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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
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Patch Notes - Physics, Basic Crafting, Animations, and Multiplayer!

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

The latest patch introduces basic object physics, basic crafting, third-person animations, networking & multiplayer, and tons more!

Objects and Terrain  

We've added tons of new objects and art assets to the game, including loads of new and updated trees and bushes, stumps, and fallen logs, as well as new resources, craftable tools, and crafting tables!  

We've also updated the textures and models for many objects, as well as the cave generation algorithm and object placements. There's now biome-specific lighting for both day and night in every biome, and the clouds and sky have been revamped.  

There's a new biome: The Valley! It occurs between the mountains and snowcaps biomes.


The animations for first person have been updated, and third person animations of running, walking, and placing objects are now in game! Animations can now layer together--for example, running and placing/removing can now play at the same time.


Recipes for some of the crude items have been added into the game along with the basic crafting system. Crafting requires a table plus the resource objects necessary to create a craft. Once all resources for the craft are placed on the appropriate table, pressing "G" will then activate the craft and produce a result!  


We have started migrating some basic functionality over to our scripting engine. We have already moved all of the logic for "remove" and "place block" over to lua. The functions are listed in terrain.lua  


Some objects start with physics enabled. Placing these objects will automatically cause them to react with other objects and the environment. Pressing "Y" while holding an object throws the object. Pressing "P" toggles physics to be activated. All objects have a mass and friction to them, and will react accordingly to these values. The controls for placing items has also changed. To toggle between placing or not, you will need to press "TAB."  

Networking & Third Person Camera  

Networking is functional, but largely untested at the moment. In many games, physics is simulated by the server, and the clients are told what to do; however, in TUG, we don't currently have the luxury of the server running physics at the moment, because that would require having the whole world loaded and simulated, which would be a bit much. We are going to work on some way to sync client simulations.  

If you want to host a server, you will need to forward the ports 6600 for TPC and 6601 for UDP. In preparation for networking, we have enabled a third person camera angle to test animation and other issues with the Seedling. To toggle third person camera mode, press "Ctrl+3".

Items in Player Hands

A handful of items can now be held in the players' hands! Additionally, when you are holding a specific tool, it can only destroy certain types of terrain. This is the first phase of basic gameplay with terrain interaction.

Known Issues

  • Menu items are sorted in order, than by grouping of type, causing it to be out of order.  
  • Occasionally the game will crash during generation.  
  • Some players may experience not being able to see other players during a multiplayer session
  • Only one multiplayer session will work per game run. If you connect to a session, then try to connect to another server, you will crash.

-The Nerd Kingdom Team

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    1. J.L. on

      Tug me to test the physics and call me a seed, I must hand it to you, you guys do marvellous work! Gee! (c:

    2. Missing avatar

      Sharky on

      Very cool! Can't wait to try this out. :)

    3. Noah Christopher on

      Wow, you guys are defiantly not lazy. Keep up the amazing work! And I love how the forests are looking more dense. :)

    4. Gearsoul Dragon

      Wow, that's a lot of updating! Lookin' good, guys~

      (@Zak -- lol! Terrible pun.)

    5. Zak Morris on

      Wow - impressive addition guys. Tuggin' on my heartstrings with all the digital love.

    6. Thomas Laurent on

      That is a lot of new and exciting features! Congratulations, keep up the good work :)