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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
7,231 backers pledged $293,184 to help bring this project to life.

Your Own Private (Floating) Island

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

TUG is your game, play it how you like!

We are all too accustomed to “what ifs?” After all, that is why this project was started! “What if this wasn’t so violent? What if this weapon sucked less? What if this was more of a challenge? What if I didn’t have to pay monthly, when I typically enjoy playing on my own anyway?” With The Untitled Game, we want to act on all those “what ifs” we all have as gamers, and invite our players to do more than just exist unquestioningly within a pre-defined world.

This project gets labeled as a lot of things; but really, it’s not just one thing, it’s whatever you intend it to be... and this is why we are not imposing any one way for you to play it. Certainly the things we talk about for our design are an important aspect of play for us, and we have been working and planning at great length to make it what WE want as gamers, but not all gamers want the same things. Really, what we are creating in gameplay is no more than a mod itself, and access to the tools we use will be granted to anyone interested in creating worlds of their own.

Of course, we will host our own servers; and on those servers we will have our own rules, mechanics, and content -- in all likelihood, there will be players who fit in perfectly there and enjoy the game exactly as we have designed it. Some people may view this as a sort of MMO, and by what we classify as MMOs these days, it may as well be. But nothing is stopping someone from playing on their own, offline, or on a local network. 

Here are a few examples of how we'll be breaking down servers so you can play your way:

Official Servers

  • Survival = There are no artificial rules in place to protect you or your items; this is a world at the dawn of time and its evolution is based solely on its inhabitants.
  • Adventure = Traditional RPG/MMO rules apply; items are safe, players are safe until they allow for combat to take place. A friendlier place for online play. Full control of your character’s appearance.

Private Servers

  • Can be modded, hosted on your own servers, retextured, and turned inside out. If you are not into the way the official servers are run or done, run your own! 


  • Can be modded, run at home, shared with friends, or left to gather dust. No “what if” here, no “always on,” nobody telling you how to play... and it’s only as terrifying as you want it to be. Play the ultimate survival experience completely alone... or turn off the darkness and get creative!

Each server in TUG is a separate floating island (or group of floating islands). Some will be one large island, others will be an archipelago of sorts. Uncovering the lore behind this will be part of the fun!

As you’ll see with many gaming communities, there is no shortage of creative minds. Many modders have gladly taken up the role of enhancing and extending the gameplay elements of existing games. Instead of ignoring this aspect of the community, we want to embrace it. We are working to make modding and control of the game’s technology accessible to everyone, so getting mods installed and compatible with each other is easy for anyone. This is a major priority for us. We took it so seriously that we even got some creators onboard from some amazing mods and textures in Minecraft, such as Kingbdogz, creator of the Aether; Azanor, creator of Thaumcraft; and BDcraft’s creator, Sphax.

Discussions have arisen with these modders to highlight the possible issues that we may run into when providing development tools to the modding community, and so we’ve listened to their feedback in order to provide the future modders of TUG the best modding experience possible. This includes seamless mod syncing processes when logging onto a private server that has mods already installed. When playing TUG with mods, you will never need to manually download and apply these to your game. We want to provide the community with in-game menus to access and host mods that they have created, making it a very easy and manageable process. This kind of support results in an environment where the community themselves can take the reins of TUG’s development, and steer it any which direction that they want.

These are only a few things we know we will be covering, but if people come up with fun neat ways to play that everyone enjoys, we will work with them to perfect and refine it and make it their own as well. The most amazing worlds ever created were created by gamers, storytellers, artists, and children, even if they have not come to light or are nothing more than ideas yet. But part of why we call it The Untitled Game is because this is yours, and you have yet to name it.


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    1. Missing avatar

      J Smith on

      I'm not sure what you mean by "each server is a floating island" either. Is that a fancy server browser? Or do you mean "the default terrain generator will be made with floating islands in mind" Networked game instances manifesting as ingame geography sounds nonsensical for a game based on modding.

    2. Missing avatar

      IronMcFly on

      Sweet news on seeking help from several great modders of Minecraft: Kingbdogz, Azanor, and Sphax. Modders multiply a game's content.

      So too does allowing multiple ways to play: public or private server, solo, adventure, survival.

      Oh how I must resist ranting about different "AAA" studios refusal to allow modding (many), or having but one 10yr old PvP shard (CCP), or shutting down without releasing the code for others to continue (several).

      Name suggestion: Wisp Kingdoms
      I'm in at the $65 level. CYA in ALPHA o/

    3. Missing avatar

      Sharky on

      @Nerd Kingdom I second Chaonic's question. More details on the floating islands (height, width, depth?) would be awesome. Also, can you traverse to other islands? And does this mean there is essentially a limit on the size of the world? Or will we be able to traverse to other islands easily?
      Will it be procedurally generated as we explore more and more, making the sea of islands/each island essentially endless? And if each server is an "island", will a private server be limited to an island, or will it be multiple islands?

    4. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Paul, we are VERY interested in it.. of course, it is absolutely in sync with our approach on the UI elements as well being so minimalist and non intrusive. But again, we just need to be realistic about how we handle our time and resources, and we need to focus on what makes it fun first. All the neat bells and whistles come as an afterthought.

      @Robert, we will have multiplayer AT LEAST into the beta for private servers, which is well before the Jan 15 date.

    5. Robert Gaspar on

      Just increased my pledge. Do you have an idea of when the public/private servers would be available, relative to the estimated January 2015 release date?

    6. Vaendryl on

      thanks for mentioning Occulus Rift. I was really wondering how you guys felt about it as it could potentially fit extremely well. it seems the engine needs to support it from the ground up for the best experience though, and I'm sad to see you aren't quite in a position to do so.

      However, considering the modular nature of the engine you use, how do you value the possibility of adding oculus support after release?

    7. Chaonic on

      Floating Islands?
      It makes me want to fly somehow.
      But as you described it... the world isn't endless. Could that make it expandable for future updates? I mean, can a new island appear afterwards?
      And is there any way, making the floating islands moving around, or are they anchored?
      Aaand... what's under them? Will I fall into the void, if i dig too deep or fall off the edge?
      When I die, will I respawn as a new seed?

    8. Missing avatar

      Chohsan on

      I'm definitely a little disappointed to see that servers will be divided into what is essentially PvP and non-PvP. That will most likely have an effect similar to segregation where people who don't mind PvP will play on PvP servers and individuals bias against PvP will completely opt out.

      If you can seamlessly transfer your character between these worlds without repercussions that'll make things a bit better but that won't make up for the segregation. But I do think it'd be fun to travel from server-world to server world learning different histories and following different stories per world...

    9. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Bryan... GAAAAhhh... we wish we could just out and say we are doing Occulus Rift, but the fact of the matter is we don't know enough about the SDK yet, other than its support for some shelf engines, and with ours being in-house there are things that we would need to understand first. Know that we WILL do it at some point in any form that will work... you have our word on that, but we are just not comfortable making that promise yet on timeline, or as a way to feed into the emotions of people we openly value as our community.

      Funny enough, someone in another comment left stating our honesty would be our downfall and lead to our failure... this may be a good example of that. But if we build on hype, then we are stuck "selling" people on things... and we don't want to sell, we just want to make cool stuff.


    10. J.L. on

      Very nice, very nice indeed. (c:

      Now let's get this one across the finish line! TUG away!

    11. BorgKitten on

      I can't wait for this game!!!!! I will play on the official servers as well as on my husband's server for friends. I'll probably play with the basic un-modded textures as that is how I play in Minecraft but I do like what you guys are doing for the modding community.

    12. Devon Mullane on

      KSP has embraced modding in this way, so it might be wise to also talk to Squad or its community players, as having less hurdles hasn't proven to be any more of an incentive to development, only popularity.

    13. Missing avatar

      Flammablezeus on

      Seeing that Azanor's been involved shows me that they're being serious about this. Thaumcraft got me to switch from a vanilla Minecraft server to a modded one.

      Although that said, I expect I'll play TUG for many, many hours completely vanilla. I'll want to play on an official survival server after all.

    14. Bryan on

      @_@ please include Oculus Rift support ( for the game immersion!

    15. Noah Christopher on

      WOW, so instead of hitting bedrock when you dig down to far, since your on a floting island you just fall to your death... cool!

    16. Missing avatar

      Maddom on

      Nice update! That's what I meant when I wanted facts :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Brian Stottlemyre on

      "We dont judge"... i love it lol xD

      "But part of why we call it The Untitled Game is because this is yours, and you have yet to name it."
      When this baby flies, ill call it "the ultimate game"... tug is just fine by me :3

    18. Lars on

      Two thubs up for player choise!

    19. Missing avatar

      railts on

      Sphax being involved is awesome.

    20. Styxx42 on

      First time I have actually came here to post. And it is the same reason as Doug.
      This is a great update.
      I love the fact that you will include home servers.
      Great update.

      I wish this would catch fire and get funded already.

      Crossed fingers and toes, as well as pimping this to anyone that will listen.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alexander Saritas on

      Now this is the news I been waiting for! I know I commented about it befor and it makes me real glad to see this has high priority from the start so it can be part of the process rather than something you try and attach to the final product at a later stage.
      I been modding minecraft and lots of other games both manually and with different help tools, but the whole process of finding mods and installing them is such a pain. It gets even worse when you want to play with friends with some heavy modding, can take hours to get it all setup, only to discover that two mods conflict at a later stage of the game breaking it all.

      Course I'd love to make my own mods too, or at least assets for others to use in their mods etc.

      Survival... now theres a hundred ways that could go wrong, but I doubt anything else would feel remotely as exciting. I have mostly bad experience of open PvP to be honest, as a solo player I tend to get rolled by clans or individuals with way better gear etc. On the other hand, if somone bothers you, you can at least deal with it. :)

    22. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Doug, yes, this is precisely the point :) What we are making is no more than a mod in itself. And what we create, you could create and alter for your own uses as well.

      @Ferdinand, seamless server transitions is something we would like to work towards. We are not QUITE comfortable announcing it as "official" just yet, but its very possible that it can work exactly this way. But let us work out some more systems and we can address it, while it may seem like we talk all kinds of crazy, we like to be certain of what we CAN do first :D


    23. Brett Hamilton on

      @Doug after reading your comment I am reminded of "the seed" from the series sword art online.

    24. Noam Loop on

      So, can players move from island to island (and thus between servers) with their characters? And can server hosters specify what players can take with them from another "world" to theirs? (Carrying things over would probably only work for "non modded standard items" in that case - if at all?)
      Or is it more the easy and clean route - we start with a new character on each island?

    25. Brett Hamilton on

      These updates make we want to happy cry. You have promised so much. I almost want you to stop promising more amazingness and just deliver what you have described so far. I can't wait learn more! This game sounds like a true adventure.

    26. Missing avatar

      Doug Bedwell on

      This is probably the single most exciting (and encouraging) update so far. So TUG will be, as much as anything else, a toolkit (and template) for tailoring your own game, if that's what you want to do.
      This makes perfect sense with what we've seen of the game engine and design so far -- they're making a robust and flexible engine to support a wide range of rules. At this stage, it's not about the decisions the designers will be making about how one 'official version' of the game will work, but the range of possibilities they will be allowing for. Very, very cool.

    27. Erin Thomas on

      "We don't judge." lol