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Robin is the only cloud-first smartphone. It gets smarter every day and makes running out of space history.
Robin is the only cloud-first smartphone. It gets smarter every day and makes running out of space history.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Bruce L on

      any date yet for CDMA version release?

    2. Steve on

      The only reason not to let deadlines slip any further, is that the market / competition will enter into the fray.

    3. Missing avatar

      rhiney maceachern on

      I've backed ALOT of crowdfunding products and this will be the first to ship only 2 weeks late. Most ship three to seven months late. BRAVO

    4. Enrico C

      good sign.

    5. Nextbit Creator on

      Hey guys, we made a Pinterest board of pictures taken with Robin. Check it out:

    6. Chris on

      @Rob Hopek, I've asked this before to NB, and they said there will NOT be any support out of the box for USB-c to HDMI. Similar to the Nexus 5x and how it handles the USB-C port as a USB 2.0 interface.
      I'm not sure if it's a limitation of hardware, snapdragon 808, or just the software configuration.

    7. Tracee de Jesus on

      Awesome! Quick question, do you have any idea on the estimated delivery arrival once a device ships? Thanks in advance.

    8. Missing avatar

      Praveen on

      @Krish - Thank you for the tip. The GMail image is about 10% bigger than the one we find on Kickstarter. :)

      @Peter - It is quite difficult for Nextbit to track and reply to every single question here as there is a lot of noise (messages from everyone) in the comments section. If you need a speedy reply, I suggest you tweet to @nextbitsys on Twitter.

      Your concerns seem to be fueled by the terrible experience you had with the Ubik Uno, but please rest assured that Nextbit is no Ubik. Nextbit is a well-funded company (including by Google Ventures), led by people with experience / expertise and are here to stay.

      Delays are understandable and there was no promise of a specific shipping date. The phone / software are ready and being publicly showcased at CES, so there is no question of this being a non-starter or vaporware.

    9. Krish on

      I don't understand why a few are too much disappointed about the shipping date..
      Nextbit are being too transparent to us and some are trying to exploit that..They have just extended the date by just 2 weeks..We can't even say that it is an extension..coz..they have never promised us a january shipping date..they just gave us an approx shipping date only..At least now we have a fixed shipping date..None of us want a early crappy shit..everyone is looking for a finished product which will justify our wait..Lets hope for the best..!!

      And to those who are looking for something more than KS thumbnail..
      Gmail allows you to download the image from the KS update mail you will give you a better resolution image..not a big deal..still way better that KS thumbnail..!

    10. Missing avatar

      Bailey Brucculeri on

      @Peter Iverson Dude relax, like its only been delayed by 2 weeks so Chill out they haven't abandon ship or anything. Also do you expect them to bend over backward so they can answer your two questions which have probably been answered before? The world doesn't revolve around you. If Nextbit was anything like Ubik then they wouldn't have spent millions actually PRODUCING the phone and developing the software along with attending CES talking about the phone. But the most obvious thing is that the phone was never coming out in January, it was only supposed to be the early birds and officially being shipped in February for everyone. So if anything they have kept their promise.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Missing avatar

      Feefee on

      It doesn't feel real I'm so excited to get my phone and hopefully for valentines so I can shower it with love <3

    13. thecopperkidd on

      When will the CDMA version ship?

    14. Kuot Thiik on

      Holy cow I'm giggling like a school girl. The down sample doesn't do the crispyness justice, but those photos look baws. Dat coloration and dynamic range tho. Defs much better than what I'm working with now. This might be a silly question (first time android user) but can you use manual mode on the camera?

    15. Missing avatar

      Vasilios stefanis on

      can we get links to full res versions of the pictures? I dont think these down sampled pictures do it justice..

    16. Missing avatar

      Norman on

      I agree with's understandable with a startup to a degree. Glad to see that you guys are being honest and at least there is a confirmed date. Looking forward to it.

    17. sleepyasianman

      Eh, figured something like this was gonna happen eventually. Still looking forward to my Robin!

    18. RoHo on

      I don't recall seeing note of it, so I'll ask now. Will Robin support HDMI out via MHL? I certainly hope so for a 2016 device. I'd really hate to take a step backward from my 2013 Xperia Z1. I frequently use my phone to watch video on TV screens while traveling. Thx!

    19. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Buchanan on

      Any date on the CDMA release? Does that push into March?

    20. Missing avatar

      Lars on

      I think most of us agree, we all want our Robins as quick as possible, but not at the expense of quality. If you guys need a couple more weeks, by all means take them. Thanks for the update!

    21. D'don Washington on

      Oh yeah, or your Facebook, which would be better @Nextbit

    22. D'don Washington on

      Of course, I wish I could have it sooner, but I also rather have a well polished product, than one that's not up to par. Also, can you post the pics from this update to Twitter or your Pinterest? So we can view them in full. It's hard to see quality in thumbnail size @Nextbit

    23. Missing avatar

      Terry Tsai on

      Thanks for the update! Will there be any full-size camera photos posted, and will we be able to shoot in RAW?

    24. Nextbit Creator on

      We're still working on a date for CDMA models, update has been edited to add that information in. Thanks for your patience, Rebels!

      @Vineeth Pillai
      Yes, will ship with Android M

    25. Missing avatar

      Vineeth Pillai on

      Would we be getting marshmellow at launch?

    26. Seth Gregory on

      What about CDMA models?

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Does this delay affect the Verizon version or should I still expect it by the end of February with the rest of the GSM versions?

    28. Victor The Geek

      Were we ever informed about a possible release date for the CDMA version?

    29. Missing avatar

      Ryan Pape on

      I would rather have a well-built phone with polished software than a rushed broken mess, so I'm okay with a small delay.

    30. Ian Webster on

      Disappointing, yes, but glad for the update and for the best camera samples so far. I second the HD gallery, and would like to see some extremes to show off colors and low-light conditions.

    31. frch0603

      Knew there would be delays coming, extremely happy with how short it potentially is!! Great Job guys!

    32. Stephen S Gibson on

      Thanks for the update :)

      Would be great if you made a HD gallery somewhere. That way we can really see how well the camera's pics are. Kickstarter only shows thumbnails essentially.

    33. Singh Karan

      Waiting impatiently. But wanting an awesome stable product so the delay is ok to make it worth it.