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Players represent Ancient Roman Rooster families fighting for power & legacy by making deals and backstabbing allies. 3-6 players.
679 backers pledged $40,780 to help bring this project to life.

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Chicken Caesar in the Wild

Hello backers! First and foremost, we know it has been a long road and we appreciate your enthusiasm and patience during this time.
Chicken Caesar is coming.

At this time, we're asking that you share photos with us of your copies of Chicken Caesar "in the wild." In other words, as you receive your copies of the game, take a moment to shoot a quick shot of you holding the game or of the game box or something, and share it with the community. Get creative if you want! Post it on Twitter (@nevermoregames) or post it on BoardGameGeek (here). We will share your good news!

We are due an update from Game Salute today, so we'll keep you up to date with what we learn about shipping. Also, in case someone moved (since our address change deadline) and can't get their game forwarded to their new address, we will have instructions for you (coming very soon).

Status Update

Hi everyone,

The rulebooks have been back with our fulfillment company (Game Salute) for a few days now and if our sources are correct then Game Salute is currently prepping Chicken Caesar for shipping. That being said, we don't have any concrete news to share with you guys other than we are pretty optimistic that your games should be shipping really soon.

We'll let you know as soon as we know!

Shipping Update and a New Fowl Play Card!

Shipping Update
The process of getting Chicken Caesar packed up and shipped to Kickstarter backers has begun at Game Salute. We're very excited and know that you are too! Step one will be Game Salute sending us Rulebooks to sign. We'll sign those right fast and ship them back so that games can start getting shipped in the coming weeks. Now for our other news...

Our second title, Mars Needs Mechanics, is coming with a New Fowl Play Rooster card! The card is inspired by a mechanism card in Mars Needs Mechanics called the Clockwork Rooster. In Chicken Caesar this new card will feature a power that activates during Scoring, which means it will be an awesomely dangerous addition to your game!

Get Mars Needs Mechanics here!

With only a few days left, Mars Needs Mechanics is just shy of its first stretch goal. We are asking for your support in spreading the word to your friends. You get a very cool, exclusive version of the gorgeous and fun game.

Hail Romans!

We're Through Customs!


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We're in Customs! & Good news for our Canadian/International backers!


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