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We turning the Paramount STAR TREK Next Generation Enterprise D Bridge set into an INTERACTIVE EDUCATIONAL MUSEUM! 
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The restoration of a Paramount built STAR TREK Next Generation Enterprise D Bridge touring set for the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum.
The restoration of a Paramount built STAR TREK Next Generation Enterprise D Bridge touring set for the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum.
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Before you panic, let me explain. We're not "giving up", we haven't gone insane, and our New Starship Foundation isn't going broke. We're auctioning it because we're RE-making the Captain's Chair much closer to the TV Series Seasons 3-7.

As you may know, the one person from Star Trek The Next Generation who has not supported us in any way is Sir Patrick Stewart. I only met him once briefly early last year, and said he had heard of the project, but that was it. I heard from his agent asking if we would supply a photograph of our Captain's Chair, I did, and he declined.

The chair we obtained from Paramount was for The Tour in 1998, the arms were in the style of "ST Generations" and the rest quasi TNG Season 1. It had been sitting outside for 5 years and the wood was rotten, the arms were beaten up and the material and foam was unusable. We then went searching for more information about the various versions of the Enterprise-D Captain's Chair, the differences in the arms, the fabric, the foam, the shape and the graphics. Ultimately there were 5 different versions of the chair. We measured the wood, studied photos and screen grabs, and cut new pieces, then had it upholstered by the man who created Dr. Evil's chair from Austin Powers. Our Captain's Chair premiered at San Diego Comic Con 2013 and has been all over the US, being sat in by 1000's of people, including many of the cast from Star Trek, Weird Al, Bruce Campbell and Stan Lee. Not to mention used in Star Trek Renagades.

Two months ago, we obtained blueprints of the Season 3-7 chair and behind the scenes photos, and we suddenly realized why Sir Patrick's people had declined. Our chair was a mishmash of different seasons. For us to recut the wood, reupholster and reshape the foam would have cost nearly as much as creating a NEW Chair. So we're auctioning off our first Chair and creating a new Chair which will be finished by Condor Con in San Diego March 21st-23rd. There's also a very good possibility Sir Patrick will sit in this NEW Chair this year.

This auction is big news and is getting covered by numerous publications, which is a great PR boost for our Bridge Restoration, not to mention hopefully getting a decent amount of money for our 501(c)(3) New Starship Foundation.

Some people have commented that they think it's "wrong for us to be auctioning the chair off". We think it's wrong for us not to, what good is it for us to keep 2 Captain's Chairs, depriving a fan from owning one of them. Anything we can measure, copy or mold from it, we have, and the bottom line is, this chair isn't perfect. Our NEW Captain's Chair will be.

Live Long and Prosper,

Huston and the chair constructors: Dragan, Patrick, Robert and Sean


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    1. New Starship 4-time creator on March 3, 2014

      Joey, thanks. Stephend, we're still looking for the donation of the equipment and the additional funds to finish the remainder of the bridge. Though we raised roughly 100k last year, the orig budget to finish the bridge was $250,000 and since we are dead set against asking "fans" for that, we're asking companies, foundations and grants.

    2. Joey Fugate on March 3, 2014

      Thanks so much, Huston, for all of these details as I can imagine that some of us are more than mildly curious. This helped make sense of very surprising news. Please continue doing everything you can to prevent this project from becoming an un-materialized fanboy dream. Best wishes!

    3. stephend on March 3, 2014

      What a peculiar update. Do you really think the reason Sir P hasn't supported you 'in any way' is because the chair in isn't perfect? That seems more than a little bizarre.

      When you supplied a photo of the chair to his agent, you said 'he declined', but you didn't say what he declined (or who 'he' is; Sir P or his agent?). Did he say he declined to support the project because it looked wrong?

      Besides the chairs, what's the status of the rest of the bridge? I'm keen to hear how the whole project is coming together.