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A high quality art book with pixel art from artists on some of the world's most popular 8-bit computers.
A high quality art book with pixel art from artists on some of the world's most popular 8-bit computers.
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The books have landed!

Posted by Klas Benjaminsson (Creator)

Dear backers,

We have entered December and the books have just reached Sweden!

Unfortunately some of the extras-manufacturer (CDs, stickers) have been delayed, which causes a small delay in shipment time. The plan is to ship all books on the 8:th of December (a delay of 3 days). Seeing how stressed the shipping companies are these days, I might have made a bit too happy calculation of the shipment time estimation. I want to be transparent and communicate my best guess of delivery in time for Christmas here:

Sweden & Germany with 99% probability. The rest of Europe is also likely (the Nordic countries, France, UK, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, etc)

50-50 chance (these countries have sometimes experienced long delivery times so I can not promise anything here): Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, the Balkan states.

USA, Australia (sometimes shipping to the US and Australia goes swiftly, but don't count on it). Rest of the world: Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Turkie, Russia, Japan, Brazil, etc... will have to wait until after New Year I am afraid.

Most of the backers are in the high and medium groups, but I know it sucks if you are in the last group and were planning the book as a Christmas present...

On the bright side the chip-tune CD ended up very well. Here is a list of the artists featured on the CD (which might be familiar names for some of you): !cube, Agemixer, Asterion, Brandon Walsh, DaFunk, Drax, Dustbin, Fanta, Flex, Franz Koopa, Jeff, Jeroen Tel, Jochen Hippel, Laxity, LMan, OMP, Ruuvari, Shinobi, Tao, Timbral, Ultrasyd, Wiklund, XyCe, Zardax

Last but not least - some sample photos of the book:




Have a nice weekend.

best regards, Klas

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    1. Fabrizio Pedrazzini

      Got both books today. I am based in Italy! Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ralf Zenker on

      I got my books in Germany last Saturday (10th). :-)
      Very good print quality and of course great pictures - i like it a lot !
      Thanks for the effort you put in The Masters of Pixel Art !!

    3. Klas Benjaminsson 2-time creator on

      @Andy Linea: First prio right now is to deliver the book packages. The PDF version requires a bit of work before ready to be released, but I will start on that when the last book has been shipped!

    4. Krzysztof Deoniziak on

      Yeah! Can't wait for that!

    5. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Do you release the pdf only after shipping? ^^