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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
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Progress Update - 3/3/2017

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

Hey everybody! Cambo here and Happy Friday!  

I’ll go ahead and update everyone since Ino is lost in the world of Zelda today. The team has been very busy the past month working on our engine tools and gameplay features, and core experiences. I will personally be working on having more frequent blog posts, dev updates, and videos when they are available. I am aiming for at least twice a month and video snippets from our demo Fridays. Importantly, I hope to shift our blog posts to our website in the future.  

In the last blog, we mentioned that we would take note of the QA document that was compiled from the community. I got to work and nagged the team leads to answer them, nagging is what I do best. You can find the questions here. Thanks for organizing and bringing this to our attention @Rawr! The leads answered most of the questions but we will wrap up the rest over the next couple blog posts as we have more concrete answers.

Radial Menu UI prototype
Radial Menu UI prototype


You can read the rest of the blog post here

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on

      What work? It's basic level of game right now.

    2. Demidevimon on

      Love the new UI N.K keep up the work!

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on

      Hey no worries, he is lost in the world of zelda which he bought with money from the kickstarter....lets give them all the time they need hehehe

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter Windey on

      Still want that T-shirt: "Ships anywhere in the world, Estimated delivery: Jan 2015"

      How hard can it be to send out some T-shirts?

    5. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hamm

      I've read the recent updates and I'm still wondering how it came that the silence was broken after such a long period of time, as it looks like you're more or less starting from scratch again. In general it's okay when you go for reboot, this happens in game development now and then. However, being silent for nearly a year and then announcing a reboot of the project is lame. It shows how "much" you care about the people who provided you with the initial funding.

      I have been part of your community at the beginning of the project but as soon as I realized that there was not much progress done on the game, I focused on other games and communities. At the beginning of the project you've made more promises about so many features that you wanted to implement or thought about implementing, but it seems like you had lost your focus. When you mentioned you had to cut your team down to a more reasonable size, I honestly thought this is the beginning of the end. Now I'm missing in all these updates the "social science" focus. Instead you want to build another multiplayer sandbox game and I feel like I don't need that or even wanted that. I was more interested in that science part and the word "science" doesn't appear in ANY of the latest updates, like it's not even a feature or focus anymore.

      In the first update after the silence you mention that people have to sign up again for the alpha. I wonder if my pledge for taking part in the alpha doesn't count automatically without this signup. Then with the change of lore and probably content, I'm curious about whether I get the other stuff that I backed for or if that's going to get replaced as well.

      I have the feeling that this project is not going towards the direction that was initially provided in the pitch.

    6. Missing avatar

      EntGamer on

      Snazzy. Much better looking than the current.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on

      This seems like a concept with a bunch of guys hanging out talking about are two years past your date and no where even near alpha...

    8. Rawrkanos on

      I still want my refund.