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Players represent Ancient Roman Rooster families fighting for power & legacy by making deals and backstabbing allies. 3-6 players.
Players represent Ancient Roman Rooster families fighting for power & legacy by making deals and backstabbing allies. 3-6 players.
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    1. maelic001 on

      Still never saw that rooster die...

    2. Tom Guthrie on

      How does the Teriyaki chicken support work for those that backed at that level? Curious because things are changing for me and I would like to wrap this one up (with a little BLT and a ranch dressing).

    3. Allan Third on

      @Peter McAndrew
      I feel the same way, I'd much rather have all colours with the full number of roosters. It's disproportionately disappointing for people to be told they can't have the colour they want because there are only three players. I'd even pay to get the extra pawns/cards needed to do this. I've emailed and tweeted @Nevermore Games to ask if there's any possibility to buy extra components but had no reply so far.

    4. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      @Jeffrey Thank you so much!

    5. Apocoplay LLC on

      I just wanted to say thank you again. The game's gorgeous and a blast to play - you guys did a great job!

    6. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      @ Ryan Lorence Syfargo - it sounds like you have all sorts of problems! Wow, we're sorry your game got delivered in such a weird form. You can definitely have replacements for these missing/messed up parts. And yes, for the upgraded rooster pawns there should be tall stickers, one for each side, included in your box. Did you not receive those? We'll go ahead and email you to get this straight with Game Salute. Thanks and Sorry!

    7. Ryan Lorence Syfargo

      Also, does the upgraded rooster pawn come with their own stickers? It seems so if you look at the picture on the front page :)

    8. Ryan Lorence Syfargo

      I seem to be missing the Eggsclusive and the Fowl Play expansion. My box also is torn around 2 inches on the top (clear right through the thick box!). Is there a way to get replacements for those?

      Also, since i got the upgraded rooster pawns, can i buy an extra sticker sheet? :)

    9. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      @Peter McAndrew Noted. Thanks for the feedback. Keep in mind, the limitation is only for 3 player games.

    10. Peter McAndrew on

      I got my copy yesterday and was reading the rules and getting it ready to be played today. One recommendation for your future games: please don't limit colour choice by number of players. My preferred colour always seems to be one of the ones with limited pieces in those situations, so isn't available for the full range of numbers of players.

    11. Van Fujishige

      My friend that use to live here moved to New Mexico, got it shipped to California by mistake, and had it shipped to him at his new place. He just sent me a pic.

    12. maelic001 on

      I'm in the same boat as Van Fujishige. Still no sign of game, and still no response from Game Salute...

    13. Toy203 on

      Mine arrived today in great shape. Sadly no name on the coin. I was thinking that Buffalo level included the previous bonuses, but hey, i didn't check so it's my fault after all. T__T
      The game looks good, nice sturdy and roomy box, and the special tokens are really big!

    14. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      @Van Fujishige Hopefully it will get there soon. Game Salute should be getting back to you.

    15. Van Fujishige

      Still no sign of the game. E-mailed Game Salute on Saturday, haven't heard back yet.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Obertas on

      Was finally able to play it yesterday, though sadly only with three people. We had fun but definitely felt it would have been better with more players. To others, I'd advise that, while the game is certainly playable with three players, you will likely find yourself wishing you had more people with you. Thankfully, we'll have a chance to play several games with larger groups next weekend.

    17. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      @maellc001 We had no idea this is a problem. Very sorry about that. We'll discuss with Game Salute and see what we can do to help fix this in the future.

    18. maelic001 on

      I think I'm getting to the point where I'm gonna have to start boycotting Kickstarters that use Game Salute. I'm really tired of getting games at least a week (to more than a month, in one case) later here in Nevada after I've seen reports on BGG of people getting theirs next door in California, all due to Game Salute's flawed staggered shipping policy. Plus, it doesn't help when they never respond to e-mail inquiries about your shipment either.

    19. Missing avatar

      Zaron Gibson on

      Game arrived today. Looks fantastic! Nice bit of kit, definitely. I'll try to play this tonight. Thanks for the hard work guys!

    20. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      ROOSTER DICE - In case you're wondering, Game Salute (our fulfillment company) is waiting on the box of custom dice from Chessex. Once it arrives, they will start mailing those out. We're as excited as you guys are to finally get our greedy little talons on those dice!

    21. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      Those pesky packing peanuts.

    22. Threevenge on

      Oops, nevermind my comment. They were hidden underneath a pile of the packing peanuts. So many packing peanuts in this box XD

    23. Threevenge on

      Got my copy today but it looks like the I didn't get the Fowl Play roosters in it? The rules for it were on top of the box but I didn't get the cards. Were those coming later or was this an error?

    24. Patricula on

      Game arrived today and it looks great!

      Fun to see my name on a coin (but my name didn't make it to the rulebook).

      I think it'll hit my game table next Tuesday.

    25. Apocoplay LLC on

      Started our first half of the game for our long term game night.

      The instructions take a second to get used to but the gameplay itself (at least for the first half of the game we went through so far) is pretty fun.

      The quality of the board is nice and I'm glad I backed this project.

      First impression: Good game.


    26. Alan Nanes

      Maryland here... got my BBQ backer level stuff today. Everything looks top-notch! Thanks guys :)

    27. Chooi

      Has anyone in UK got their games yet?

    28. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      @John Snyder In the October 4th update, we said that the games were being prepped for shipping. If we had anything else to report we would, but we don't. When a game reaches the fulfillment company, it goes into a queue and when it is our turn it will get shipped out. We'll let everyone know when we know.

    29. John Snyder on

      Lots of updates, but they all seem to be ads for Mars Needs Mechanics rather than news about where my game is....

    30. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      Hi Skipper! The Fowl Play rules should be up on BGG in the next week!

      Chicken Caesar should be here at the end of August according to our printer.

    31. Skipper Harris on

      Any update on the Fowl Play rules? And wondering how on-target the printing is for when we'll see the game. Eagerly anticipating getting to play it.

    32. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      Just posted a new update on address changes!

    33. Jonathan Lacson on

      I've sent to inquiries about changing my address as well. Could I get a response back, please?

    34. Michael Edwards on

      An update would be nice, as it's coming up on a month since the last one. I did note this game was on the preview list for GenCon.

    35. Toy203 on

      @godunow AMEN TO THAT! Let's hope.

    36. Chi Ho Chiu on

      Hi, I have been sending message about change of address. Would you please let me know when it would be processed?

    37. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    38. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      Just received the soft proof and expecting the hard proof in a couple weeks. We're on schedule and getting excited!

      Once we have the hard proofs in hand, we'll have a better idea of the final status of everything. We will update this campaign and our information on and

      And yes, we'll have Flow Play expansion rules up in the next few weeks! :)

    39. Skipper Harris on

      Good to hear all is proceeding on time. In reference to point 2, curiosity makes me wonder which bits you went with in wood. I'm guessing the tax and suffragium pawns plus the roosters? Anything else?

      Also wondering when/if we'll get full details, rules, etc of the Fowl Play expansion. Wondering just what all it does in fact bring to the game.

      Looking forward to the day my copy turns up on my doorstep. Can't wait!

    40. Chris Berger on

      Screw stretch goals anyway. I just want this game. It's gonna be so awesome! =) I hope your printers are the kind that over-estimate print time and we get it early!

    41. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      Thank you to everyone!

    42. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      Hi folks! We've noticed the comments about stretch goals and want to put your minds at ease. Our situation during the end of the campaign wasn't ideal. We didn't receive our final quote until much later than expected, which meant we couldn't promise any more stretch goals without taking a huge risk to the game's print run. The good news is that we made enough money on the campaign to...

      1. Print more copies of the game than expected, therefore allowing more cash flow in the long run and therefore more support for the Chicken Caesear brand in the long run as well. This could mean more exclusive content and expansions down the road.

      2. Not cut corners. We didn't have to go cardboard where we really wanted to go wood throughout the entire game. This means everyone's copy will be a high quality board game made by one of the best printers in the business, Panda.

      3. Give us the confidence to continue. We plan on releasing another game this Fall. What everyone helped us do will never be forgotten, you have helped us start on a path we are very excited about. We want to bring quality games to tables near you.

    43. David Webb on

      It did say "More to come..." after the 25k goal, so I'm hoping that wasn't forgotten.

    44. Jeremy Buckmaster on

      Hopefully they just surprise us with some really awesome thing. True they could have gone the route of promising stretch goals and that would have been awesome. However, hopefully they don't ignore the efforts that we all put into making this game great, double the funding they need should mean something great goes out to the supporters.

    45. Travis Bradley on

      What's the word on stretch goals? Haven't heard anything and we surpassed the last one $15,000 ago?

    46. Matthew Williams on

      eta on going to printers?

    47. Missing avatar

      Dockery Designs on

      I'm really waiting for this game. My group is psyched. I'd love to hear how the PR campaign for this shaked out!

      NEVERMORE GAMES - If you're interested in talking:

    48. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      Just wanted to apologize for the wonky surveys. You have to fill out EVERY line. If it doesn't apply to you, just put "N/A".

      Again, sorry. It's a Kickstarter thing.

    49. Nevermore Games 5-time creator on

      Hi Robert,

      First and foremost, you will receive the standard families AND your custom family, just fyi. That way, you can alternate ;) Here's the breakdown:

      Blue: FLAVIUS

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