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A 200 page hardcover volume of illustrations and paintings by the visionary designer and creator of GOLEM, artist LRNZ.
A 200 page hardcover volume of illustrations and paintings by the visionary designer and creator of GOLEM, artist LRNZ.
A 200 page hardcover volume of illustrations and paintings by the visionary designer and creator of GOLEM, artist LRNZ.
513 backers pledged $26,613 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jaroslaw Ejsymont on

      Got my book a while ago, just recently I got miniprint (Hopper). All is great!!! Thank you. Hope for some other projects.
      Best and enjoy Holiday time and Happy New Year :)

    2. IVRunner on

      I just received my signed bookplate.

      Thank you for quickly solving the shipment issues.

      I look forward to your future projects!

    3. Aliaksandr Yakauleu

      Finally got your book. And it's great! Thank you thank you thank you ))

    4. Missing avatar

      Robbie Brewster on

      My beautiful book arrived today, Wales, Cardiff, UK...well done everyone.

    5. Neurobellum Productions 5-time creator on

      Hi everyone -- for shipping status, please message us instead of commenting and we'll look into your specific status. Comments are more difficult to track and respond to. Thanks!

    6. Blair Mueller

      @Neurobellum Productions Have all the books ship out last update you said last shipments would go out monday in my backer kit it still says ready to ship.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric William Kloos on

      Hi from the Netherlands. Still waiting also, but I know it will be worth it!

    8. Missing avatar

      Emiliana Cordone on

      Ho ricevuto il libro oggi. E' arrivato in ottime condizioni ed è stupendo! Resto in attesa del "signed bookplate" (non è arrivato nemmeno a me...) e dell'e-mail da Backerkit. Grazie!

    9. Missing avatar

      Shu Gi Lim on

      Hey. I've yet to receive my book :( paid the $88 pledge to be shipped to Malaysia. Is there a tracking number for our orders?

    10. IVRunner on

      Just received my package today. What page is the signed bookplate? Thanks!

    11. Missing avatar

      Robbie Brewster on

      Nothing received yet from the UK for me? I paid the $55 backing. Does that include the postage? Hopefully I will receive the book this week?

    12. Hector Medina on

      Received the book friday :)
      Excellent product

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave Wells on

      The wait is killing meeee

    14. Missing avatar

      Cameron on

      Can we get an update on when we will receive shipments? It's almost been a month since you said we could expect to have it. Don't even need a definite date, even an update as to what's happening would be nice.

    15. Larry/Lorenzo Luna on


      I'm excited to receive this book. I was under the impression I would have received it a couple of weeks ago. Has anyone got their book yet? Is there any update on the shipping?

      Thank you,

    16. DigitalDogParty

      Has anyone received a copy this week?

    17. Missing avatar

      Massimo Dall'Osso on

      Ciao a tutti! Non mi è ancora arrivato nulla, quanto tempo ci vorrà perché arrivi?

    18. vhm74 on

      Hello, did they sent anything for digital-only backers?

    19. Jamie on


      I have not received the book, can you please let me know when the book will be sent.


    20. Hector Medina on

      Anyone get their books yet? Nothing yet for me

    21. Marco Mirko Nani on

      Ciao a tutti, sapete quando è prevista la consegna del book?

      a presto.

    22. Jonathan Walters

      What happened to this? Has anyone received theirs yet?

    23. Missing avatar

      luca murolo on

      Antonio chance to get the book before Xmas?

    24. Aliaksandr Yakauleu

      Any update?

    25. Missing avatar

      Anthony Fields on

      Hi any updates

    26. Missing avatar

      Giovanni King Capoccia on

      can you tell me the measure of the T-shirt size in centimeters or inches?

      Best regards.

    27. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Yu on

      When can we expect to receive the surveys in our email?

    28. Missing avatar

      Cameron on

      Has there been any news about the slipcase?

    29. Aliaksandr Yakauleu


    30. Stefano Cendron on

      anyone can please explain me how to upgrade to the slipcase?

      thank you very much

    31. Tasha Turner

      Congrats on reaching all your stretch goals. What an amazing campaign.

    32. Joshua Turner

      I'm an idiot. Disregard my last message!

    33. Joshua Turner

      I'd love to get a slipcase but haven't seen a way to add them to my pledge.

      Would upping my amount by $20 work or should we wait for something more official?


    34. Neurobellum Productions 5-time creator on

      @ Cameron: granted! :) see update #16!

    35. Missing avatar

      Cameron on

      Is there any chance of another stretch goal?

    36. Taylor Poole

      We did it $18,000 congrats! Hard cover book here we come.

    37. Aliaksandr Yakauleu

      Just backed, thx for great work )

    38. Preston Ward

      I assume $25 early bird tier also comes with the bonus art print?