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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
7,231 backers pledged $293,184 to help bring this project to life.

We Did It!!!!!

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

Wow guys! Thank you SO much for all the help and hard work getting this project out. You guys are really what makes Nerd Kingdom what it is, and your support is what validates everything we are trying to accomplish. We know that what we are doing and how we are doing things is not typical, and we are both excited and scared as heck to show the world everything we are doing and going to do! It has been a crazy month, and it’s definitely been a bit of a blur. Already, we have created this amazing, thoughtful, and insightful community of creators, theorists, scientists, and gamers and we are all the better for it as a collective of nerds.

Next month, we will run a PayPal campaign on our website, at the request of many of our fans. We have a lot of international fans, it seems, and we want to get everyone involved that we can. From this point forward, every penny we get just feeds into more and more awesome. And from this point clear until the official launch of the game in January 2015, every penny goes into the development of TUG and that is it. Any major decisions we have to make as a group will be discussed with all of you and we will be sure to always remember that this is about all of us, not just a group of developers.

We have some exciting stuff coming up over the next month, not just with awesome advancements in the technology, but also with other communities that want to be a part of the kingdom. Some you will recognize more personally, like YouTube geek celebs, and others you may be well aware of the work they have done in gaming and mod communities.

So once again, thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, and without further ado... here are some special goodies we’d like to announce!

TODAY’s GIFT!!! If you are in any tier with alpha or beta access, we’ve added the following gift to your rewards:

  • Special ThaumCraft Wisp - A tribute to one of our favorite mod packages by our friend and collaborator, Azanor! If you are in any tier with alpha or beta access, you now receive one of these special Wisps for your personal copy! Stay tuned to learn some secrets about the role of the Wisps in tomorrow’s update on the DEATH SYSTEM in TUG.

ADD-ONS!!! If you add the following amounts to your current pledge at your current rewards tier, we will add on:

  • An Extra Pre-order Copy of TUG (final game deliverable in January 2015): $10
  • KS EXCLUSIVE Baby Sabre Tiger Critter (deliverable by January 2015): $15
  • Rare Beast Pelt (deliverable by January 2015): $20

Tomorrow, we will announce our stretch goals, add another special gift for our $30+ backers, and introduce some new add-on rewards! We’ve still got the final push... let’s see how far we can take this thing!

But today, let’s enjoy this.

We did it!!!!!!

-Ino and the NK Team

p.s. IMPORTANT: This has just come to our attention... this project is a fake/scam:

It is NOT run by us or affiliated with us in any way. We’re trying to address this and get it taken down ASAP. Apologies for any confusion!


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    1. Chad Christen on

      If I've already signed up for the $75 access (for alpha/beta) is there a way to add one more copy of the game with alpha/beta access (so there would be 4 copies instead of 3)? I understand that the $10 add-on gives an extra copy of the final game, but since my wife and 2 girls are avid gamers, having only 3 copies of beta access is going to cause some problems.

    2. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Joseph, each one is sold separately.
      @Philip, the next video update is coming tomorrow! We're doing it on Thursday this week, since Friday is our last day. And yes, it's about art!

    3. Joseph V. Pierone on

      @NK Thank you, and congratulations on the achievement. I'm looking forward to Alpha testing this stuff! Just 2 quick questions: Do these addons accumulate on top of each other (IE: $20 more gives you all three addons), or would it take $10+$15+$20=$45 to get all three Addons? Are the digital goods that we're getting (the wisp) and the stuff we can addon (the tiger, and beast pelt) going to be add to all digital copies or just the main one?
      Sorry, I know you've probably answered this question somewhere I didn't see. My Bday is July 13th, so I hope this Alpha comes out on time, it's going to be a great Bday present for myself!

    4. Eboni on

      I love Thaumcraft! I wish I could donate more for the wisp. Anyway, congratulations of being funded and good luck! I'm can't wait to play!

    5. TenaciousTom on

      Thaumcraft is probably my FAVORITE Minecraft mod. I can't wait to see what he can help come up with in TUG. The idea of wisps is a little concerning, considering the frequent wispocalyps' (hundreds of them!) that occur on our server.. Very excited about TUG and extremely happy we met the goal. Great job everyone!

    6. Vivienne Callaghan on

      Yay. Well done. This is exciting. Looking forward to working with you guy in game at least. Glad to see so many folk up for the challenge .. and now for you... the real work stuff starts :-) Good Luck one and all.

    7. Torben S. on

      @NK i'm a bit sad now :( I'm part of a 375$-Pledge groupe but i'm not the one pledgeing. So now i don't will get the 3 "new" companions/items but i'm helping you as much as every alpha backer. please think about this move. just add those extras to the gifts as well (like every other digital item)

    8. Philip Bretschneider on

      When's the next update coming up? Wasn't it about the spotlight on art?

    9. Missing avatar

      Morgan on

      So happy for you guys! Literally one of the best looking games I've ever seen, if not the best. Good for you for going against the grain and keeping the end user in mind, rather than just the bottom line. You guys are a prime example of how a developer should operate. Again, congratulations, and I can't wait for the upcoming alpha!

    10. Missing avatar

      Charlotte Orchard on

      *Sorry, I'm in the UK, in clarification to my below comment

    11. Missing avatar

      Charlotte Orchard on

      I just went to up my donation to the $75 and it's telling me I HAVE to add an extra $15 to choose that tier.

      I can also say I'm within the US, but I want to make sure that if this is what I go with, nothing will mess up in the long run? I mean, if I could find a us friend who wants the stuff I'll put their address down, but otherwise I don't want the physical stuff, I just wanted the extra copies so they could go to friends.

    12. Lukas Lindberg on

      Awesome, congrats guys! Good work, keep it up.

    13. Dylan Johnston on

      @Nerd Kingdom so did you find out if that 9k pledge was a typo or legit?

    14. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Kay, the gift is applied to all tiers $30 and over. So yes, you will get it if you pledged $30. Sorry for any confusion!
      @Cassie, CCTom is indeed correct!
      @Christopher, you will have the choice to use/apply these rewards on any character you create.

    15. Missing avatar

      Abel S. R. on

      Hi, first comment on Kickstarter ^^, so sorry if I ask some stupid shit.
      I'm a bit confused about tiers because descriptions are not the same...all pledges with same money are the same right? I went for 65$ since I am in Europe and I don't want to pay for extra delivery but I see that not all say the same.

    16. CCTom on

      Congrats guys! Looking forward to seeing TUG develop!

      @Cassie: if you're actually upgrading tiers, then you can change your pledge amount and reward tier in the "Manage Your Pledge" area if you do it before the kickstarter ends, as they don't actually remove the money from you until that time. If you're just buying addons, you leave your reward tier where it is, but you pledge the extra money. Sometime after the kickstarter ends, they should send out a survey where people can indicate that they are purchasing the specified add-ons (in your case, two extra copies). That's what I've seen from several other kickstarters anyways, so I assume it's the same way here.

      I think that pretty much should answer hakureiryuu's question too.

    17. BorgKitten on

      @Hakureiryuu Usually Kickstarter projects will send out surveys some time during the end of a project to verify this information :3

    18. Cassie Miles on

      So.... Kinda new here, how do I upgrade officially? How will you know I've done it?
      And if I, at a $12 pledge, go up to a $32 will I get two extra copies to give to friends?

    19. Missing avatar

      hakureiryuu on

      How do you keep track of who gets an add-on? For example, if I pledge $25, but only select the $10 early-backer option, does that mean I will automatically receive a baby sabre-tigre with my game? or are the add-ons for alpha/beta tiers only?

    20. Kay Shapero on

      First off, hooray! Congratulations for making the goal. Second, I'm at the $30 "Digital only Beta Access" tier. Which at first glance appears to meet the criterion of "any tier with alpha or beta access", but I just saw a comment indicating the wisp appears for anything OVER $30. OK, I'm officially confused. Do I get one or not?

    21. Missing avatar

      Sara Stredulinsky on

      Congratulations everybody at Nerd Kingdom! You have a magnificent game concept that I'm greatly looking forward to seeing come to fruition.

      And I'd like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for working to create something that'll try to avoid some of the biggest negative aspects of modern mainstream gaming (ie. trolls and built-in sexism). I hope your project does brilliantly and proves that you really don't need T&A to have an incredibly successful MMORPG. ;)

    22. Missing avatar

      Krozber on

      Congratulations! So, do these pets appear on every character we create, on one character per server, one character on any server, or what?

    23. Stephen Brunk on

      Congratulations!!!!! Looking forward to the beta!!!! :D

    24. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Stephen, you only get one wisp per pledge.
      @Kerry, yes you can!

    25. Grimoire Studios on

      @Kerry it does sound pretty cut and dry, but...everything else has been for all copies. I find it just a little strange to change it for this item. But, that's just me. =)

    26. Missing avatar

      Kerry Wilcox on

      Can we order multiples of the add-ons to give as gifts?

      @Stephen: Seems pretty cut-and-dry to me. The wisp is only for your account, and doesn't come with the other two.

    27. Grimoire Studios on

      The wording is a little off. It says "your personal copy". Does that include the special wisp with all copies? I'm getting 3 copies. So does the special wisp come with all 3?

    28. Missing avatar

      Jordan White on

      @Nathan: I'd like to know something similar. I also am at the $75 level and was wondering if I ad a copy will they get alpha access? If this is the case I might be adding a whole lot hahaha.

    29. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Glitch, any tier with Alpha or Beta access gets the ThaumCraft wisp, i.e. any tier that is over $30. So if you increase your tier, you'll still get the wisp, don't worry!
      @Chohsan, the extra pre-order copy of TUG will just be the final release. And the add-ons are singular, for one account only, although you can certainly give them to a friend if you want! And yes, if you buy an item you already have access to, you'll have two total (good for throwing in with that extra pre-order copy, hmm?) ;P

    30. Dante Sellitto on

      YES! So happy this project is becoming a reality :P

    31. Glitch2210 on

      hey so i am currently at a 30+ tear so i get the wisp but if i want to increase my level to a higher tear now do i lose it?

    32. Missing avatar

      nathan waters on

      just to clarify will the extra pre order copy come with alpha access if i already am pledging at the alpha level ($65) as i dont want to play $90 for the $75 tier as i am outside of us

    33. Ken Richards on

      I'm really looking forward to seeing how the wisp will work! I'm a fan of thaumcraft so I hope that the project is somewhat inspired by it.

    34. Thomas Johansen on

      I also wanna know the answers to Chohsan's Questions!

      Also, Congratulations Nerd Kingdom, A new Era of Gaming has Begun!!

    35. Josh G on

      Congrats TUG team! You guys have an awesome idea and vision and I'm pumped to play it!

      I second Chohsan's question about the extra account being official release or beta/alpha.

    36. Missing avatar

      Chohsan on

      If we add an extra account does it receive all of our tier goodies? Will it be the official version only or beta/alpha?

      I assume the Thaumcraft Wisp being "personal" means it is only for a single account, correct? (Also I love Thaumcraft, and it would be AWESOME to be a Thaumaturge in TUG!)

      If I buy another Sabre Tooth/Pelt, but already have that available in my tier do I get an extra? Are add-ons like Sabre Tooth Tigers and Beast Pelts exclusive to a single account or for all purchased accounts?

      So many questions...

    37. Narq on

      First, Congrats to the TUG team and, really, all of us! I haven't been this excited about a Kickstarter... ever. I cannot wait to start playing!!!! Game. On.

    38. Missing avatar

      Aidan Thawley on

      WOoHoo! GAH Thaumcraft wisp is the strangest yet entertaining goodie posted yet!
      @CashWiley: I'm sorry to say but we have to wait around a whole nother month for alpha. I know, I was so hopeful too. :)

    39. CashWiley on

      Also, thanks a lot. Now I'm going to be looking for my goggles of revealing because I'll be thinking my flux level is too high in TUG.

    40. CashWiley on

      So awesome.

      So Alpha opens this weekend, right?


    41. Blood Dragon on

      Congrats!!! This project definitely deserves to be funded! I am very excited about this!

    42. Dimitri on

      Congratulations! I cannot wait for the beta!!

    43. Fearlessjay on

      Awesome that it has passed the funding goal.

      Another note is that for the 'PayPal campaign' after the kickstarter, could you use or add another form of paying? PayPal is terrible and unusable for me and most likely others...

    44. Ben Blank on

      Congratulations! The last few days have been a bit tense; I'm so glad you guys made it.