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A 200 page hardcover volume of illustrations and paintings by the visionary designer and creator of GOLEM, artist LRNZ.
A 200 page hardcover volume of illustrations and paintings by the visionary designer and creator of GOLEM, artist LRNZ.
513 backers pledged $26,613 to help bring this project to life.

WEEK TWO WRAP-UP! Filling the lull with electrobeats!

Posted by Neurobellum Productions (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Two weeks down! Two weeks left to go! This is officially the half-way point, where traditionally and historically the only notable activity is crickets chirping and tumbleweeds tumbling. From 24-80 backers per day down to less than 10. But that is completely to be expected, and apparently perfectly normal for most campaigns...

…but who wants to be normal? Let’s crack the shell off that expectation and grow some wings! And let's earn some cool stuff while you’re at it! Extra pages? Yes! Hardcover edition?  Yes!  How about an enhanced digital edition with layers, steps, audio, and animation? Hey, we've got ideas... help us get past our current stretch goals and let's do even more together!

How can you help, if you've already pledged? Lots of ways:

  • 1) Increase your pledge to get one of the other cool tiers available – original art? Yes please! 
  • 2) Add items to your pledge “a la carte” – you can now add extra items to your rewards package by increasing your pledge but keeping the same reward tier. Message us with the list of items you are adding to your pledge and we’ll make sure they are added to your reward! Get your Christmas shopping done early!


  • 3) Register (for FREE) at and get your own personal project referral link to share with everyone you know. Then share that link like crazy via email, social media, post-it notes, skywriting… whatever gets the word out! Tell them how cool this book is and get them to join you on the ride! Tell them about the cool backer-only downloads you get just for joining the ride! When they use your link to view and pledge, YOU’LL get the credit! And by “credit” we mean 10% cashback in your pocket! PLUS, you’ll be entered to win a FREE iPAD MINI preloaded with a ton of beautiful Magnetic Press titles!* (see update 8 for all the details.)
  • 4) You can also help spread the word (and your kickbooster link) by building a campaign of art and links by checking out our twitter (@lrnz-viewpoint) or Instagram (@magneticpress) accounts and ripping the relevant pix to your own device, using them as a ton of cool visual material for your own media campaign!

We see that quite a few of you have shared your personalized kickbooster links already, with a lot of clicks from those friends so far, but not too many actual new pledges -- it only works when new people climb on board! Sure, hopefully many of them are just waiting to come back in the last 48 hours, but why wait? Tell them they can confirm their pre-purchase and get in on the backer-only downloads in the meantime!

Even though we’ve hit our goal, we really want to make this thing special, and we want to share it with as many people as possible who we know will enjoy it. We don’t want to be complacent, and will keep pushing to make this the best book possible for YOU! SO if you can do the same, that would be GREAT.

To continue our appreciation, this week we’re giving backers the full-length Büromaschinen digital album, Welcome To Büromaschinen! If you liked the first EP, you’ll love this one just as much. Here’s a sample of what’s in the package:

 Even the cover alone is pretty awesome...

We'll post the link in a backers-only update to follow this one immediately!

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