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NGN is a new online television network for ultimate frisbee that's putting traditional broadcasting to the test.
602 backers pledged $25,771 to help bring this project to life.

What happens at $25,000?, The Poster Design, High Quality (HQ) Explained

Posted by NexGen Ultimate (Creator)

Thank you!

Congratulations everyone on reaching our $20,000 fundraising goal! It wouldn't be possible without your support.

Seriously though, what happens at $25,000?

We've been in touch with the Easterns Tournament Director and we've decided that if we hit $25,000 we'll add Easterns to the schedule. Easterns plays host to the best college teams from the East Coast on March 23-25.

Please note our all-or-nothing target of $20,000 hasn't changed. We're just saying, "We promised to bring more tournaments beyond Stanford and Centex and if we hit $25,000 we're willing to do it more recklessly and less cautiously."

George Stubbs and his poster 

We're proud to finally reveal the limited-edition George Stubbs poster. Only 100 of these 18"x24", glossy posters will ever be printed so get yours now and we'll have George sign it for you.


To show you size we asked this random girl to hold one for reference. 


HD to HQ rebrand

We've decided to rebrand our streams as High-Quality (HQ) and Standard-Quality (SQ). This is the result of a change in frame size only. It came to our attention that the best results for our planned data-rate of 1500kbps will appear better at frame sizes of 960x542 over 1280x720. The data-rate will remain unchanged and image quality will actually be improved for our premium subscriptions. 

We don't have a sample with ultimate footage, but we've put together this comparison curtesy of our sponsors at Elemental Technologies who are supplying us with their industry leading encoding system.


The Top Ten

In case you missed it we'll leave you with The Top Ten plays from the 2011 NexGen Ultimate Tour.

T-Shirts Designed, The Bottom Ten and $8,000 left to go.

Posted by NexGen Ultimate (Creator)

Friends of NGN,

Two weeks have passed and two more remain to get NGN fully funded. With your help we've already raised $12,000, but we still have $8,000 more to go. We're still working hard and wanted share with you some things we've been working on.

The T-shirt Design

Tim Robinson of has has done not one but two designs available only to our Kickstarter backers. He's unearthed an ancient Greek bust of the mythical Catalope auspiciously placarded with the name Kickstarter and growing a 10-point rack that appears to form the letters N-G-N.

He has also put his own take on commemorating the launch of NGN with this handcrafted linoprint depicting airwaves emitting from the NexGen X and symbolizing the movement of ultimate into the public sphere. Tim kindly created the short timelapse below that demonstrates the care and artistry that went into designing this for us.

And the T-shirt Reward

You have to pick one for your reward, but if you can't, don't worry. Just add $25 to any pledge over $50 and we'll make sure you get both t-shirts delivered to your home. 

The Bottom Ten

In conjunction with our Kickstarter campaign, we've compiled our favorite bloopers from the 2011 NexGen Tour into one entertainingly bad Bottom Ten list. 

The Top Ten plays will be coming to you later this week. Join us on Facebook and make sure you don't miss it. 

The $8,000

Thanks to everyone who has contributed. We're more than halfway there. Keep helping us get the word out and if you have any suggestions or contacts please contact Kevin at