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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
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Discussion Update - 2/8/2016

Posted by Nerd Kingdom (Creator)

Hey all, it seems that lots of people are taking bits and pieces of information from different places, so here is a breakdown of something with specifics, so there is not any hearsay involved. Please note, we will update this list as discussions advance a bit further as well.

Strongly considering giving TUG away for free, but don't know what that looks like yet

  • monetization for TUG is all about aesthetic, not gated content 
  • design and experience are not changing with this consideration 
  • game is playable offline and moddable, so not really something that allows for us to gate or control content, since you could just mod around it 
  • discussion is needed with community over next year to figure it out. 
  • focus on getting into as many hands as possible, both dev and player

Mod monetization/support

  • important to give modders a way to earn living from amazing work  
  • quality control is first priority, not everyone can just monetize (skyrim fiasco)  
  • empowering amazing modders = more amazing mods and support  
  • (thoughts) would need to be proven modder, and proven content  
  • (thoughts) near professional level quality to be considered  
  • how it works unclear, community dialog needed, a year till decision, at least  
  • doesn't mean people are paying for every mod  
  • NK interested in licensing mods that make TUG better as an experience monetized mods perhaps optional with some aesthetic reward

No updates to DX11 TUG, but new engine getting done fast important because...

  • DX11 is limiting who can play
  • OpenGL will be able to reach a great deal more gens of hardware and paves the way for Mac and Linux in the future
  • comes with better performance across the board
  • comes with “new” art style and awesome graphics improvements
  • comes with improvements to dev environment (faster content, better mods)
  • 1) powerful behavior and analytics tools available to all players and modders
  • 2) powerful distribution system to share and distribute work
  • 3) new modding platform with real-time debugging
  • 4) new tooling platform with direct engine integration

We will share details of these things over the course of our development, and we are only a few months away from being able to show progress, which we will do as regularly as possible.

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    1. Camron Humphries on

      Any chance of seeing an update soon? It's been more than a few months now.

    2. Joshua Cortes on

      How are we going with sorting out the Physical rewards?

    3. Átila Cirano on

      hey... the game will be avaliable some day?

    4. Missing avatar

      Warbreed on

      @John Evans Aesthetic content is content that changes how the game looks, but not how it plays. Custom skins and unique looking versions of regular gear are the most common things that tend to be offered.

      @Glen Than It is my hope that we will get some of the paid aesthetic pack they develop equal to the amount we paid for the kickstarter. A "Founder's Skin Pack" kind of thing.

    5. Joseph Davies on

      It's unfortunate to see this false dichotomy spring up here. Aesthetic/cosmetic content *is* content.

    6. John Evans on

      Why would anyone pay for anything OTHER than content? "Aesthetics"? I don't even know what that's supposed to mean.

    7. Glen Than on

      Not sure if this has been asked before as I don't check in that often (My apologies in advance >_< ). If TUG does go Free to Play, what stance are you going to take with early backers who have pledged money in any of tiers. Will you be offering refunds? Will the in game rewards for pledges remain exclusive( or become one of the cosmetic paid items)? How about physical rewards ( T Shirts, Bands) ?

      Thank you.

    8. Mike Rice on

      Glad to hear we are finally getting Mac and Linux <3 ... I know I have called you guys out on it a lot. This is why I backed.

    9. Rawrkanos on

      I retract my fears and think this will be good.

    10. Daniel Serbicki on

      I still think you're being wildly idealistic.

      You're going to pay for the game with content that people can easily mod around, and you want to make sure modders can get payed too.

      You can see this clearly enough to break it down for us and feel the need to do so, but you don't feel like talking about what is an unsolvable problem?

    11. Billy Barnes on

      I don't really mind what you guys do with the game. I'm glad you all were able to live off of this work for a while, though I don't honestly expect a product for my money. I've relegated Kickstarter entirely to the "Meh" category.

      I hope you guys use this experience to make awesome, polished games in the future.