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$7,939 pledged of $30,000 goal
$7,939 pledged of $30,000 goal

Recent updates

Lots of good press!

We've received more great press from the Baltimore Sun and FOX45:

One Straw Farm launches Kickstarter campaign to build apps

Maryland farmers launch online campaign to build apps

We'll also be featured with Joan and Drew tomorrow on FOX 45 where they'll be featuring life on the farm and how design and technology can make it better. If you're able to catch it, see you bright and early!

Will + Callie

One Straw Farm's Kickstarter featured in the Baltimore Sun.

Whoa! 15% and counting!

Hey, all you One-Straw-Farm-Mobile-Apps backers: thanks so much for your generous support! Our Kickstarter project is off and running. We hit the 15% mark this weekend as we work toward for our goal of $30,000 by August 10. Great software projects that change the world require real money to get off the ground. Please, if you have not already, post the link to our project on your Facebook page or in a tweet and help us go viral.

Additionally, we have had a lot of offers from developers to help build the prototypes. We will be soliciting resumes and portfolios to see if we can find a good fit.

The core of any successful Kickstarter is the many smaller donations and for these we are very grateful. But larger donations can really help a project become a reality very quickly. If you know someone who has the financial means and, most importantly, a passion for great food from local, sustainable farms like Joan and Drew's, please let them know about our project and encourage them to become a backer.

We have also posted FAQs to address questions we've received about the project. If we don't cover any questions you might still have, let us know through the email link and we'll update the FAQ.

Thanks again,

Callie + Will

3% and counting!

Thanks to everyone who's pledged so far. Your support means a lot to us. If you know people who are passionate about sustainable farming and committed to buying local, consider passing them the link to our Kickstarter. While we will initially be developing these apps with One Straw Farm, our goal is to then offer the software to other independent farmers all over the United States. 

With heartfelt appreciation,

Callie + Will