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Fight in real world conflicts as security or insurgent forces in this PC / Mac focused, competitive infantry-based combat experience

Fight in real world conflicts as security or insurgent forces in this PC / Mac focused, competitive infantry-based combat experience Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on September 8, 2012.

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UPDATE | August 28 | 40 Minutes of Gameplay with Totalbiscuit and Jeremy Blum

UPDATE | New Music Track Released!

Brief Intro

Hello! My name is Jeremy Blum, and I'm the creative director at indie dev New World Interactive. About six years ago, me and a small team of mod aficionados created a free-to-play total conversion for Half-Life 2 entitled Insurgency. Featuring an ultra-realistic style of play based on real world locations in an ongoing war in Iraq, Insurgency was a massive hit.

When it first launched, we were blown away by the response to the game. At first, the player pool was quite massive, but over time, it settled into a much smaller and ultra-dedicated following that kept coming back - week after week, month after month. That same year, Insurgency was recognized as the "Player's Choice" Mod of the Year.

The fans had spoken, they wanted what Insurgency was trying to be, but just as our popularity was peaking almost our entire core team got picked up by top game studios or went to get a degree. The mod was left in a creative state of disarray.

Four years later much of the original core team has gotten back together to develop Insurgency 2 and form New World Interactive. We've been listening to the community, play-testing frequently and doing our best to make the game what we always wanted it to be.

Where We're At

A lot of people are asking how the game compares to the original Insurgency... Well, the code is based on Beta 1, with many things stripped, tweaked, and added to it. It is based on the Portal 2 version of Source Engine, which means the game has gotten a face lift. The game is much more stable, and the gameplay more direct. Insurgency 2 captures the same intensity of the original, but the experience is a much more focused and competitive one.

We've been working on Insurgency 2 for some time now, and we’re thrilled to share it as soon as it’s done.

Click here to learn more about what we intend to create

Why Kickstarter?

We see Kickstarter as a great opportunity for all creative endeavors. It's been around for a little while now, but only recently has it become so popular that you can fund an entire video game project on it. This is great news, because as many will tell you - making a good video game is expensive! 

Our situation is unique, because we're not coming to you with an idea and concept art. We are coming to ask your support after almost a year of developing Insurgency 2 and building our studio from the ground up. In this year, we have already taken our game quite far along - figuring out what works and what does not. Now we need to turn our foundation into the best possible game it can be.

What We're Gonna Do With $180k

From a gameplay and stability perspective our game feels really solid and we are working daily to improve upon it, but there’s plenty more to be done. It takes just as much effort and resources to finish a game as it does to build it up from the ground. In this stage of development, Insurgency 2 greatly benefits from our dedication as developers – and that means pouring all we have into what we’ve built.

Our plan of attack is to utilize our studio and staff to make this game as good as it can possibly be and deliver something to the fans in 2013. For us, that means keeping the office lights on, mouths fed and people paid. The guys at New World Interactive have been extremely passionate and flexible, and they’ll continue to be, but they need to make ends meet. We want the entire staff to have whatever they need to continue to make Insurgency 2 a fantastic game that gets better every day.

If our campaign is successful, we will put the resources towards making the game look stellar, play fantastically, and work towards shipping as soon as possible with as many levels and environments as we can.

Main Gameplay Features

If we achieve our minimum, we will commit to the following:

  • Core Set-up: Two factions consisting of Security Forces and Insurgent Forces, located in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia over seven maps. 
  • Twelve Primary, Upgradable Weapons: Powerful primary weapons that behave more naturally than most games and can get upgraded by performing objectives. With gun sway, accurate recoil and true combat effectiveness, weapon-mastery is absolutely imperative, and every weapon has its own purpose. 
  • Nine Personal Weapons: Sidearms, explosives and melee weapons are all considered personal weapons in the game. We will include a default personal weapon as well as two upgrades you can get over time for each of the above categories. We will also include various attachments you can get for the pistols including extended magazines, laser dots and silencers. 
  • Tactical Maneuvering: With the use of leans, prone and shoddiness of hip fire, tactical effort is paramount. Running and gunning just isn’t an option, so players have to be savvy of the battlefield. 
  • Suppressive Fire: In line with efforts to be more realistic, a player’s life is always on the line, and therefore, we’ve included the suppression fire. Without the fear of death, other shooters don’t take life seriously enough, but when bullets are whizzing above your head in real combat scenarios, you’re not going to get up and go guns blazing. Suppressive fire disorients the player with a full screen blur, making evasion a necessary means. 
  • Three Player Classes: As opposed to loadouts which severly restrict gunplay and experimentation, we’ve decided to have player classes that spawn at weapon caches. The different player classes in the game are light, standard and heavy. They determine your speed, armor and ammo capacity, and players are free to combine these different gameplay styles with any primary weapon available in the game. For instance, if you are Light Class the game won't stop you from using a Machine Gun if that's the unique gameplay style you're going for. 
  • Multiple Game Modes: We are working on three primary game modes – Occupy, Convoy and Engagement. Occupy is inspired by king of the hill, Convoy is an escort/ambush mode, and Engagement is a round-based team elimination game mode. 
  • Focus on Objectives and Teamwork: Our game modes are not your typical deathmatch. To feel connected to the mindset of battle, we’re looking to be focused on securing of important vantage points and the transportation of supplies. In that, teamwork plays a big role. A new proximity indicator notifies the player of nearby teammates, which allows players to more easily stick together in their approach.

Stretch Goals

$200,000 | We will commit to Linux support. We can't guarantee it will be supported at the same time as the PC/Mac launch, but we will commit to supporting a Linux client and implement it as soon as we get the tools from Valve.

$240,000 | We will include a Cooperative Convoy Escort / Ambush game mode where you can team up with friends to ambush or protect convoys against enemy AI.

$280,000 | We will include Additional Content that will include at the very least two additional maps (making the total 8+) and four additional primary weapons (making the total sixteen).

Why Should I Pledge?


  • you want to support a promising new game project 
  • you're a fan of the original and Insurgency living on is music to your ears 
  • you're friends or family of a developer and want to see us succeed 
  • you enjoy FPS games but you're getting tired of the same franchises over and over

Follow Us

You can follow our progress on Facebook at "Insurgency"

We will post news and media updates on our website throughout the campaign, so be sure to check out

About Insurgency

Five years ago Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat was first released as a mod for Half-Life 2. The main features of Insurgency were intense realism, objective based gameplay, a squad system with commanders that can give orders, and it featured the Iraq war which was still going on at the time and brought the mod a lot of attention. In the first week it received a million free downloads, and the very same year it won Mod of the Year. Five years later, you can still see people playing at any given time.

About New World Interactive

New World Interactive ("NWI") was originally established in New York in 2010 with the philosophy of creating fun games with sophisticated themes. In 2011 the company relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Denver, CO to attract talent from the west coast but still remain centrally located to the company's roots on the east coast. The onsite team is 5 people in size and the studio is located in downtown Denver.



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    As a token of our appreciation we will send you a special email with two exclusive desktop wallpapers featuring Insurgency and New World Interactive.

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    For only $5 more start out with the extended magazine and laser pointer upgrades for your personal sidearm. You will get the upgrades when you play the game for the first time instead of having to earn them.

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    You will also get an extra copy of the game to gift a friend.

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    The $1,000 option is the ultimate corporate package. We will advertise your company by placing your logo in a suitable environment in the game. We will also list you as a sponsor on our official website. + All previous reward tiers

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    All paid trip to visit New World Interactive and participate in brain storming session with developers. + All previous reward tiers

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Funding period

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