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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
7,231 backers pledged $293,184 to help bring this project to life.

Friday News Round-Up and Video Update #3

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

Hello Kingdom! In this episode: TUG’s news for the week, Seed care, Seed diversity, crafting, servers, and companions!

TUG News Round-Up

OVER THE PAST WEEK: We have reached 74% of our goal with 6 days left in our campaign. Many many thanks to all the wonderful people who have backed us so far and also to those who have upped their pledges to help us make this happen. Your support means the world to us guys! Keep spreading the word. We can do this!!


This week we revealed a few more things about Seeds. In Feeding & Caring For Your New Seed we explained how your choices impact the development of your Seed. Some questions were raised regarding Seed diversity, which we delved into in Seeds of All Creeds!


Some of you wanted to know more about the various server types, so in Your Own Private (Floating) Island we talked about the possibilities of both private and official servers.


We all love making our own stuff! In The Art of Crafting we took a peek into what TUG’s crafting system will be like!


You wanted them, you’re getting them!! We were really excited to share more about the various types of TUG companions with you in Golems and Podlings and Wisps, Oh My!

Video Update: SCIENCE!

This week’s video update sheds a bit of light on how our backgrounds in science are driving the design of TUG. What exactly do we mean when we say we’re using social sciences to develop the game?


In one of our forum threads, Spirit_Guardian asked whether we could make some banners for you guys to use. We thought that was a great idea, so that’s what we did! If you’d like to snag one, head over here!

Press coverage

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RockPaperShotgun: Making It With Science: A TUG Interview

Massively: TUG offers your own private island with your rules

Massively: TUG tackles sexiness and diversity

ModCrash: TUG - A Kickstarter Project Better Than Minecraft Техническое видео TUG показало строительный движок (Russian)

Mondes Persistants: Un peu de tech en vidéo (French)

Massively: TUG tech video shows off in-house engine

Back Porch View: Kickstarter Alert! TUG by Nerd Kingdom

Once again, many thanks for your interest, your continued support, and your involvement in the creation of TUG. This always has been and always will be a joint effort to create the game we’ve all always wanted and we’re so happy to have all of you wonderful people on board!

Keep spreading the word and expanding our Kingdom!

To stay updated, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and feel free to join our Forum Community as well!

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    1. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    2. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Timothy, yes, the game will look more like the art as we continue to work on the engine. And yes, there will be a third person option, but it will be tied to crafting, as with all the other UI elements. This FAQ might answer some of your questions:

    3. Noah Christopher on

      WOW, the game is only pra-alpha and i'm already loving the look! those trees are awesome!

    4. Missing avatar

      Timothy Ferrara on

      I dont know if this has been asked yet, I'm sure it had but I cant find it, but will the game look more like the art as it fleshes out? I pledged at first mainly because I really liked the artistic style, but so far all the gameplay has seemed very minecraft. Also will there be a third person option?

    5. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      Also... I feel it goes without saying at this point, but obviously we'll try our best to make these solutions feel organic and non-intrusive or artificial. We're really dedicated to making everything coherent and in keeping with our lore and immersion!

    6. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      And about the trolls... as Dmitri said in the video, we don't know for sure just yet what the best way to deal with trolls and griefers is going to be. But having the tools to identify them is a HUGE step, and will allow us to really have options when it comes to handling these people. Obviously, we don't want to reward their behavior! We'll probably try a variety of approaches/solutions and see which ones make for the best overall gameplay environment. And of course, you guys will be part of this process as well, and we'll always be listening for your input and suggestions!

    7. Lorenzo Gaetani on

      @ Chaonic i see, i have played minecraft for just a week but have friends playing it and understand your point. I think a good point in this would be like you say a object that protects an area. not like a guardian but some kind of magic device you can put on your house and make it and the area around (so they couldn't sorrund your home with lava) editable just from you, or something like this, don't think i am not worried of the future home of my future seed, i simply would prefer a less intrusive and artificial way to solve the problem, we could make many speculations and try them in the beta to find the one work best

    8. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Chaonic, if you're playing on an Adventure server, your stuff will be protected. If you're on a Survival server, there will still be ways to protect your property.

      And to re-iterate what Ino said, this video was mainly intended to shed light on how we're approaching design from the science/research side... it was primarily targeted at those of you who've been curious what we meant when we kept dropping all that stuff about social sciences... and we wanted to explain a bit just what we meant by that. We'll have more updates highlighting gameplay, don't worry! Next week we're planning to outline some of the more meaty in-game systems, like magic and combat. However, like Ino said, a LOT of these systems are heavily rooted in the idea of you guys discovering how they work organically, and we are trying to walk a fine line between giving you guys solid information about the game while not ruining that element of discovery and trial and error. A LOT of this game is gonna be stuff that we're not gonna tell you about at all, because we want you to have those moments where you wonder, "hmm, what'll happen if I do this?" and try it, and then ZOMG something DOES happen. And watching the spread of this new "knowledge" is an important part of gameplay as well.

      But that being said, we do want to provide you as many concrete details as we can! It sucks for us too having to keep some of the coolest and most innovative aspects of the game a complete secret... but we REALLY don't want to ruin the surprises for you guys!!!

    9. Chaonic on

      But what I am talking about is mostly... the offline time. Did you ever leave a minecraft server after building something great... And when you log in, everything is destroyed?
      I am more talking about griefers.... than about trolls... and how should you know, who destroyed your buildings without a game mechanic, which takes care about it? And.... how? If he logs off?
      I don't want to wait days to make something happen. People will send the admins angry messages about not taking care, what happens and it would be a disaster on a bigger server.
      I owned a server, so I know, what I am talking about. Punishment by banning someone was really the best way, but quite a little time after that, stuff dissappeared and the only way was a whitelist.
      It would be just great to know, that the place, I am living for weeks or months is somehow "detected" from the game as my place and is protected by straying griefers.

      Trolls however could be just marked as killers or something, so other players deal with them.

    10. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Lorenzeo, Addison, yes the point is understood and its a strange position to be in for us. On one side, it is incredibly important for us that we let you guys all discover the way things work and what things are. We have an opportunity to attempt a "mind blown" to some extent and watch how the world changes once that systems is discovered at all. We knew this would be tough on the campaign, but its important for the project as a whole. If we made all systems clear, you will all walk into the world just expecting these things, and its not quite the same. Even the pets system, it's not about not knowing what types of pets, that is non impactful, it would have been about the first person, or tribe of people to discover that those pets could be tamed or how, that would set them apart, and even establish different forms of value for those willing to test and explore. Principles are a tough thing to have when you are "selling" something.


    11. Lorenzo Gaetani on

      @Chaonic i agree with the disturbing thing and with the "this player is a jerk" thing but no with penalizing thing. i mean i really would like a game in which i can deal with trollers, i play LoL so i know them very well, it's not the game who has to punish them, the developer must take care of cheaters and so. Let the jerk to the community make him recognizable and if he mess up with the wrong player he will be chased and a player could even pay other players, who have choose the job of bounty hunter, to chase him and there could be an entire guild that deals with troll player under payment. i think giving the players the oppurtunity to make jerk pay for causing trouble would be awsome.
      To @NK i really like what you are doing but @Addison has a point, and it's not the first comment like that i read, i think there are many like him out there.

    12. Chaonic on

      The lavender town syndrome is only a myth.. but it is a good point. People are highly influenced by sound waves, even if they don't notice them! The theory of the binaural beats in lavender town is... not perfect, because it would need stereo sound and headsets. What I mean.... sound waves under the frequency of 16 are making people feeling unconfortable. Anyway, there are many ways to make people feel that way. And I think, because the sound system of TUG is a big part, that there are many possibilities!

      And because of the "reward".... I wouldn't say, it would be a reward, imagine, someone comes to a server. Most griefers are new to a server in minecraft as from my knowledge. Someone, who is not prepared like this ones, would have quite problems with monsters, which he can't attack, because you can't see them.(ghosts, which you can see with a rare monocle?)
      Anyway, i mentioned an idea to make it not only visible for people, who do bad things. Imagine an unholy shrine with an evel artifact and maybe a body lying near to it, with this unique monocle or something! By equipping this artifact, you would be "cursed" for the time, you are wearing it. Well, I don't want to write down basic ideas.
      When someone griefes, you could easily lower his sanity level to a point, where he actually can't deal with the monsters anymore.
      Or... it's only based on speculations... but isn't there a kind of "energy", which you can use to craft? To make golems work etc.? What, if this energy is just dissappears? If the seed feels sick?
      In that case, if the seed dies, I would just respawn him somewhere WIIIDE outside of civilization.
      And for griefers, who are a long time on the server, I would easily make them lose abilities, knowledge and maybe even muscles... There are so many possibilities!!! :D

    13. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on

      @Chaonic but then some people would see that altered game state as a "reward" for negative behavior and do anything necessary to achieve it. However, that may still be a good idea...because a little bit of strife and conflict is good for the overall health and growth of the community. (now that I typed that I swear I've seen it somewhere else before...probably here like two updates ago) It's no fun when everyone has their own little crystal tower and clearly marked property lines that no-one ever challenges and they just sit there all day staring at what they built long ago.

    14. Missing avatar

      Seth G Iacangelo on

      I'm not sure if the 'press coverage' above is only referring to recent articles, but Kotaku also ran a piece about TUG pretty early in it's Kickstarter campaign:

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. Lorenzo Gaetani on

      @Chaonic When you say sound i immediately think of lavender town theme, they could make a theme like that and well you know of lavender town syndrome ......

    17. Chaonic on

      I would deal with trolls on a level, they actually don't neccessary really perceive consciously. You could mix soundwaves with a very low frequency to make them feel unconfortable.
      That could be the beginning. We have a lot of cool horror games out there, which influence our subconscious mind.
      Some games, like Amnesia have a "sanity" value, which changes, based on actions.
      Sanity could influence the spawning rate of aggressive mobs at night, it could affect the appereance of scary visual effects.

      I think, it could not be troll-only... but as I know it from minecraft, griefers and trolls don't take that much time to prepare themselves. Anyway... it could show them a much darker, more dangerous part of the game much faster, where suviving is more important than anything else.

      And another idea would be to make it good visible. Like a dark aura around him, so everyone could see, he's a bad person. =) The other players would know, how to treat them!

      And I like the idea from Lorenzo! :D

    18. Lorenzo Gaetani on

      for troll people it wouldn't be nice to have a reward system? You could put some posters around the main villages with his\her photo and the description what he\she has done and a proper reward if people catch the troll-bandit and like put him in jail for a week

    19. Last Man on

      After this video, I seriously believe that the darkness in this world will be a very dangerous place... If you need any protection, come and see me ;)

    20. Missing avatar

      Nathan Petrelli on

      Oh I hope they are!~

    21. Voxel on

      They're watching us... O.O