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Robin is the only cloud-first smartphone. It gets smarter every day and makes running out of space history.
Robin is the only cloud-first smartphone. It gets smarter every day and makes running out of space history.
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The Robins are coming

Posted by Nextbit (Creator)

You may have seen pictures of our flashing party on Friday. We were preparing Robin to meet all the reviewers around the world. They’re excited to meet Robin. Well, maybe not as excited as you are. Now that those are off on their journeys, it’s time to get yours ready.

This week is Chinese New Year. The Early Adopter GSM Robins (and all the parts to make more Robins) are napping in a warehouse while everyone goes home to visit their families and celebrate. As soon as everyone comes back they’ll be boxing up the Early Adopters to ship out - as planned. For all those who weren’t able to purchase a Robin during Kickstarter or preorders, our store will be going live on February 18th.

What is shipping out?

The first Robins to ship will be Early Adopter GSM Robins in Mint and Midnight. Electric is running a little late. (Just a little.) Scratches and Bumps cases will ship to GSM early adopters with their phones.

All GSM Robins - including Electric - are still on track to ship by the end of February. Bruises and all accessories should ship out to all GSM Rebels by then, too.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike Creuzer on

      Odd that a shirt and charger arrived, but no phone...

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Sargent on

      @nextbit, Loving all the early reviews. I have the patience to wait and enjoy the surprise of my Robin arriving by the end of February/early March. You guys rock!

    3. Qui Tan on

      @nextbit any new for the shipping out the mint today ?

    4. Missing avatar

      billchau on

      Want to know the shipping time for Electrics +1

    5. Ian Webster on

      @Tory, reviewers will ALWAYS get phones before buyers, even backers. That's part of marketing. You're still getting it before regular buyers.

      That being said, I wonder if anyone knows the estimated shipping for Electrics, and estimated delivery time. Bueller? Bueller?

    6. Tory on

      It's pretty annoying knowing as a backer on Kickstarter we are not first to receive the Robin that we have been so desperately anticipating. It's frustrating seeing the unboxing videos online of these reviewers units, yet still having to wait even longer because I chose electric.

    7. Shay Neary on

      I've been using a Samsung Galaxy Mini since October, each delay is killing me :( I really hope my choice of bruises case doesn't push shipping into March.

    8. Krish on

      Just got a mail from you saying that Indian backers will have to wait more..
      Didnt expected this kind of unexpected late delay..

    9. Bostongreekgeek on

      It felt kind of unfair that while there were several early adopter spots open, I could not choose them because I wanted to order 2. But then again, the early adopters were meant to get theirs in hopefully ours wont get delayed too much. Also hoping that those who order when the store opens, do not receive theirs before the backers do.

    10. Minh Tran on

      @nextbit Does that mean it's confirmed to be shipped out on Feb. 15th ?

    11. Missing avatar

      M. T. on

      oh, goody then I should be getting mine soon-- midnight blue

    12. Kenneth B Leung

      can't wait~~~~~~~~~~~~ thanks alot for the updates

    13. Kuot Thiik on

      I'm assuming they didn't update on CDMA because it might have something to do with certification. Can't update on information they don't know about.

    14. Will Bohanon on

      No update for the CDMA backers, huh???? Left out again :/

    15. Will Bohanon on

      No update for CDMA backers at all, huh... left out again :/

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Missing avatar

      Norman on

      At least they are being honest immediately..not too worried about the slight delay in the electric blue. Like @Night1505 said--the "delays" all focus on stuff added after the project was started.

      -Electric Blue GSM early adopter

    18. Night1505

      Guys, c'mon. Please note that the only things being seriously delayed are those things that were added AFTER the campaign started.

      Remember that Nextbit did a lot of work on their end before the Kickstarter even existed. Give them some credit for getting the things they promised out timely. They are doing a kick ass job!

      -Electric CDMA'er

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Electric buyers welcome to the world of Nextbit Robin delays! I feel your pain, at least you will get yours before April!


    20. Missing avatar

      Lars on

      Guess I'll have to be extra careful in anticipation of my bruises case!

    21. Mark Schwacofer on

      Glad the Robins are shipping, but sad the electric
      are not shipping out early.oh well I won't get it by my birthday on the 19th

    22. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Mead on

      would love a CDMA update next email blast

    23. Missing avatar


      Saddened, not angry about my Electric being delayed. I too would have made a different choice if I had known a delay was possible. #firstworldproblems

    24. Tracee de Jesus on

      Appreciate the update. Can you please provide a bit more details on Electric? The last sentence seems to imply that it will only ship at the end of February. Please say that that's not the case as that would bring the total delay to 1 month (from the original end of January 2016 shipment date).

    25. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Yes, is it possible to change color to avoid delay? (I'm assuming it is not)....

    26. Sameer Venjara on

      Damn! how long is the delay? Too late to change?

    27. Dennis on

      Kind of a shocker that electric colorway is delayed for early backers @ this stage of the process. Now wish I had ordered Mint. Oh well, I suppose probably out of Nextbit's control. I suspect some pre-orders that weren't in campaign will receive their's before backers who ordered the electric colorway. Just speculating. It is what it is. Git'r'dun Nextbit.

    28. Andrew on

      Are you gonna ship the T-Shirt and Sim tray with the phone?

    29. Angelo Brown on

      Thanks for update.

    30. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ruff on

      Why the late news on electric robins being delayed?