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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
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TUGv2 Progress Update

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)
After a long period of development with TUGv2, under the new engine, internally dubbed “eternus”, we are proud to share the progress we have made so far. Please do keep in mind, that we are building everything from the ground up on our own, to facilitate a lot of unique future goals, so not all systems have been complete. In order to hit our goals for this month, we had to be sure we focussed on systems that made the most sense, to share something today. So be aware that what you see is incomplete, the systems are not final, and we still have a long way to go until it's “complete” and polished. 

As for advancements: 

Art: we have FINALLY been able to define visual consistency to work hand in hand with graphics development. And while we are still lacking some general systems like Particle Effects, and proper animation support, to facilitate polish, the general look of the game has really started to define itself. 

Technology: Our team is broken into 3.5 major technology groups internally. Core engine has pushed forward our eternus engine, and lowered the bar to entry for hardware requirements, how much that bar has dropped, is still subject to some negotiation with art and design, but it's still at least lower than the Dx11 spec as it stands. There is a lot to be said about what the engine does, and can do, but i'll let Josh speak more to that in an update early next year. 

The tools team is a massive change for us from the first iteration of the engine with TUGv1. Not only do they create tools that allow for our own team to develop content faster, but also allow for modders to change parameters within the game with relative ease, and even develop their own tools from an extensible framework. This is also another topic to expect being spoken of early next year. 

On infrastructure, the ability to create accounts, upload and distribute mods, and be able to house a growing community of players and creators, we have come a long way. While I KNOW Nathan is going to love digging deep into share the emotional themes behind proper documentation and planning of systems, we will be sure he tones it down so as to not over excite himself (does sarcasm read well in blog form?) 

And about half of the gameplay team is building systems that sit somewhere between gameplay, and core engine team. Little bits that give the game a great quality of life, that people may not fully get the implications of, until it's revealed to them. Stuff like persistence of “simulated” data (what happens when off screen”, logic and power stuff, and even object datas and interactions. 

On design and the other half of gameplay, it's been all about making sure tools, and engine are supported so we can accomplish various goals. For now, lots of SYSTEMS are working, and we now have a chance to play and iterate to make the game “fun”. Lots of work still goes into narrative and mythos consistency, defining the “laws of nature” within the world, and the general approach to learning of complex systems is also a thing, but at this point it comes with a great deal more focus. 

On the topic of communication, both recent, and going forward, I accept full personal responsibility for how things have been handled to date. The process of game development, and more so, software development, is a difficult enough thing to maintain internally as a group, and a great deal more consideration should have been taken from migration of our v1 to v2 work. We will ALSO communicate the plan for coms moving forward, early next year, so you know what to expect, and we can be held accountable to it. 

While we have been active and responsive to community on various channels (Discord chat, email, NK forums), we have neglected a few outlets for various reasons. However regret does come from lack of communication on our Kickstarter page. It was not considered a community to this point, simply a blog outlet channel, one of MANY, and no proper path was given to alter that outlets means of connecting with the project. This mistake, across a slew of others, were opportunities for us to learn and set a plan of action for communication into the new year. We have a lot of progress to share from this point forward, which will be more consistent. 

As for “when the game is going out” to the community, some of you guys are going to be getting it sent to you soon, hopefully by end of week. HOWEVER, it's not going to everyone, just yet. The first hands on have to be with some of the developers we have in the community, to help us catch some bits, so we can do a better job on supporting our own developers getting the game done. We will roll out launches to various groups within the community, and likely put out some kind of sign up in the next couple of months, to start phasing people in. 

On the note of “our future”, we have determined that “paid mods” is not the right thing to do, if for nothing else cultural reasons. However, this doesn't mean that modders will not be rewarded or compensated, it just means it will be coming from NK. The actual final cost of the game, is a bit up in the air, though do know that we are leaning AWAY from the idea of FTP. 

Expect us to make more mistakes moving forward, it's a process of our getting better, if nothing else, we can at least promise to be transparent with everything (no matter how taboo), and hold ourselves accountable for the decisions we make, and learn from them swiftly. xoxo, ino, who still lives in his car. 

xoxo, ino, who still lives in his car.


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    1. Justin Palmer on

      Best of luck, guys. I still have high hopes for your creation.

    2. Matthew Ecock on

      Thanks for the update :) Despite the delays I am still following and looking forward to TUG. Glad to see it's still being worked on, and have things coming down the pipeline!

    3. Daniel Serbicki on

      Perhaps it was backlash from this community that drove you to stop posting? Sometimes it's just easier emotionally to make new friends. I hope you remember your connections (and debts) to old ones though!

      I'm posting to say I am very very pleased with you leaning away from FTP. I hope you aren't just hedging and saying what we want to hear. Paid mods is going to be pretty toxic, and what else is left. Advertising? Unlockable content people would mod in any way?

      The only other alternative I can think of would be a subscription service where we would vote on what features came next while everyone else gets to enjoy the game as it is.

      You could have people sub at a flat rate to get so many votes, or even have one time payments to boost a feature in priority.

      But if it's free to play in the way mobile does it, heck no. While I don't like the model myself, it does NOT work on a PC platform (without very tight server controls) and certainly not for a game as open to modding as this one should be.

    4. Elf

      Had a long comment. Clicked on the wrong thing; lost it.

      Short version: I'm glad I stopped believing there'd be a release this year in about June, otherwise I'd be very disappointed right now.

      Since I'm not a developer, the prioritizing of making a dev platform over making a playable game is a constant annoyance. New preview vid artwork looks nice; sword following the person around looks ridiculous; spending 3x as much time on dev preview as game preview shows me where the focus is.

    5. Mark Newcombe on

      The disappointment continues, I've not made comment before but now this latest post takes the cake.

      During the campaign, KS was a community.......apparently

      Campaign Quote.
      "Going through Kickstarter, staying independent, and allowing our community to take ownership of what we’re doing together allows us to stay free of the influence of those other groups. If we’re not answerable to anyone but you, the community"

      .........And then we weren't even though it was KS that funded the project.
      You may be Nerd's but you've got very short memories.

      "However regret does come from lack of communication on our Kickstarter page. It was not considered a community to this point, simply a blog outlet channel, one of MANY, and no proper path was given to alter that outlets means of connecting with the project."

      To take an 18 month small indie project, run it two years late and then deem the funding community was only blog outlet is just sad.

      Another group dreaming but and delivering little, it's groups like NerdKingdom that have done damage to the prospects of other small indie projects trying to get funding on platforms like KickStarter.

      Best of intentions and heartfelt 'we are sorry' posts are all well and good but being honest with us and yourselves at the start would have been better.

      Have a Merry Xmas everybody and I hope the project does really well in the future.

    6. TheIndieArmy on

      As a video game producer myself, sounds like you guys are on the right track and making great decisions. Keep up the good work!