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We turning the Paramount STAR TREK Next Generation Enterprise D Bridge set into an INTERACTIVE EDUCATIONAL MUSEUM! 
All Tax Deductible!
The restoration of a Paramount built STAR TREK Next Generation Enterprise D Bridge touring set for the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum.
The restoration of a Paramount built STAR TREK Next Generation Enterprise D Bridge touring set for the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum.
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Onward and Upward in 2014!


2012 was "Help save the Bridge!"

2013 was "Look what we've done so far!" traveling around the USA like crazy people going to 17 different conventions, where fans and backers could sit in the Bridge Chairs (for Free), so everyone who helped us could share the joy and make several thousand people happy.

2014 will be a lot less conventions, mainly because we have to raise the rest of the money it's going to take to restore the Enterprise-D Bridge, restore the Original Series display Bridge (which we also obtained) AND find a location to open them where fans can visit any time. As well as have our opening, party, wedding, Romantic Evening For Two and everything else we promised.

Our little "Save the Bridge" project has grown and morphed into something much bigger, it happened naturally, and that's a good thing. We're working with several nonprofit financial management companies, agents, museums and corporations who are giving their time "pro bono" because they believe in our project AND they want us to succeed. We're creating something that has never existed before: An educational science fiction museum in Hollywood in 2015 that will celebrate Science Fiction films, TV and literature as well as teaching Real Science through Science Fiction. We've talked to quite a few actors, producers, writers and directors, and they ALL WANT THIS TO HAPPEN including Ernest Dickerson, Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Seth Green and Chris Pine.

We have our 37 page and 5 page "business prospectus" for investors, donors and sponsors, and by April we will be announcing our Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum to the world, and believe me, the news will be MASSIVE!

Thank you for believing in us, this wouldn't be happening without every single one of you.

Huston and the New Starship Foundation Enterprise Bridge Restoration Team

Captain Weird Al
Captain Weird Al
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    1. New Starship 4-time creator on

      Stephend Short version yes, CBS (who owns the rights) told what we could do and what they didn't want us doing. There are a couple of other things we still can't talk about but look like they're going to happen. This stuff just takes a lot more time than we'd like unfortunately...

    2. stephend on

      Did anything significant transpire from the numerous studio meetings etc., that were mentioned in 2013? For a moment there it seemed as though something big may be announced, but I didn't see any follow-up.