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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
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WOW! and other such things

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

From our entire team, within our Kingdom of Nerds, we are so excited and grateful for all the support, enthusiasm, amazing discussions (both here and in other communities), and ideas. We are listening to them all, and replying as quickly as we can, as we are preparing for some really neat updates over the next 30 days. Here are some of the things we plan to go over a bit more in-depth:

  • How social science has ANYTHING to do with video games 
  • Technology coverage/updates with video (of course) 
  • The impact of economy and trade-offs in a sandbox 
  • How we actually use data and interaction to help design 
  • The importance of a seamless community and game system 
  • Combat/Progression and interaction Ecological systems (balance of animals, resources and people) 
  • Multiplayer 
  • Skills and pewpew magics 
  • Narrative without someone narrating 
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of data driven systems with math and science 
  • And much more? (totally a cheap topic, but we seriously do have tons more) 

We know this is a big project, and a lot of people are calling us out on how ambitious it all sounds. We THRIVE on that... We are anxious to show everyone everything we have done so far, what we’re doing now, and all the things we have planned for the future of Nerd Kingdom and TUG. We are no different than you; we nerd raged hard when we were let down by the industry in many ways too, and that is a large part of our motivation to achieve something so great. OH, which reminds me, we added some other stuffs to the FAQs also to cover some common questions you all had thrown our way... if we didn't get to one so far, we totes will! (omg I totes said totes...). 

We are TOTALLY new to all this Kickstarter stuff, so let us know in the comments below any suggestions you have for additional rewards, stretch goals, and anything else. You will be heard, and your opinion is important to us. The premise of our existence lies in our ability to internalize your feedback, so please, please, PLEASE continue to provide it! It has been RAD thus far!! Please also keep conversing with us about any topics of interest or about any questions you might have. We love discussing our plans and our research goals, and want to keep you part of that dialogue. There’s been some SUPER awesome coverage on us so far... It’s thrilling to see that the discussions so far have been overwhelmingly positive and it’s SOOO neat to see people geeking out. It would be great to keep those conversations going, since theorycraft is at least half the fun of this, because theories can be tested and data can be used... FOR SCIENCE! And maximum fun! 

- Ino (Peter)

For now, I leave you with... AWESOME GOLEM ART!

  • Image 251057 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Styxx42 on

      totally agree with you.
      Dedicated server is the way for me and my group of buddies that have been doing the same thing, Minecraft, Arma II Combined Arms, NeverWinter Nights. All hosted off our own in house hand built server\s that run mumble and OpenFire Chat server and our own VPN.
      We are looking at doing the same With RSI space sim as we are all in on that as well.
      Can;t wait for Tug to catch fire and really get lots of people on board.

    2. Mikael Abrahamsson on

      What about looking into the option of including Oculus Rift support?

    3. Ghost on

      Really looking forward to this... Loving the style of the game!!
      1/2015 T.T

    4. Gazz on

      That's optimistic. =)
      Playing a multiplayer game alone isn't the same as playing a single player game.

    5. CashWiley on

      Actually, I think the toughest challenge is by far the hosted server option. Games with sandboxy building components are a challenge when open to the Internet Stranger (he's kind of like the Mysterious Stranger, but bipolar with poor grammar).

    6. CashWiley on

      Gazz: Front Page, second section:

      "Total Freedom: We want you to play the game however you like, whether that’s alone, on a private server with your friends, or on a server we host."

      Alone means single player :) Also, the dedicated server option has many of my friends excited, as we run a couple modded minecraft servers.

    7. Bryan Bessette on

      TUG has the potential energy of a wrecking ball. I can't wait to get it swingin. lol

    8. Gazz on

      There are many exciting features listed but there is one thing I don't see mentioned anywhere:
      Single Player.

      Will this be done MMO-style where the world is too bland to be interesting by itself and the "interactivity" is to be provided by other players?

    9. CashWiley on

      Ambitious? Building on the foundation of arguably one of the most ambitious and successful games ever? Nah!

      I'm a huge fan of minecraft and really eager to see someone take what notch started and build on it without losing the endless charm of creativity and building. As much as I love minecraft, the explorer in me can't help but remember the explorer's maxim; "To explore, there must be something to discover."

      Really looking forward to what you folks are capable of.

    10. Missing avatar

      James on

      I'm GLAD to hear YOU guys are EXCITED about pursuing THIS project!

    11. Daniel Roy on

      All game developments are ambitious and risky, that's the beauty of the industry. What you guys envision sounds amazing on paper and I have no doubt you are working hard to get that same ambition transformed into pixels. Keep up the good works guys and you'll have a hit on your hands!

    12. Phillip Wiley on

      Well it's good conception hope it can all unfold and fold together.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tyler Funk on

      I was a but suspicious of this projects promises at first, but all you guys sound so believing in your ideas, and you're so communicative. You're quickly soaring to the top of my favorite game developers. I can't wait to see this project succeed!

    14. Blood Dragon on

      Love the golem!

    15. Jeremy Sites on

      Your concept art is fantastic. Very whimsical in a way.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Helenek on

      Can't wait to watch this unfold! Good luck guys!