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We turning the Paramount STAR TREK Next Generation Enterprise D Bridge set into an INTERACTIVE EDUCATIONAL MUSEUM! 
All Tax Deductible!
The restoration of a Paramount built STAR TREK Next Generation Enterprise D Bridge touring set for the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum.
The restoration of a Paramount built STAR TREK Next Generation Enterprise D Bridge touring set for the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum.
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Don't tell anyone, but we're meeting with several major people from NASA in Houston this month. We want to incorporate them into our Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum. We won't be announcing anything until Wondercon Anaheim in April, but it's looking brilliant.

Here's a picture of me with Cady Coleman, two time space shuttle astronaut. She's an unbelievably lovely person and we got along great.

Throughout 2014, we are going to all the big companies, foundations, government educational and very wealthy people, showing them our museum prospectus and asking them to become a "Founder of the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum" for a rather sizable tax deductible donation. This would include being on the permanent plaque in the museum as well as being mentioned in our press release and publicity for Wondercon. Since we were on NBC, CBS, FOX, A&E, SyFy, and 100's of other TV, radio and websites just for our Enterprise Bridge, our Museum announcement is going to go global. PLUS I ran into Chris Hardwick and Chloe Dykstra who were excited to hear about our museum, and I'm trying to get some "Nerdist love" while we're at Wondercon. Also, I'll be speaking on a panel at Gallifrey One at LAX Marriott about "Crowd Source Funding" on Saturday 15th with Larry Nemecek. We will be bringing the Enterprise-D Bridge chairs to SALT LAKE CITY Con and pieces from our Original Series Bridge to Wondercon, on the very same weekend!

We have NOT FORGOTTEN about the remaining rewards many of you are still expecting that you donated for: the ISO chip stands and the parties and events on the Bridge. All those things will still happen this year, but our Bridge Restoration has evolved into something so much bigger and more powerful, that we have to strike while the iron is hot. I can only imagine this making our grand opening for our Bridge even grander with more sponsors donating food, gifts, more celebs etc.

This next three months will be insanely busy, but good, with the help of CCS Financial Advisers, Rhetroactive Media and all the other legal and development companies who are giving us their time and experience pro bono so we won't make any mistakes. They want this to happen, we want this to happen, and every person I've met has wanted a museum like this since the beginning of films. God willing it will happen.


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      Shahar Cohen on February 6, 2014

      EPIC-NESS!!!! I didn't think I'd be able to hold out this long for the party on the bridge and grand opening but as you said. It has turned into something far greater which deserves patience. I had no idea this would have so much success when I first saw the Indigogo campaing and then kickstarter. It's phenomenal what you have been able to do Houston and team...great job. I'll see you at WonderCon again and look forward to the future of this great endeavor.