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A 200 page hardcover volume of illustrations and paintings by the visionary designer and creator of GOLEM, artist LRNZ.
A 200 page hardcover volume of illustrations and paintings by the visionary designer and creator of GOLEM, artist LRNZ.
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iPad mini referral bonus? Yes! Spread the word and earn!

Posted by Neurobellum Productions (Creator)

Hello everyone!

First off, once again to those of you who have backed so far – THANK YOU! The initial outpouring has been wonderful and so very, very appreciated. And as flattered and excited as we are to have reached this point already, we really want to do everything we can to keep the momentum going.

They say that the middle two weeks in any 4-week campaign are always the roughest, with attention and support dropping off sharply, and its no joke -- even though we’ve hit our initial goal (and two stretch goals! Yow!), there has unquestionably been a notable drop in the activity curve. We've gone from 22 backers a day to about 3.  So we’re gonna do everything we can to keep the interest and excitement going, starting with this new announcement:

What does that mean?  Well, clearly social media is the most efficient means of getting the word out on something exciting. We’ve been using it to reach those we can, but our influence and access only goes so far. We really need YOU to help spread the word. That’s the real power of social media. So we want to encourage you to do just that.

To make that prospect interesting, we’ve partnered with a new affiliate plug-in called to offer all referring backers 10% of all funds generated from referrals! That means if you bring in $150 worth of pledges, you get $15 in cash back. It's perfectly legal, and perfectly cool. :)

And its super-easy – just go to their site through this link (, register (for FREE) and then share the specific link they give you when telling all of your friends about this cool project. (It only counts referrals through the system, from today forward, so if you already talked a friend into joining -- thank you! But it unfortunately doesn't count towards your account...)

For every pledge generated through your unique link, you will get 10% of the cash value. Seriously, its not a scam, its genuine. You can earn money by just spreading the word and helping us make this project better.



We also figured, if cash-back isn’t incentive enough (we know, it sounds very “info-mercial-y”), we thought we'd spice up the idea with our own extra bonus:

If the collected initiative brings $5k or more in extra funding (which we can track through their registration system), then we will give the TOP REFERRER through the system a brand new iPAD MINI with VIEWPOINT, GOLEM, and a huge library of MAGNETIC PRESS titles pre-installed!


Yes, there is some small print at the bottom of this offer to consider, but it’s pretty reasonable stuff*. And again, it's all legit.

So yeah, as late-night commercial-y as it may sound – WE REALLY NEED YOU TO SHARE AND BRING IN SUPPORT! The next stretch goal will bring us to an even 200 pages, with a limited edition hardcover edition available shortly after that. We really want to make this an impressive, beautiful book, but we need you to help us get there.

So register and spread the word!  You can't win if you don't participate!

(*16GB wifi iPad Mini 2; items will be pre-installed as PDF files on an unlinked Apple account activated in the US. Registering the iPad to another Apple account in another territory will reset the pre-installed items, but we will provide all PDFs again as available downloads after registration.)

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