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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
7,231 backers pledged $293,184 to help bring this project to life.

Friday News Round-Up and Video Update #2!!!

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

Hello Kingdom! In this episode: TUG’s news for the week, community spirit, societies, and new tiers! Oh my!

TUG News Round-Up
OVER THE PAST WEEK: We’re excited to have reached 55% of our goal with two weeks still left in our campaign, steady as she goes! We’d like to thank everyone who has backed us so far, as well as so many of you who have been helping to spread the word. The community spirit we have felt from you guys makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and we’re super excited to continue building this game with your wonderful feedback and ideas in mind.

EVEN NEWER TIERS: After some of the popular tiers have been sold out, and keeping your feedback on them in mind, we’ve opened up a bunch of new tiers with more group packs and more digital goodies! Check out the update on these here!

TUG Societies

In Update #13 Guilds, Cabals, Societies, Conspiracies, and Other Fun Things we introduced you to our organic society methods, which will allow for much more freedom, customization, and more creative ways to form alliances, societies, and factions than the standard guild model. Your feedback has been amazing and it’s been wonderful to see the community not only share their ideas for the creation of these societal groups but also form and plan them out already! If you’d like to see which groups/societies are already brewing and/or would like to join in with your own, make sure to visit our In-Game Social Organization forum section!

Video Update: TECH! 

We’ve been promising more demonstrations of our tech, so without further ado, here’s our tech update with more details for you to dig into!

Press coverage

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Massively: TUG hopes to make guilds more meaningful by not having them


2P: TUG Will Be an MMORPG Without Guilds

Thank you all (we can’t say it enough) for your continuing support and feedback; it’s been so much fun to see this game grow with your help, and we’re very much looking forward to continuing this joint effort... your input helps and guides us to create the game we’ve all been wanting!

Keep spreading the word and expanding our Kingdom!

To stay updated, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and feel free to join our Forum Community as well!

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    1. Noam Loop on

      Hint for other non-native speakers: For me two words that are repeated several times were a little bit hard to understand acoustically, those turned out to be "dual contouring" (google it) and "terrain engine" - no trains or trails involved, much easier to follow the first few minutes with that in mind :)

    2. Dirk Remmelzwaal on

      That wolf-like person... perhaps we could find a story in it.
      Imagine the ancestors of the Seeds, unknown to the powers of the world, attacked by the new world they live in. In search of the secrets of the world that may help them, they discovered the Soul Stone. Perhaps the mysterious figures were the magicians that discovered it and tried to find an answer in it. Somehow, they let man blend with the world of TUG. But the magicians pay the price: the world consumes them, makes them part of it. The wolf figure would be an ancient Shaman, his mind and powers dominated by the world itself, and all he feels is anger, and the need of revenge...

    3. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Scott, there will be a mixture of the two. We could certainly make a game where everything was based on physics and stress points, but you would likely need a super computer to run it all with the amount of variation we are building in TUG. But we will post blogs and updates on tech over the course of development to get into better details of this stuff.

      @Bryan... Ohhhh, me likey! Maybe the first comet/meteor we shall call Bryan's comet ;). We will have time to mess with these kinds of neat ideas after our core gameplay stuff is done into beta.

      @Lorenzo, we cannot reveal too much on trees just yet as we are working on some neat systems that we WANT to make work. But in short the goal is to not have floaty trees that can be punched ;)... Will have more information on this as soon as we can.

    4. Lorenzo Gaetani on

      i too would like to know how much physics will affect the game, you will have to build your house following strict rules or you will be able to build a floating ouse for ex? and trees. how will be trees? in minecraft you can take a piece of the trunk and the tree don't fall, i don't like it, and they will regrow, cut off many trees or plant them will affect the ground?

    5. Bryan on

      Love the idea of a meteor or asteroid falling towards the surface of the planet as it gets smaller and smaller by intense heat of traveling through the Ozone layer. Imagine it hitting the ground creating a massive deep hole in the ground that is suppose to be just a crater due to the impact. However strange sounds and lights were seen/heard through the night from within the crater. A band of adventurers group together to explore the crater and find out the truth only to find out the whole crater had expanded to a vast network of tunnels with creepy crawlers.

    6. Missing avatar

      Scott Nuhn on

      Out of curiosity, will physics play a role? for example you build a bridge that doesn't have support beams, would it fall? or build a hobbit house in a cave and have it collapse over time? Or will it be like minecraft where you can have floating islands?

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      This keeps sounding better and better! as an aside Tangent as being a gamer for over 20 years now, im so grateful for companies like this who are making new games that are interesting as opposed to rehashing the same concepts over and over that the big box companies keep doing, and i have to thank kickstarter for giving these small companies the chance to get crowdfunding so they can actually make the game THEY want and the game that their fans want!

      P.S. Anyone have trouble on the forum? everytime i hit "new post" or "reply" on a thread the button just does nothing, no loading a chat box etc. Could make a profile fine, just cant seem to post anything, pretty strange

    8. Christopher Matthew Andersen on

      @Nathan Andrew Bell - Totally agreed. Especially if, in multiplayer, people could see something like the asteroid strike, and it would pull them together in potential conflict or adventuring together :D

      Lightning sphere-storms and firestorms would be amazingly awesome, especially with critter-warnings - being able to read nature for signs!

    9. Nathan Andrew Bell on

      I love the idea of lightning spheres and raining fire! i think tornadoes and hurricanes would also be very unique to the game, making it feel very real and having many types of weather would be exciting. Maybe eventually even incorporating the animals reacting to weather would give an almost creepy feel to knowing something bad lies ahead. Meteor storms or an asteroid striking the planet would be visually amazing to see as they/it fell from the sky. Leaving craters with perhaps golems or other extra terrestrial treasures? This would make the player feel as if they wanted to discover the changes happening all around them and each and every storm would be an adventure in itself.

    10. J.L. on

      Positively lovely. (c:

      Keep at it, Nerd Kingdom, it is really shaping up, pun and all!

    11. Nerd Kingdom Creator on

      @Matt, we are not going for a minecraft ish approach at all for this world, but that said, someone certainly could turn on the creative mode and go nuts. The actual role playing/survival/adventure variation will allow for terrain deformation like this, but people will less likely be doing this very often with so much more adventure to be had. Also important to note, that there are pretty specific rules to even harvesting or moving this terrain, as item and scale have an impact on your load out (you wanna carry around massive sword and armor? Or run around digging in caves?)

      But as Bryan pointed out, just showing off the flexibility of the engine :)


    12. Bryan on

      As stated in the video it's just an alpha version and not the final cut.
      If the community ask them to make it even more polished graphic wise I'm sure they would work towards it. They did state they want it as close to the artwork designs they have as possible.

    13. Matt Razincka on

      So is the final look of the game going to be "Minecraft"-ish or is that just for demo purposes?

    14. Bryan on

      The screen was a bit too shaky lol made me dizzy.

    15. Meringue on

      Looks lovely -- are you going to allow contouring of player placed blocks? That could make for some sweet mountain hideouts. Just have a balcony that looks like a part of the mountain, facing the sunrise... oh yes.

    16. Missing avatar

      Terry Carruthers on

      Looking good~ I love it more and more every day.