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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
7,231 backers pledged $293,184 to help bring this project to life.

TUG is on Steam Early Access -- and we're sending you all keys!

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter backers!

TUG launched on Steam Early Access today! We’ll be sending out Steam keys to ALL Kickstarter backers, regardless of tier, including those of you who already own a non-Steam copy.

This Steam launch isn’t the official launch of the final game. That is still set for next year. This is just an Early Access version of TUG, which is still in Alpha. However, we want to extend these Steam keys to all of you, our early backers and believers, as a gesture of our sincerest gratitude for your continuing support.

It’ll take us a couple days to generate all the Steam keys, so expect to receive them sometime early next week. In addition to your Steam codes (which ALL backers will be receiving), those of you in the $10, $15, and $25 tiers will also be receiving non-Steam download keys in the next couple of days, which you'll be able to use to register and download the game on our website.

In the meantime, watch the new trailer for TUG Early Access!

We've come such a long way since our Kickstarter campaign last year, and we couldn't have done it without you all. Big things are ahead!


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    1. Scott Jackson on

      I just want to apologize to NK and TUG community for my posts below, I did not mean any disrespect and I realize that asking for amends/additional copies of the game makes me sound like an entitled douche that assumes KS is a pre-order platform when I know for a fact its not.

      I reacted carelessly but I still do feel like I have a valid point but since I do not know what is internally going on in NK, its hard to be 100% on it. I've continued this discussion on TUG forums were this originally should have been voiced in a more reasonable, thought out manner.

    2. Scott Jackson on

      @Cannon, Hey Cannon, I appreciate your feedback on the matter and I agree that $30 is not a big deal, but when you back multiple projects as you know, it does add up(planet explorers, the dead linger, star citizen I backed after the campaign, numerous other with early access on steam). I also know that KS is not a store and I was fully aware of what I bought (I got what I bought, even better, I got pre-alpha/alpha access when promised beta)

      The problem I have is that the way the campaign was ran. $10 $15, $25 tier was made to seem like there would be no access until January 15 as stated during campaign (exact quote in post below). If they said the $10 access was alpha/beta or early release access in Q1 2014, I would've bought 3 copies for my family members. Instead I may have to spend up to $50 dollars to buy my little brother a copy and another one of my family members. I know the devs didn't do this intentionally (they don't have a crystal ball) and we all know the internet remembers these things so would be PR suicide.

      So why do we stray away from Minecraft model?

      Minecraft I believe started their game at $5 before alpha, I came in at alpha and supported it at around $10. I bought 3 copies for $10-$13 to support notch and a wonderful game while getting copies for family members to play with. Better yet, the price got higher as development continued so I got a deal, win win! (Mount&Blade 1 before minecraft had same model + a free demo)

      Other worthy examples:

      Stonehearth (Funded 2 days before TUG)

      $30 - 2 Game Copies, 1 Beta, 1 Alpha.
      $25 - 2 Game Copies, No early access - Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
      $15 - 1 Game copy, No early access - Estimated delivery: Sep 2014


      $15 - 1 Game Copy available Sept 2014
      $30 - 1 Game Copy, Early Access

      Win Win! I supported the developers, a game I absolutely love the idea of, and I got a great deal.

      Do you see why I feel like I am getting the shaft?

      Why not allow additional game key(s) to be requested in an allotted time (1 week, 1 month+ etc) to make some sort of amends for misinformation during the campaign, can we trade our fluff rewards and name in the credits for an additional copy?

    3. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Jacob, we're looking into Workshop support, and it's definitely something we hope to have at some point!

    4. Jacob Gladden on

      Is workshop support for steam a possibility in the future? Either way, good news! Keep up the good work.

    5. Cannon Towell on

      @Scott I don't really see a problem with how they handled it at all. Kickstarter is not a store. It's to support the developers. The game and early access stuff were rewards for supporting the game and does not need to reflect the price they choose to sell the game at. People who want to buy the game should wait for release or steam early access, people who want to support an amazing idea such as TUG to make sure it happens go to Kickstarter. I also paid $30 for the beta and I don't mind at all that others will pay $10 on steam for the game because I paid to support the devs and their idea.

    6. Scott Jackson on

      @Nerd Kingdom

      I really dont want to come off as a douche/complainer because I do like TUG and its one of my more favored games that I have backed, but I am frustrated and its left me looking at other future indie projects as a meh.. I'll wait. I know I'm not the only one as I saw this same thing happen on 7DTD campaign.

      I also realize that we had early access this whole time, but the way the campaign is priced at is very inconsistent with what you guys made it seem like.

      Example straight from campaign:

      "Beginning in January of 2014, we will have the Beta phase of the project available to backers in that tier. And by January 2015, we will prepare for an official launch of TUG to the public"

      In my mind, I'm thinking, I want to play this WAY before 2015, so at least I will get beta at $30 tier... Do you see what I mean? Its just deceiving and logic would also say that the game is more developed today then it was a year ago so the price should be higher as well.. so you get this sense of being deceived a little but I get it because I'm indie too and schedules change, people leave/join the team, timelines aren't met, you get community telling you this and that etc. so not everything is black and white.

      My thing is, why not make an optional request forum for additional copies for backers and have a cap(only in a allotted time period that will expire), tiers $25-$65 can request an additional copy, $75+ can request up to 1-2 copies etc. Can you tell me what the problem with that would be other than small overhead for a short period of time?

    7. Clawdius on

      I backed at a rate 10 dollars higher than my selected tier for a second key, so like Ian I'm assuming I'll get two Steam keys when the keys go out?

    8. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Scott, people who donated $30+ for Alpha access have been playing the game for almost a year now, and will still be getting all their other rewards, so it's not exactly the same as someone spending $30 on the game now. Backers who donated $10 during the Kickstarter are getting the exact same thing as people who are paying that same price now... which we thought was the fairest way to handle it.

    9. Ian Constable on

      Exciting! I assume backers who added $10 for an extra copy will receive an extra Steam code as well?

    10. Scott Jackson on

      I don't understand the pricing compared to the kickstarter campaign..
      For example:
      $30 tier - 1 Copy of the game, Beta Access(which I know is alpha now), all the fluff majority people don't care about

      Today on Steam:
      $10 - Copy of the game, Alpha Access, no fluff, screw over early supporters who paid 3x more for early access when they could have looked the other way and waited for it on steam and got 3 copies for their friends.

      I am usually not one to complain but this is becoming a trend and also happened with 7 Days to Die. I support INDIE 100% as I am an indie developer as well for mobile platforms(I'm broke btw working part-time but I still believe in supporting indie as I know how tough it is), but you guys are making a bad name for crowd funding/indie developers as most people are going to now just shit on future INDIE campaign projects and think:
      "I'll just wait for it to come out on steam because it will be cheaper + early access, thus never getting funded." or "I'll just support the bare minimum because it'll be on steam early access regardless"

      If steam early access is the new thing, campaigns should now lower their pricing points to be more reflective on this. They should also stop lying about early access in higher tiers..
      "You paid for early access and fluff rewards, deal with it".
      No, because earlier access is given at a cheaper rate now and all the backers who supported for $10-25 are now getting alpha access while all others are getting the middle finger.
      As for fluff rewards, I'm sure the majority of people back projects for stickers, pdf files, their name in a list of thousands etc. and not because they believe in the game/developers and think they are getting a better deal because its early and higher risked...

      I'm not shitting on TUG, I like the game(else I wouldn't of backed it) and the developers seem very nice and cool in the devlog videos, but I think the devs either need to make amends for the sake of the gaming community or give out more copies(have a request forum) of your games to those who supported it (how hard is that to do and who are you really hurting if someone who paid $30+, it would be the exact same thing if they paid $30 now, If they have no friends to give it to, they could go to and you get more recognition for your game. Win Win)

      The problem though is that there are going to be more voices against higher backers because those who paid $15 and under are 3,537 people (and now climbing with early steam access) versus those who paid $25+ are just around the 3,000+ amount.
      I will post this on forums as well. Thank you for listening

    11. Missing avatar

      Denise Paolucci on

      Any hope on a Mac version? I backed knowing there was a chance there never would be one, but I haven't heard anything about it since the kickstarter campaign ran, not even a "we haven't even thought about it yet".

    12. Nick Lamb on

      Um.... that's super cool! Thank you!