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$23,986 pledged of $100,000 goal
By NIBIQÜ: Diego & Xavier
$23,986 pledged of $100,000 goal

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    1. NIBIQÜ: Diego & Xavier Creator on January 14, 2013

      Hi Mahdi!
      You are right we have given lots of steps towards achieving the launching of our product. We have invested much time and personal money, because this is what we love and what many people have been asking us for. However, in order to launch the product we do need the money we are requesting. There are many expenses that we have to face in order to manufacture and send Nibiqü to all of you. Without your help or an investor our objetive would be very difficult to accomplish.
      Regarding your question, if we don't achieve our funding goal in Kickstarter, we will study, analyze and improve everything to the best to re-offer Nibiqü to all of you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Mahdi Hedhli on January 14, 2013

      Diego and Xavier, it appears you are very much ahead of other kickstarter projects. You have manufacturers, prototypes, I assume tooling is already done by the manufacturer, a realistic timeline and what looks like a great and innovative project (if only for the magnetic connector). I assume the only reason you need kickstarter backers is to get you past the QA/QC stage and test the market. However, kickstarter backers are getting fickle and a lot of great and innovative projects aren't making their funding goals because of previous project failures and a disenchanted kickstarter backers who thought this was an online store. So I pose this question, considering you are so far along with this project, if you do not get to your backing goal, will you still release this product?

    3. NIBIQÜ: Diego & Xavier Creator on January 2, 2013

      Hi there!
      Tablet2Cases: Thanks for your amazing article!
      Matthew: Yes you can fold the cover and select the virtual keyboard so you can use your iPad as usual!

    4. Missing avatar

      Benjamin garcia on January 2, 2013

      Hola Diego,

      keyboard selection still pending, isn´t it?


    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew Anderson on January 1, 2013

      Hi guys - will you be able to fold the cover all the way back & still touch type on the ipad screen if you want to?



    6. Tablet2Cases on December 31, 2012

      Great idea & we hope you get funded in full! We've given some extra coverage to your project on

    7. NIBIQÜ: Diego & Xavier Creator on December 21, 2012

      Hello guys!

      Jeffrey: So far we have are prototypes, so we can not do durability testing yet, however the design allows both positions. We are going to look for high quality manufacturing to ensure the endurance of the product . The liquid issue, as any device with electronic components is not recommended to get wet!

      Niels: If you want it exclusively for the iPad 4, I sincerely recommend you not to pledge for it until we launch officially the iPad version 4.

      Malleron & Giuseppe: If we get the funding we will offer more types of keyboards, but so far it is only available in English and Spanish. You can see the layout of the keys on an image we have in our kickstarter page!


    8. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe Ferrazzo on December 21, 2012

      Is this keyboard compatible with non-English keyboards on the ipad? Or will i write "Y" if i mean "z" - because especially this keys are changed to an english keyboard

    9. Missing avatar

      Malleron Philippe on December 21, 2012

      Just Backed, even if you don't forecast an AZERTY keyboard...

    10. Niels Haagsman on December 21, 2012

      Just backed your incredible project! Thanks, guys!

      I assume that I will be able to get a version for my iPad Retina (when you've solved the technical challenges related to the Lightning connector)?

    11. Jeffrey Kang on December 20, 2012

      Hi, thanks for the quick reply! I've got one more question again: how durable is the keypad area especially if it's used face down on the table? What if fluid does accidentally enter the tiny gaps between the keypad?

    12. NIBIQÜ: Diego & Xavier Creator on December 20, 2012

      Hi Jeffrey!

      We are finishing the development of the prototype for the "L connection piece" that connects to the connector lightning for iPad Retina Display.

      Stay tuned to our news on social networks, because as soon as we develop it we will begin to tell it to all backers.



    13. Jeffrey Kang on December 20, 2012

      Hi, may I know whether is it compatible with iPad 4? :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on December 20, 2012

      Can you also offer white choice for early bird special?

    15. NIBIQÜ: Diego & Xavier Creator on December 18, 2012

      The front cover (where the keyboard is) is secured by a pair of magnets with the back part.
      I will upload an image as soon as possible so you can see how it works!!!

    16. Cassidy on December 18, 2012

      I get that the back part of the keyboard attaches to the ipad, but does the front part attach to it. IE, if you are holding it will the keyboard flip open or is it secured closed to the ipad?

    17. NIBIQÜ: Diego & Xavier Creator on December 18, 2012

      Hi Anthonny!

      By the moment, you can still use your 30 pin to USB cable while the L connection in your iPad..
      However, we can´t assure you may use your 30 pin to HDMI cable with the L attached to your iPad. We are working to make our system as much combatible as possible.


    18. Anthonny Gunawan on December 18, 2012

      Can I still use the 30 pin to USB and 30 pin to HDMI with the L shaped bracked in my iPad3?