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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
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Progress Update - 2/10/2017

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

Our adventure into gameplay prototyping has begun, with big steps towards making our development environment much more seamless and flexible. The benefits to having a small team of brilliant minds, is that we are constantly forced to looking at ways to make our lives, and the lives of our users, easier. We have to find ways of making things accessible, faster, and easier to understand, and while that can take more time than just smashing a system into an engine, the results are exponential, and keep everyone excited.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to take note of the QA document the community has been compiling, and aligning our internal leads to address them as appropriate. Without question, it will result in more and more questions, so we are discussing how best to address this. We get a lot of live feedback from everyone involved in our discord channel, and please know it's invaluable

As an update on our investor presentation, it went fantastic. Everyone is pleased, and excited about our progress. It's always been a chore, to focus on the idea that we ARE making a game, but not understanding how important all of the technology and tools are, in being sure we can make it, and the community everything it has the potential to be. The investors, and many new opportunities, are seeing what is now being accomplished and it's very exciting.

The members of the community that have been messing about with our current build of the engine, has been leading into a lot of interesting discussion, and strong insights into our approach. Much of the thinking has made it clear we are on the right track, which is an empowering sentiment when working on something this ambitious. 

On that note, we will be clearing out mods from devotus from previous mod jams, to start prepping to get another version of the engine out in the coming months to a larger community, and start our own mod jams as a studio, with members of the community, to start focussing on more aspects of process and communication. Its understood that no dates creates a lot of frustration, but we have to put stability first, especially since we know there are a lot of high expectations, and locking down hard dates right now, have the potential to set everyone up for failure.

The QA will be a smart step forward, get everyone on the same page about what is happening, shed some light into general milestones, features, mythos, etc. And from all the pieces missing in the QA, we will have an opportunity to define the angles that we need to work to communicate better.

As always, thank you for all the support, your near endless patience, and confidence in what we are doing. Not one decision gets made for us, that doesn't have us asking “what would the community think”, or “how would our community use this”. And this thinking is producing some really neat solutions, that are exciting enough to keep us working hard.

Expect another update from us in a couple of weeks, as next week is a big rush for us on dev goals, where we can lock down a schedule for the QA session, share some video, and get out some general milestones and feature lists for our first public release of TUGv2.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on

      So there is only a design document so far? What the have you people been doing?

    2. Mark Newcombe on

      So many word's, so little said, much like the project itself really.
      I can't believe you are still making posts about how happy and excited you all are about where the project is when in reality four years work the net result is a design document and a few assets.
      This was meant to be an 18 month social sciences project wrapped up in a game.

    3. Missing avatar

      Llurendt on

      Thank you for this update. You're doing the right thing by focusing on getting the tools right and coming up with ideas on how to better interact with the community and set expectations. Thank you for doing such a great job!

      One quick suggestion, make sure the community has a few days to mull over new things before the Q&A. That way we'll be able to ask better questions, which is better for everyone. We get more info, and you get to learn about concerns and possible issues in a constructive fashion!

    4. Rawrkanos on

      REFUND MY PLEDGE. I contacted you via messenger and you told me to email you. I did, more than THREE MONTHS AGO.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on

      I'm sorry this was a lot of words without saying really anything. I have no idea if I should have access to the game or what state it is in....this seems more like a intellectual pow wow then a game development now.

      What gives?