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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
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Email Error Fix - IMPORTANT

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

We've managed to fix the bug in the email account verification system!

HOWEVER, the fix required us to do a hard reset on unconfirmed user accounts. We wound up having to do this because of the huge amount of testers who attempted to create multiple accounts after getting the initial error message.

This means that anyone who got the set-up email error yesterday will have to re-create their account and re-register their username.

To reiterate, if you attempted to register yesterday and did NOT receive an email confirmation due to the system error, you will need to re-make your account at

We sincerely apologize if this results in anyone not getting their desired username. We had hoped to find a solution that wouldn't affect existing unconfirmed accounts, but due to the high number of multiple account attempts, it simply wasn't feasible.

As before, please report any further bugs to or post them in the Alpha Bugs section of the NK forums. Please take a moment to read the list of Known Issues before posting a new thread!

Again, thank you all for being so patient and understanding. You guys are all super awesome!



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    1. Átila Cirano on

      you`re in alpha yet, right?

    2. Matthew Frias on

      To be more clear can I upgrade to alpha from beta tier?

    3. Matthew Frias on

      is it possible to upgrade to the alpha tier?

    4. Drew Johnson on

      Still no code. I've been waiting 15 days. I'm getting real tired.

    5. Drew Johnson on

      Haven't gotten my key :( I'm really sad. C'mon guys, can I have my key?

    6. J "teK" Lew on

      No Key yet :( I sent an email in to the support address. Is there and ETA on getting an answer? I know your busy, but I'm getting tired of checking my email every 30min. :) You say check in 2 days, I'll do that. :P

    7. Missing avatar

      Gage Moss on

      im getting the same problem as Dustin

    8. Dustin Noel on

      Made an account and applied my key but when I try to put in my info on the launcher i get login denied unable to connect to server.

    9. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Christian, the pets aren't read yet… we're still growing them in, err, tubes. Or something. They'll probably be rolled out in Beta or possibly even at launch. You'll get them when they're ready, don't worry!
      To anyone who hasn't received their Alpha key or is still getting launcher bugs, please email or post your problem in the Alpha bugs section of the NK forums! We'll get on it ASAP!

    10. Tom Minton on

      Have not received my Alpha key.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Chad Fenwick on

      Awesome guys!

      Still waiting on my alpha key though... yeah... *cough*

    13. Christian on

      Well I'm at the account set up and key activated but can't download until I get home from work in a few hours.
      *cough, cough*
      I think I may be getting sick.

    14. Mark Shaun Rushow on

      A hard reset for unconfirmed accounts just makes sense. Good job everyone getting things straightened away. I'm patient and expect issues to come and go.

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. Myles Shannon on

      From what we all should have just read, re-create their account.

    17. Dante Sellitto on

      :( @NerdKingdom I made an account, activated my alpha key and everything, but now it won't let me log into the server :( It just says "Log in failed, the server is not available at this time"...PLEASE HELP I WANNA PLAY THIS GAME ALREADY! :)

    18. Stefanie on

      Never mind. Read the section above and will be reporting. The rest still applies. :P

    19. Stefanie on

      @Ben I agree. The objects are lovely and have a fantastic feel to them. I got a kick out of the pine trees being a little crooked. Question for you guys @NK; where do we go to report bugs for the Alpha? Been testing for about twenty minutes and have a few notes. Also, thank you for the awesome work so far. Your art teams wins one internet.

    20. Ben Coleman on

      Wow, this is an alpha build? Certainly worth the wait and the email problem. I was expecting a really cludgy, thrown-together demo of objects for testing the engine, this is better than some beta builds I've played around on. Good job Nerd Kingdom, I'm really looking forward to what you all create.

    21. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Daniel, if you still haven't received your key yet, email and we'll get it sorted out!

    22. imforfun1 on

      Gosh I feel a little stupid now ^_^, I got to the point of the tug launcher with the HELLO WORLD but after attempting to log into that by hitting update I get, Login Denied, Unable to connect to server. Please try again later (I might just need to try again later)

      When I click on the link it sends me to the main page of tug and I can’t post on the tug forums due to the fact I can’t get into my other tug account now. I don’t mean to spam these comments by making a third one but I only want to make sure I am doing things right.

      If I could be told if it is me or something else that is wrong that would be very nice of you.
      (I bet it’s probably me) : )

    23. Joe Is on

      All good, finally got it. The email went to junk though. :/

    24. Missing avatar

      Flammablezeus on

      Woo! Finally able to play. Thanks, NK!

    25. imforfun1 on

      ah other then that everything on account management except for one tug Alpha License has a red X, but i am unsure how this new sight works so i might just be being dumb XD

      (was in 75$ teir)

    26. imforfun1 on

      i now have an account on the new page and am about to put in my key, although my old account on whihc is also named imforfun1 still gives me,

      Invalid User Credentials
      The username and/or password cannot be validated or your account has not been approved yet.

      not sure why but it might be nice to have that working again. : )

      (my key applied successfully and i am going to download tug!)
      at least now I should be able to play tug alpha ^_^

    27. BorgKitten on

      I am now able to log into the game, thank you guys! :3

    28. Joe Is on

      Is it normal for the confirmation email to take longer than 10 mins? I still have not got that email after recreating my account.

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Smith on

      hell i still havnt even received my key XD

    30. Damien Hirsch on

      keep up the good work guys its def appreciated