NGN (NexGen Network)

by NexGen Ultimate

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      Zachary Purdy on

      No one thought it would be easy to deliver high quality live ultimate, and I hope I speak for most of your backers when I say that we're still behind you 100%. If you keep working as hard as you have been, I'm sure that NexGen will succeed. Can't wait for Stanford VoDs!

    2. Jonathan Cooke on

      Don't be disheartened by these initial setbacks. keep on trucking. I was over in New Zealand watching the Oregon vs Florida game live on HQ on a 42in tv. It was fantastic, exactly what watching ultimate should be like and an excellent consolation to not playing when our own tournament was cancelled on Sunday (your Saturday). P.s. My bro and I were thoroughly enjoying the commentary! :)

    3. Nick Pannu on

      Totally agree, good luck ironing out the issues and I look forward to the next broadcast. I also have to give big credit to the commentary which is better than most sports commentary I've ever heard.

    4. Travis on

      Ya know who has the hardest time walking through the woods? The guy setting the trail. Keep it up. Also don't refund me for Centex

    5. Patrick on

      It was a total shambles for me but irrespective, onwards and upwards, you still have my backing. Looking forward to the next tournament.

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      Alex Rummelhart on

      Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing Stanford footage. How do I get my redemption code?

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      Aaron on

      NGN is a step in the right direction and, like all enterprises, has hit some early snags. The video I watched during Stanford was good and the troubles sound like they were out of your control. I still support you, though I would have liked better communication during the troubles of Stanford, and look forward to Easterns. Onward and upward, guys.

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      Essobie on

      It seems like every one of the Stanford matches either starts out with the audio out of sync, or it slowly creeps out of sync as the match goes on.

      Can you guys take a look at them and see if you can line it up a bit better and re-upload? I'd like to hear the commentary on these things, but I've taken to just muting it. Pretty frustrating to hear the result of a second and a half before I see it happen.

    9. NexGen Ultimate Creator on

      That is bad. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it. I think I know where the problem is though and while I probably won't be able to address these games before Easterns, I will make sure the fix is present for when we put up the Easterns games.