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New French Wave Films needs your help to shoot their next short film THE MIDNITE SHOW, a darkly comedic exploration of one man's warped sense of self.

THE MIDNITE SHOW, as it stands now, is a 25 page script written by Jordan Matthew Melcher and Andrew Haynes. The goal is to transform that script into a film by the start of this coming fall.

The story focuses on the self-centered world of Miles Hagenbeck, a 30-year-old social invalid who jumps back and forth between living a stressed life alone with his dying mother, and hosting a fantastical and wildly popular talk show that may or may not be (though let's be honest, it probably is) a figment of his overstimulated imagination.

We are deep into preproduction, over half the cast and crew on board, and we couldn't be more anxious and excited to start shooting, with our sights set on this coming September. Unfortunately, we have done nearly everything we can on our own and need some assistance.

Your help could get us the remaining equipment we need, some key props (such as a shining suit of armor and bundles of fireworks), costumes, and access to a sound stage on which to shoot Miles' talk show (The Midnite Show from which the film derives its title) as well as adequate compensation for the cast and crew.

A New French Wave Films website is on the way, but in the meantime take a look at our facebook page!

Stay tuned for more updates, including upcoming test shots and video blogs! Thank you for stopping by and we hope you can take the time to pledge!

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! We can't tell you how much we appreciate any and all help!


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    Our absolute gratitude complete with a great big smile and a special thanks on our upcoming New French Wave website, and also access to all updates!

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    Our absolute gratitude, a special thanks on our upcoming website, access to all updates, and not to mention a downloadable copy of THE MIDNITE SHOW!

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    Our absolute gratitude, a special thanks on our upcoming website, access to all updates a downloadable copy of the film, and also, did we not mention, a small THE MIDNITE SHOW poster!

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    What!? Well, I guess you get everything above, not to mention a THE MIDNITE SHOW T-shirt and a special thanks in the closing credits of the film itself!

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    Get out of town! Take the time to read all the rewards listed above, because you get ALL OF THOSE not to mention a tangible and completely legit copy of THE MIDNITE SHOW DVD (upon DVD release) autographed by director and leading cast!

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    Holy. Moly. You see all those rewards above? Yours. Not to mention the fact that we will ship you a piece of the set, destroyed on camera as a part of THE MIDNITE SHOW's rousing climax!

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    Good grief, this is outstanding! As you've probably already guessed, all those rewards you see above are yours for the keeping, not to mention a personal, handwritten letter of thanks and appreciation from THE MIDNITE SHOW co-writers Jordan Matthew Melcher and Andrew Haynes, as well as an autographed and notated copy of THE MIDNITE SHOW script. What? That's not enough for you? Well, heck, how about an invitation to the premiere screening in Chicago, IL!? (Airfare not included, date of screening announced upon completion of the film)

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    Get out of town! But not until you reap the benefits of your generous donation! All those rewards we mentioned earlier? You guessed it, all yours. And did we forget to mention the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDIT YOU WOULD RECEIVE IN THE FILM'S OPENING CREDITS? And, why yes, all you had to do was ask Mr or Ms Executive Producer, of course you can visit us on the very set of THE MIDNITE SHOW on location in St. Charles, IL (airfare not included). Come take a peek at all our hard work and even enjoy a meal with the cast and crew!

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