direction that is very music oriented. The original score will often take the place of dialogue, which he believes will create a very beautiful and emotional story.


Anthony Powell (Antarctica Cinematographer) -

Photographer, Filmmaker, and Satellite Communications Engineer.
Anthony has spent more time in Antarctica than anywhere other than the house he grew up in.

His work has appeared in numerous locations all over the world, including the Natural History Museum in New York, National Geographic Channel, Discovery, and most recently BBC's Frozen Planet series.


Ben von Wildenhaus (Composer) -

Wildenhaus’s background includes some formal training and tours, beers and bands beyond number (notably, the blown-out fuzz of 2000s Northwest giants Federation X, or the country and western Quaalude County Country Band and Juanita Family and Friends). More recently, he has lent hands to established non-indie rock groups and artists like Bar Tabac, Two Dark Birds and Ozan Aksoy’s CUNY Middle Eastern Music Ensemble, and has also released a series of home recordings via his Instrumental Quaalude podcast, which is one the best damn things on the Internet. 

In 2011, Ben released a solo album "Great Melodies From Around" to critical acclaim. 

"Rather than riffs, this is music of melodies and timing, of odd and subtle beauty, and music that doesn’t seem at all temporary. Not temporary, but strangely circular, bringing one back to the place where the thing started rather than some perfectly choreographed, linear end." —Josh Vanek, Wäntage USA, July 2011


Ty Ziskis (Lead Actor) -

Ty is a man of many, many talents. He's worked in the fashion industry for a number of years; most recently starting his own design company "CMRTYZ"

Growing up in California lead Ty into acting at an early age; both on stage and film. After a several year hiatus from acting he will be returning to film in Antarctic Son.


More of the crew will be added as we get closer to shooting.


Here are some samples of my previous work:

• A musical composition for dance (performed in the Merce Cunningham Studio - the studio's last performance):


• A sound-art installation piece entitled "Jökulsárlón Cycles":


• An electro-pop song commissioned for SoleStruck's Summer advertising campaign:


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    Thank You! Check your mailbox (that’s right, snail mail) for a found object from the set, and a Thank You note from the director.

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    Now we're talkin'! For your generosity you’ll get a digital download of the finished film and soundtrack, plus a signed Polaroid from set with a Thank You from the director. Because, who says Polaroid Film is dead!

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    You’ve given us some cash money, so we’re going to give you a DVD and digital copy of the finished film, the soundtrack, plus a signed Polaroid from set with a Thank You from the director.

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    Ok, now we know you must have done this before. For your generosity, we’re going to give you a DVD, digital, AND Blu-ray edition of the finished film, plus soundtrack. You'll also be receiving an official "Antarctic Son" poster signed by the cast and crew.

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    Your name in lights! You’ll get a Thank You in the credits of the film, and the DVD, digital, AND Blu-ray set with EXTRAS, plus soundtrack. You'll also be receiving an on set Polaroid picture moment, and an official "Antarctic Son" poster signed by the cast and crew.

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    Tell your friends you’re an old Hollywood Pro. You’ll get an Associate Producer credit (listed on IMDB!), all the DVD, digital and Blu-Ray with extras and soundtrack stuff, and VIP invitations to an official release showing and after-party. You'll also get an original, one of a kind, framed "Antarctic Son" picture, signed by the Director.

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    Oh hey there, Associate Producer. How ‘bout that DVD, digital, Blu-ray with extras and soundtrack all bundled together in a handmade box-set, made by the director himself. Of course you'll also get the one of a kind framed picture, but since you've been so generous, you'll receive 10 VIP passes to any/all official live performance of the film during 2012 and 2013. To show you how much this means to us, we'll also throw in a recording of the cast and crew thanking you personally.

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    OH MY GOD! Are you ready to TOUR ICELAND and GREENLAND with the Director and crew!? **********************************************************

    Since the Director's wife and family are from Iceland, he's always dreamed of filming certain scenes of this film in Greenland.

    If you are the magician-
    If you are the dream maker-
    If you lay on clouds watching, waiting for one person to touch-
    If you are an elf, or dream of meeting one-
    If you are ready for the experience of a lifetime... this is the way it's made!

    The Director will fly you (one person only) to Iceland, where he and his family and friends will personally take care of you. **********************************************************

    While in Reykjavík, you will stay in a modern hotel in the heart of the old district, 101. You will have 3 days to enjoy the sites in and around Reykjavík as the Director, or a member of his family or a close friend, takes you on any number of private tours. Each night you will be taken to some of the finest restaurants in Iceland, and can be taken out into the infamous Reykjavík nightlife with the Director and friends. No need to bring your wallet, that's all on us!
    On the 4th day, you will fly to Greenland with the cast and crew, where you'll see firsthand how the film is shot, as well as have the opportunity to tour one of the most isolated places on earth.
    We'll then fly you back to Reykjavík, then back to your home. The whole journey will take 7 - 10 days, but we're willing to customize it to your needs, as much as possible.
    (If this Reward is chosen, we will immediately begin to make plans and you must be ready to fly to Reykjavík sometime in mid-August. There will be a lot of organization to do on our side, so expect things to progress quickly).
    - You'll of course receive all of the rewards of the $1000 pledge, as well. -
    What do you say? Are you ready for the Arctic tour of a lifetime? Are you willing to make the Directors dream come true?

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