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Players represent Ancient Roman Rooster families fighting for power & legacy by making deals and backstabbing allies. 3-6 players.
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Essen Spiel - Tell Your Friends!

More Fowl Play + Hilarious Fan-Made Video

We've been asked a few times, so we're letting everyone know... more copies of Chicken Caesar: Fowl Play expansion are on the way!  If you or someone you know wants to get a copy of the expansion, it will be available for purchase at either the end of June or in July from our website. We'll post another update when this happens.


Some Chicken Caesar fans uploaded a video of their heated negotiations during a session of Chicken Caesar. It's the last turn and the Censor player is hearing arguments from two players over who should be exiled (and therefore possibly lose points). It's a crucial moment and the arguing is hilarious!  A much watch.

Here's the link:

You May Have Noticed a Rooster Die in the Mail

You may have noticed a rooster die arriving at your house. These were mentioned early on in the campaign as a freebie for all backers from our fulfillment company, Game Salute. The die has no in-game use, but can be used to choose the starting player if you so wish.

Enjoy the rooster die!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, backers!

We are so very thankful for all of our Chicken Caesar backers. Because of you we were able to publish a truly great game and give a young publishing company a great start. We are forever thankful for you and everything you did for this campaign and continue to do for our other efforts.

This Thanksgiving, may you all be blessed with much happiness and hopefully some great game time! For those of you brave backers willing to kill off your in-laws, brothers and sisters (as Roosters of course), good luck to you and Ave Caesar!

Have a great day all over the world. Even if you're not in the U.S., celebrate the day with a spirit of thanks and make sure you consume some sort of large bird. Enjoy!

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