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A simple story about things that are not: an injured young Marine's journey home that will be filmed with a cast of veterans and a crew of students.


Thanks for checking out my Kickstarter page! I'll be going into production on this film in early April. Below is some information about the project, what I'm trying to do, and how you can help support the project and make it happen.

About the Project:
"A Marine's Guide to Fishing" will be produced in the spring of 2010 by a team of NYU students shooting on location in southern Maine. Written and directed by Nicholas Brennan, a native Mainer, the 15 minute film will feature a lead actor who was himself injured while fighting overseas with the Marines. Along with filming in a small fishing community on the coast of Maine, the film will incorporate footage shot by Soldiers and Marines in Iraq.

It's easy to tell a very cliche war story. It's also easy to not tell these stories at all, instead making films that offer an escape rather than a means of discovery. But I think these are stories that need to be told. They're the stories of our generation and they're the stories that are now finally getting listened to. I'd like to tell one of them:

In today's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the reserves in the Marines are carrying a burden they neither planned for nor expected. One-weekend-a-month-warriors, they've now become stoplossed veterans. Connor O'Sullivan was one of these Marine reserves in Iraq.
A Marine's Guide to Fishing tells the story of Connor's first Alive Day -- the one year anniversary after his injury. It's also his first day back at at his old job. A mechanic by trade and a mechanic by war, Connor does the same job he did before he left and the same thing he did while he was at war: trying to fix things that are broken.

Having never seen combat, and certainly never killing anyone, Connor nonetheless still returned home with a purple heart and a missing limb. Far from the deserts of the Middle East, Connor, a 24-year-old with a wife and a young boy, has returned to the cold, wind-swept docks of his hometown in downeast Maine.

It's not a victim's story and it's not a sad story. It's simply one story about how one young Marine learned to come home and move on, despite what'd left behind and lost overseas.

During the next 45 days, over $5,000 has to be raised to make this project happen. The money will provide equipment, transportation, food, talent, and the general production towards making this story a reality. It will also goes towards making sure that this project, once completed, is able to reach and inspire a larger audience with its message, through film festivals and distribution within veterans communities. A detailed budget is available upon request.

This Kickstarter site works in a rather ingenious way, where the money you donate is only received once the 100% goal has been completely reached, dense why getting to, and beyond, the $5,000 marker within the next 45 days is key to making this project a success.

Thanks for your interest and for your support!


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    Eternal thanks and appreciation from the filmmaker expressed in a personalized postcard of Maine.

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    All the above and a personal fishing expedition on the coast of Maine with the filmmaker.

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    All the above and an 'Executive Producer' credit in the film. Those giving $2,500 or more towards the film will also get the added benefit of enjoying an epic feast with the filmmaker, who will cook any and all fish caught during the fishing expedition.

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