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The world's best carry-on luggage - its patented "all-terrain" wheels change EVERYTHING! More than a suitcase, it's a travel companion!
The world's best carry-on luggage - its patented over-sized wheels change EVERYTHING! More than a suitcase, it's a travel companion!
The world's best carry-on luggage - its patented over-sized wheels change EVERYTHING! More than a suitcase, it's a travel companion!
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    1. G-RO 3-time creator

      @Wendy We are working to send you a new lock.

      @Cloudkicker The warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original owner of the bag. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    2. Missing avatar

      Wendy Schulze on

      Further to my previous comment - It appears that the warranty process is fine. I sent an email and it took them a few days to answer but now they have and everything is now sorted out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Wendy Schulze on

      Before purchasing this bag be sure that you check the implication of the warranty for any occasion for when something fails you on your travels. Such as the lock breaking.

    4. Missing avatar

      Cloudkicker on

      Dear G-Ro Team, I sold the luggage but also want to give warranty. Hoe to do that. Do you have my backer number and G-RO number if there are any problems occurring, so the buyer can contact you directly? Would love to know about the procedure . :-) thanks in advance and best regards, C.

    5. G-RO 3-time creator

      @MiikeWiilen Our luggage is TSA approved being that our battery is removable. At this time the only airline that has banned smart luggage is Spirit, and we are in process of getting them to also comply with TSA Regulations. @Bearded Wanderer I apologize that you have experience difficulties with your usb connection this is a rare incident, I will inform our design team to look into this occurrence. @Cloudkicker You can try to sale your G-RO on e-bay some of our other past customers have been successful using e-bay.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cloudkicker on

      As I did use my GRo first generation just 5-6 times I would like to sell it to someone who really uses this wonderful piece of travel art! Anyone interested? Kind regards

    7. Bearded Wanderer on

      Just checking to see if any other GRO users are experiencing issues with their charging cables that connect the battery to the “hub” at the top of the bag? I have had to replace it twice and wanted to see if this was a common? Hopefully the third replacement will last.

    8. Miike Wiilen on

      TSA no longer allows bags with a built-in cable as checked luggage, so unless I only use this for carryon, it is useless to me.

    9. Missing avatar

      Philippe MARC on

      Still doing great, best luggage ever, only drawback being its weight.
      I just changed my Mac and I need a USB-C power adaptor.
      I could not find it on the official g-ro store. Anyway to get one here?

    10. G-RO 3-time creator

      @Jeffery Ess Our customer service team has sent you an email!

      @Juraj, Nishad, Katie, Abdullah We'll be reaching out to you via email

      All the best,
      The G-RO Team

    11. Jeffery Ess on

      LOVE LOVE LOVE my carry on!

      Leaving a message here regarding my battery. After being used once, it won't recharge. Something appears to be flickering in the interface. How can I get it replaced?

    12. Missing avatar

      Juraj on


      Maybe this was addressed below, but wasn't there a luggage strap supposed to be coming?

    13. Nishad Chimote on

      congratulations guys and I am looking forward to the next bag. but the issue is I haven't still received my g-Ro carry on. please consider my request and let me know when will get it.

      kind regards

    14. Katie Graham on

      Hi there, I was wondering if I can get an update on when I'll receive my tracker? I've emailed a couple of times but haven't heard back. Thanks!

    15. M.

      hey Guys its October the 17th :D

    16. Missing avatar

      abdullah fayez on

      Dear G-to team,
      I’ve received my bag and enjoying every aspect of it.
      I was so excited about it that I ordered a second one when you sent us backers the chance to buy one at a reduced price. I sent an email back in February asking about my second bag and you replied back then that you’ll finish your kickstarter commitment and send the second wave in a “couple of months”.
      After that, it’s been silence. No updates, and no response from my second email.
      I just want an update.

    17. G-RO 3-time creator

      @Catherine It's great to hear you've been loving the carry-on. Please contact our customer service team about your handle if you haven't already. You can reach them at or 1-844-476-3606.

    18. G-RO 3-time creator

      @Jamie We apologize that you received so many notifications in your inbox. It was our co-founders birthday and he decided to treat himself to backing a few projects. We hope you understand and look forward to bringing you more innovative products.

    19. Jamie on

      unfollowing you guys on KS because your backing so many projects you are basically spaming me.

    20. Catherine on

      Hi G-RO team. I'm loving my G-Ro and have had wonderful travel experiences with it. My only issue is with a sticky handle, it's difficulty to get it to pop back down and it takes a lot of jimmying. Is there a way to fix this? It's bee holding up beautifully otherwise and I'm as happy as can be with every other feature. The shape took some getting used to pack-wise, but now that I am I can comfortably live out of the g-ro for almost a month while I'm on the road. I don't believe in checking luggage so it's a life saver.

    21. G-RO 3-time creator

      @ Daniel -
      We're so happy to hear you're loving your G-RO! Those wheels really are something special - makes rough terrain easy to navigate, for sure. We really want your travel experience to be as easy and uneventful as possible, starting with the packing process - it seems you and G-RO Go Together perfectly.

      Thank you for sharing your experience!

    22. G-RO 3-time creator

      @ Dave -
      Thank you for the feedback - we're so happy you're enjoying your G-RO! Your wife isn't the first to think the capacity is less, when in fact it's more. And yes, the option to power your phone without hugging up to a wall with 15 other people battling over a single outlet is so very convenient - that and the cool wheels - definitely turns heads!

      Wishing you safe travels!

    23. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nejman on

      I have used my GRO for sometime now and I been loving this experience.

      the packing has been really easy, quality of the wheel movement on different surfaces (trust me, there have been many various surfaces...) is very good!

      the divider inside is very handy as i was able to put inside of it 3 shirts packed individually / each side + a blazer on top of it.

      Design is amazing (people stare at the bag for minutes, especially when i plug in the usb connector to charge the phone.)

      I was able to carry it and fit it inside some low-cost airlines (Transavia & Norwegian) so well done also on that!! ( i had my doubts in the beginning but it worked like magic sideways in those small top cabin compartments....)

      My compliments to all the team @ Shalgi Studio, i hope to see more bags coming out soon!

    24. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      I have been using-my G-RO bag for several months now and it is all I was promised AND MORE! I have been able to retire my T*** which cost far more than it was worth.
      My wife saw me packing and commented that it was smaller than my previous bag...very deceiving as I can fit more in this one than before and it fits better in the airplane overhead.
      Besides the superior ease of use (the wheels make all the difference), I also get lots of comments in every airport I am in. I have not had the chance to use the tracker yet (that's a good thing, right?) but the power pack has come in VERY handy many times when there is no outlet available at the gate. There is nothing worse than having your phone die just as you need to produce your electronic ticket. Thanks G-RO! You have made this business traveler very happy.

    25. G-RO 3-time creator

      @~RaMeK~, the answer to your question is YES! Be on the lookout for exciting new bags coming soon. If you don’t currently receive emails from us, please sign up on our website ( so that you’ll be among the first to know.

    26. ~RaMeK~

      @creators. Are you guys going to design another bag? I'm hoping you design a checked bag.

    27. G-RO 3-time creator

      @Rusty - So nice to hear you are enjoying your G-RO carry-on! Sounds like it's working as intended - ease of use in tough terrain, though honestly, we never tested it for Hippopotamus droppings, but now we all know. Next time you're out and about, please take a picture and post it to one of our social media sites - we always want to see how we Go Together!

    28. G-RO 3-time creator

      @ Andres, we’re so sorry for the frustration you’ve experienced surrounding the unsuccessful delivery your Power module.
      Unfortunately, we’ve learned that Ecuador currently prohibits the shipment (to or from) of lithium batteries. We tried several times to make it happen, but each were rejected and returned.
      One of our Customer Service team members have reached out to you directly to identify a solution.
      We definitely want you to be happy and have full function of the G-RO carry-on!

    29. Andres Ontaneda on

      I don't understand why but you didn't send my electronic module, refunded me and gave me no other choices or explanation.

      This has been the worst customer experience I've had on kickstarter. I at least deserve an explanation.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rusty Presley on

      Loving it!
      Have had to do more travelling this year than any other. Both domestic and international. 2 hour to 16 hour flights and unusually varied accommodation and terrain. I didn't get a picture for the contest, but the G-RO worked exceptionally well on the natural trails to the rooms at the Mvuu Camp in Liwonde national park. It navigated the Hippopotamus droppings with ease.
      It is always noticed and commented on by other travelers.

    31. G-RO 3-time creator

      Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to our successful launch! If you have questions regarding your pledge or the campaign, the quickest way to contact us is by email at or calling us at 1-844-476-3606.

    32. Missing avatar

      David Beschizza on

      After my earlier comment The G-RO team got in touch straight away and sorted out my problem. Great service, great bag, a great campaign to have seen through to the end. Cheers.

    33. Missing avatar

      Kirsty Lloyd on

      Thank you for excellent customer service. My G-RO took a travel through some sand which stuck in the wheels. The G-RO team have arranged for replacement wheels to be sent to me. Thank you.

    34. Robert Neve on

      Bag comes late. Still waiting on the power cable to use it with my surface. And now I get told to use the tracking module I have to start paying a monthly fee? Certainly won't be recommending you to anyone.

    35. Rebecca Elder

      I've taken my G-ro on a few trips now, and like it well enough, but am also having a hard time with the handle locking. It doesn't lock at any height that's comfortable for me, and from time to time, even changes position when I'm pulling it.

      Anyone else experiencing this?

    36. Kiran Rego

      Will you be able to deliver the bag or please refund asap

    37. Missing avatar

      David Beschizza on

      *queues not quest!

    38. Missing avatar

      David Beschizza on

      Took my g-ro on an epic first trip. 4 days that included train, Eurostar, 3 flights, 3 coaches and 2 taxis.
      It was an absolute joy to use with every mode of transport.
      One town had cobbled/tiled streets too and I felt pretty smug rolling (almost silently) over them. Great bag guys, well done.
      A couple of very small points however... in one apartment the floors were tiled. This meant when I lay my bag down the plastic around the handle and the pouch between the handle got scuffed. I could have avoided it by placing it on a bed etc but maybe some small rubber feet like there are on the side of the bag would avoid this if there was no soft option?
      Secondly, my handle locks completely when fully extended, which is how I have it usually as the longer handle was one major selling point for me. However, when in passport quest etc I liked having it halfway. In this position it did not lock as well and any slight pressure would either shorten or lengthen it. I worked around it by just being a bit more gentle but it was a little annoying. Wonder if there's a quick fix for this?
      Asides from that I really really enjoyed using this bag and am very happy I got on board. Thanks.

    39. Kirpa Singh Gulati

      Thats amazing to hear Graham - always look forward to supporting a company thats good to their customers. WIll definitely translate to many positive reviews like yours and in turn further sales. Still keenly waiting on mine to arrive for the moment...fingers crossed that there aren't any cracks on those ones.

    40. Graham Connor

      I have been in contact with customer support regarding a crack that developed in the corner of my G-RO. They requested a photo which I duly sent them. I am flabbergasted by the rapid, congenial, and COMPLETE resolution of my issue. G-RO will be sending me a new case, postage paid! I am not required to package and return the old one, either. I am nothing short of delighted with G-RO customer service. The usual run around of submitted a ticket, repackaging the damaged unit, paying for shipping both ways has been completely handled by G-RO. Kudos to all involved.
      Thanks again.

    41. Shy Lev-Ari on

      Can anyone review the tracking capabilities?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jens Baudisch

      I have been using mine for a couple of short trips now and I think it works very very well. As a colleague said: This is the Range Rover of the carry on luggage. But I would have needed the MacBook powercable a couple of times now... Is there any news to when this will be shipped?

    43. DianNianMao on

      I still find the G-RO too heavy for carry on - even without the Power Module. However, I was wondering where that strap may be, that we backers were supposed to get?

    44. Missing avatar

      PW House on

      Must be nice, I'm still waiting on mine. Not happy!

    45. Stef Van Langendonck on

      Have been almost non-stop traveling with my G-RO for the last 2 month. I'm still very impressed by quality and capacity. Some people believe the G-RO is a kind of Segway suitcase :)

      Is there any update on when my MacBook powercable will ship ? Last time I checked you had some problems with the logistics ?

    46. Missing avatar

      James German

      Everyone that sees my G-RO is very impressed. Bought a second one outside of Kickstarter for my wife and she is very happy. The wheels are So SOOOO much better than the spinners she used to have, and the space is amazing considering the size.

      Even mine, the shirts don't quite fit as designed, (I am 6'6" and 255 pounds,) but it still is amazing how much room IS available, all because of those wheels!

    47. G-RO 3-time creator

      @Kevin: One of our representatives will contact you directly to give you more details.

    48. Missing avatar

      David Gulick on

      I've had my bag on quite a few trips now and feel it's time to weigh in on my previous review given it's got many miles on it vs. the "just received" review. Nearly all of my prior comments are still there however the bag is officially getting put into the back of the closet or the charity donation pile (still deciding).

      My chief complaint is/has been that the wheels have a LOT of rolling resistance and they are LOUD. As G-RO suggested, I've put quite a few miles on the bag as they said the wheels loosen up and should get quiet with time. Well, they are still very tight and very loud. I'd rather not exert more energy dragging my bag b/c the wheels don't turn :) I think that is a reasonable goal that most would have. I opened a support ticket and sent in video of my bag loaded and rolling on hardwood to illustrate the noise level and showing that they have nearly zero free-spin if you try to rotate them by hand. They confirmed the wheels are working as designed and apologized for the inconvenience.

      So, with that, this bag really isn't suitable for a road warrior. My Tumi bag is lighter, has better straps for carrying partial loads, actually rolls without having to be dragged, and is nearly silent thanks to rubberized wheels. Conversely, my more expensive G-RO is quite heavy, can't hold a half packed set of clothes in place, and the wheels don't turn freely and make a ton of noise comparatively. Great design but fails in function over form.

    49. G-RO 3-time creator

      @Michael & Leonine & Suhail: Thank you so much for your comments. We really appreciate you taking the time to share. We always welcome any suggestion, comments and feedback.
      @Hamish: A customer service representative will reach out to you directly in regards to your tracker.

    50. Missing avatar

      Kevin Kunce on

      Could you please let us know if there any plans to create a larger version of this piece.

      Thank You

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