Chicken Caesar - A Game of Plots, Politics and Poultry

by Nevermore Games

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    1. Tom Pancoast

      I was wondering... I certainly don't remember needing a dice, but what else could a chicken dice be for?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      Hip, hip, hooray! Can't wait to pull this die out for games of any type.

    3. Mantle on

      I totally misunderstood the title of this update to mean that a rooster had died while being shipped by post...

    4. Lorien Green on

      Just FYI, my 5 year old son has commandeered the die and is using it for his own strange experiments in statistical probabilities and predictive models. Or at least I assume that's what he's doing. He told me that it rolled 2, 3, "turkey", 2, "turkey", 3... and that it was a pattern. ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      i love dice and am looking forward to adding to this one to my collection. So, if we don't get the die by when should we begin to worry?

    6. maelic001 on

      Good thing it isn't needed for the game, as I never received one.

    7. John Hauger on

      Just got the die in the mail. Very cool.

    8. Robert Manore on

      It's almost March and I never received this die.