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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 13 2018
pledged of $5,500pledged of $5,500 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 13 2018

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    1. Missing avatar

      Parlor on

      I'm tragically sorry this didn't pan out. I truly hope I get to play this game one day, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

      If I can do amything to help, let me know.

      Keep it up!

    2. Carl D McArthy on

      I really do think this is a great game! Retool and come back! Don't get discouraged. You can do this next time for sure! This is my 15th KS pledge. You have a fantastic idea. Looking forward to the relaunch.

    3. Chris Amburn 7-time creator on

      I appreciate the suggestions. We'll be getting final-quality prototypes soon so you can be sure when we do relaunch we'll have more videos, more content up on BGG, and hopefully a dedicated marketing manager to help us build more hype than I can do on my own.

      I'll be sharing an update tonight about the future of New Experience Workshop, and a post-mortem about the campaign to hopefully help other aspiring Kickstarter publishers.

      Thank you, once more, for all your support and for believing in On Their Merry Way!

    4. Carl D McArthy on

      I agree with all the comments. This is a great game with a unique game mechanism.

      Please let me know in advance if you relaunch

      Add some more how to play videos by others (Rahdo? Dice Tower? Undead Viking?.Man vs Needle? Gameboy Geek? etc.)

      FB ad - the Villagers game had extensive FB ads!

    5. Gianluca Casu on

      Hello! I agree with Laurent, this campaign has all to succeed, but it misses a certain drive. my suggestion for the relaunch:

      - Fill the BGG page with content that can be viewed and thumbed.
      - Add some BGG content to the page and keep people in the loop
      - All the people that took part at this campaign should be informed at least two days before relaunch
      - Please make a shorter two player game to show. 4 hours? Who has the time?

    6. Chris Amburn 7-time creator on

      @Carl Thanks for your support! I'm glad you like the look of the game. There's not that much to go in the grand scheme of things so only time will tell!

      @Laurent Thank you for the feedback and advice! If we do not fund we'll refocus on some smaller projects and try again in about 6 months after gamers at Gen Con and PAX Unplugged get to experience the fun of On Their Merry Way!

    7. Laurent1975

      ... and with more activity from you in the update and/or the comments sections please ;)

    8. Laurent1975

      Hello! clever game I think, but will probably not found again unfortunately :(
      IMHO, should be 29$ including the minis but excluding free US shipping, follies icons should be more clear for non-english speaking backers (as close as possible to language independence), other languages for the rules in PDF (with backers aid), playmat as an add-on, and multiple copy pledges (150$ for 6 with fairly reduced shipping fees for example).
      Good luck!

    9. Carl D McArthy on

      On the home stretch now!

    10. Carl D McArthy on

      Just found this on FB. Love it. Pledged right away. Let's get this fully funded! Also liked it on BGG. Finish stong!

    11. Gianluca Casu on

      @Chris and they are live. Come on EVERYONE Thumbs up!

    12. Chris Amburn 7-time creator on

      @Gianluca I've submitted the images for moderator approval!

    13. Gianluca Casu on

      @Chris, I'm happy you do, now, about those pics on the bgg page... :D

    14. Chris Amburn 7-time creator on

      @Gianluca Casu We appreciate the support and the call to action! I believe we can make it to the goal!

    15. Gianluca Casu on

      This project struggles a little more than I would like it to. Okay, let's do something about it:

      EVERYONE: Go to BGG and Become fan and subscribe to the game page ( https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/224329/their-merry-way )
      EVERYONE: Comment here as much as possible so that we drive traffic
      AUTHORS put on the BGG game page as many photos as possible of the game
      EVERYONE: go and Thumb Up ALL photos you can find on BGG

      I'm confident, but chance needs a hand sometimes.


    16. Chris Amburn 7-time creator on

      @Merman They are fabric with 1/8" thick neoprene rubber backing!

    17. Missing avatar

      Merman_Pops on

      What material is the play mat going to be made of? Thanks

    18. Chris Amburn 7-time creator on


      Thanks for sharing the project! We messaged all the backers from the previous campaign, but I didn't think about others who might have been following along. I'll be sure to add an update over there. Thanks for the heads up!

    19. BBHouseRodent

      Added a post to the Dice Tower Facebook group, letting folks who might have seen Tom's praise in his Crowd Surfing video, know the game had relaunched.

    20. BBHouseRodent

      I'm in but I would suggest putting a link to the new campaign in the old one. I had saved the old campaign and was watching for updates for when the new campaign went live. I just assumed the new launch had been delayed until I started digging info.

    21. Gianluca Casu on

      Almost 60%. This time it is going down

    22. Nemisise

      Hunts in the bushes for "Ye Olde Custard Pie in the face Trap. 😁

    23. Chris Amburn 7-time creator on

      @Gianluca That's exactly the type of tone we were going for! That old cartoony slapstick style with the traps and tricks being more embarrassing and silly than violent or lethal.

      Thanks for backing the game!

    24. Gianluca Casu on

      PnP level. Backed. This looks a fun game in a Laurel and hardy way. i can almost figure the people walking inside the forest on the old tunes "This way!" "No! THIS way!" *falls in trap* "GODDAMMIT!!"

    25. Nemisise

      Glad to be back. And welcome back! And with a solo mode. Woot !!

    26. Missing avatar

      Eliot and Ressie Lyons on

      Sorry we're late! Love you two, can't wait to play (just might have to fire up the fancypants printer and knock out a P&P)

      Got plans for the Tight-Tights expansion? ;)

    27. Chris Amburn 7-time creator on

      Thank you so much to all our returning backers and fans! We're glad to have this new and improved version of On Their Merry Way on Kickstarter for the world to see!

    28. Ronald L.

      Backed again! haha!

    29. Missing avatar

      Parlor on

      Ugh, I'm so excited, I just keep refreshing

    30. Nemisise

      Backed again😁. Let's get this done !!

    31. James Cartwright on

      Looks interesting and with a solo mode, backed :)