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A 200 page hardcover volume of illustrations and paintings by the visionary designer and creator of GOLEM, artist LRNZ.
A 200 page hardcover volume of illustrations and paintings by the visionary designer and creator of GOLEM, artist LRNZ.
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A great start! How about some music?

Posted by Neurobellum Productions (Creator)

Hello everyone!

We want to start our first update properly --

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a great launch! We are only 50 hours in, and already just over 90% of the way to our goal! Launching a Kickstarter is always nerve-wracking, but we're so glad you are able to support us early like this. Hopefully we can keep spreading the word and building on this wonderful momentum so that even MORE people can get on board this cool project! Keep sharing the link, please! If we can hit our target soon, we’ll pull back the cover on a new stretch goal!

While its still early, there isn't much in the way of "news" just yet, but one thing we'd like to point out (if you haven't noticed) -- OUR VIDEO IS FIXED! You may or may not have noticed that the first half of the video (before the interview portion) seemed a bit out of synch with the images, but that's fixed now.  :)  If you thought it was okay before, you might find it even better now! Check it out again, its worth a second viewing. ;)

(We weren't sure if we should even say anything, but we want to be 100% transparent, even pointing out an ugly error... Plus, we want you to see the video as it was intended!)

We're going to start giving some cool digital stuff to backers in backer-only updates through the course of the campaign.  This will include PDF files, layered PSDs, video links, MP3s, etc. 

The first cool download we're giving away is a copy of LRNZ's first full EP of home-grown, atmospheric, old-school electronica, composed and recorded under the name Büromaschinen.

If you liked the music behind our video, that was a mix of two different tracks from the first Büromaschinen collection, TIME CAPSULE VOL.1.  Here's a sample:

We're giving away the complete, six-track digital album in a backer-only update that will follow this public update.  So if you like this sample and haven't backed the project yet, get on board so you can get more cool downloads like this throughout the rest of the campaign!

As questions come in, we'll address them in updates like this, before adding them into the main campaign page FAQ.  A couple good questions have come up so far:

"Do backers at the $25 Early Bird tier get the Limited Edition 'first 250' print too?"

  • ABSOLUTELY!  The first 250 backers at any tier that includes a physical shipment are included!  (Sorry digital-only backers... still time to upgrade for yours!)

"Why is International shipping so expensive?  The shipping is as much as the book alone!  It's a lot cheaper to order things on Amazon..."

  • Yeah, shipping costs are rough, but that's really the most affordable rate to ship outside the US.  Having shipped three other campaigns now, and regularly shipping internationally through our webstore, we've become pretty familiar with all of the options to different countries and the shipping rates that are attached to the tiers are the best we can do without actually losing money (which defeats the purpose of a fundraising campaign)... we've seen dozens, if not hundreds, of other Kickstarters that failed to account for how expensive international shipping really is, and it hurt them.  The rates we've attached are genuinely what it costs!  In fact, to some territories, it will probably be much more ($60 in some cases!), but we wanted to offer the most fair average rate.  Wish we had a better answer or solution, but that's the sad truth of international postage these days.  Companies like Amazon not only have warehouses all around the world, but HUGE bulk rates and their own fleet of planes, trains, and automobiles to keep their costs down.  Not us, unfortunately.




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