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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.


TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.
7,231 backers pledged $293,184 to help bring this project to life.

Discussion Update - 2/8/2016


Hey all, it seems that lots of people are taking bits and pieces of information from different places, so here is a breakdown of something with specifics, so there is not any hearsay involved. Please note, we will update this list as discussions advance a bit further as well.

Strongly considering giving TUG away for free, but don't know what that looks like yet

  • monetization for TUG is all about aesthetic, not gated content 
  • design and experience are not changing with this consideration 
  • game is playable offline and moddable, so not really something that allows for us to gate or control content, since you could just mod around it 
  • discussion is needed with community over next year to figure it out. 
  • focus on getting into as many hands as possible, both dev and player

Mod monetization/support

  • important to give modders a way to earn living from amazing work  
  • quality control is first priority, not everyone can just monetize (skyrim fiasco)  
  • empowering amazing modders = more amazing mods and support  
  • (thoughts) would need to be proven modder, and proven content  
  • (thoughts) near professional level quality to be considered  
  • how it works unclear, community dialog needed, a year till decision, at least  
  • doesn't mean people are paying for every mod  
  • NK interested in licensing mods that make TUG better as an experience monetized mods perhaps optional with some aesthetic reward

No updates to DX11 TUG, but new engine getting done fast important because...

  • DX11 is limiting who can play
  • OpenGL will be able to reach a great deal more gens of hardware and paves the way for Mac and Linux in the future
  • comes with better performance across the board
  • comes with “new” art style and awesome graphics improvements
  • comes with improvements to dev environment (faster content, better mods)
  • 1) powerful behavior and analytics tools available to all players and modders
  • 2) powerful distribution system to share and distribute work
  • 3) new modding platform with real-time debugging
  • 4) new tooling platform with direct engine integration

We will share details of these things over the course of our development, and we are only a few months away from being able to show progress, which we will do as regularly as possible.

Follow up on free and general thinking behind it


Lots of questions came up after last weeks vlog, so here are some follow up thoughts to start a YEAR long dialog we get to have around it before we even need to make a decision.

Also, AMA tomorrow on r/tug, where you can poke at our brain meats until your hearts content.

Progress update, openGL, where we are at, and where things are headed.


Hey everyone, Ino here! It's been quite some time since I was able to personally post something to you guys on a formal channel. What can I say? It's been a crazy year... crazy, but great.

As some of you may be aware by now, we successfully raised another $8.5 million to expand on TUG, move into openGL, and put a lot more emphasis on tools and modding bits. Our team is expanding, and we are doing even more rad stuff with tech, art, and design.

We also pushed an update out to TUG on steam just prior to the holiday break, which helped a great deal with stability across the board. If it's borked for ANYONE, please email so we can start digging into details to understand some of the problem, and see if we can get hot fixes out for some of these issues.

OpenGL is currently in development, and we are preparing the team to move away from the current DX11 engine, over to OpenGL, this also means that we likely won't get another major content update out to current TUG (tug 1.0?) for some time... almost a YEAR! This sounds rough, but after a lot of thinking, we know this is what is going to be best overall for our community, the project, and the future of this Nerd Kingdom. Still, we will do some other interesting things with the current version of TUG with mod jams and some interesting research projects, that will allow us to leverage our shiny new mod distribution system that is nearing completion. 

Additionally, and this is potentially a HUGE change... we are seriously considering making TUG a free game... and I say this knowing FULL well that we already have people who have committed their own earned money to help us. So we are not taking this thinking lightly, and its going to take a lot of dialog and thought into what it will take to make this work. I go into detail of why I personally, and we as a team, think this is important. But the short of it being, we want to get this in the hands of as many people as possible, modders, researchers, players, and builders.

The great thing about solid financial support, is we have some freedom to build something great, and not have to worry about "monetization schemes". To be clear, how we will monetize is unclear, but we have a bit of time, and a few ideas to think through. With this said, any "monetization" we apply to TUG, wont impact any of our backers ability to play. You all believed in us, and have been nothing but supportive... it's not our intent to drain anyone of all the moneys. Treating TUG as a platform, as its intended, means we have a lot to consider.

We are also working on getting backer physical rewards taken care of. But if any of you are interested in digital bits instead of physical ones, we will make that an option when we send out backerkit stuff.

I go a tad into detail on some of the above thinking on my vlog here, in case you were interested:

(edit: anyone who absolutely hates this and has lost interest in what we are doing as a whole because any of these topics, please email me directly, and i'll do what I can to make this right with you.

For technical issues regarding the current version of TUG, email

If you wanna follow along in the stuff we do, feel free to follow me @inoritewtf or @nerdkingdom. And if you want to send me a much more personal message of your love and or hate of what is going on, my personal email is

TUG Update Alpha 0.8.6 - 8/11/2015


Hello everyone, Nekochu here! 

We’ve got some new stuff: fixes to old stuff and some really bold stuff to be found in this update. First off, we’ve made some changes to how you can place objects in the world. This is really important to me as I want to focus our efforts on making the player experience a top priority going forward. Now when placing objects, you’ll be able to use the V key to turn on grid snapping, making it super easy to line up your objects.  

We also have dyes in the game to make your own custom colored bricks. We have a Bear Ram and he is terrifying! We also have a basket to collect your fruit from your gardens for you! There’s much, much more so check the patch notes for all the new things!  

You’ll also find a lot of changes to recipe times and the method to crafting certain items. Check out the changes to the cage trap, you can now capture other players! We’ve been making some tweaks to the AI to help them with pathfinding and avoidance. This is all leading up to big future improvements for the AI in the game. Oh did I mention the pets can now guard your camp and protect you in battle? No? Well they do and it is awesome!  

Unfortunately, due to the nature of some of the changes we’ve made, previous game saves will not load up with the new update.  

As always, follow us @nerdkingdom to keep up with our progress and announcements.  

Also, make sure to let us know if you run into any bugs or other issues, and if you have trouble running the game, check out our Steam forums for more details.  

Our lead coder does lots of live streaming so follow him @camfergusondfw  

And if you have any game questions, give me a shout @x_nekochu_x  

If you want to know when indev and release builds arrive, follow @theuntiltledgame

Patch 0.8.6
Save Version bump  

New Features  

  • Glow maps on terrain  
  • Helmets are now equippable  
  • The bronze necklace is equippable  
  • The woven basket is a new container that will automatically gather edible fruit within a small radius of itself  
  • Z placement now ignores collision for placement allowing a greater freedom of placement in Survival Mode  
  • Z placement can now be toggled to snap to the grid for placement. The default key for this toggle is ‘V’.  
  • Snapped grid placement will also apply to Creative object placement tools  
  • Mother Bear Ram has arrived and she is not pleased that people have been hunting its cubs  
  • Dyes can now be crafted.  
  • Dye can be combined with clay to make a colored clay brick voxel. Some dyes can also be mixed with cobblestone.  
  • Bamboo trees drop bamboo voxels  
  • Creatures can now be placed in Creative Mode  


  • Can copy/paste into and out of the main menu text fields  
  • Clients should be able to pick up and interact with things with better consistency with normal lag conditions  
  • Rebalanced stats of all tools and weapons  
  • Added in more variety to existing resources  
  • Vine bearing fruit now detaches fully grown fruit  
  • Mushroom hands are plantable Many recipes have been rebalanced  
  • Adjusted craft times for all items  
  • Rebalanced many transmutation recipes requirements and output  
  • Repair recipes now restore a smaller portion of durability  
  • The requirements to craft the Artisan Workbench have been lowered to only require a Crude Hammer  
  • Bronze tools and weapons now require an Artisan Workbench to be crafted  
  • Bronze tier tool and weapon parts can now be crafted together in any combination of head and handle  
  • The Cage Trap recipe now requires its components to be crafted individually  
  • The Cage Trap will craft at the location of its floor component. The trap can no longer be picked up, but it must be broken down and recrafted.  
  • Meat can now be cooked with torches  
  • Projectiles now follow a more consistent path  
  • Return Stones can now be used multiple times before it is used up  
  • After using a Return Stone, players may hang in the air briefly before touching down to mitigate falling before the terrain generates underneath them  
  • Creature AI has been expanded  
  • Taming a pet now requires the player use a Vine Collar on a fully appeased kid/cub  
  • If left alone for long enough, Guardian Pets set to stay will begin to slowly wander  
  • Guardians now help defend their owner from threats. Cats attack aggressively and Goats attack defensively.  
  • Guardian Goats now have a head butt attack  
  • When attacked in any state, creatures will now defend themselves or flee  
  • Wandering predators will eat their kills and other animal corpses  
  • Goats will focus on consuming nearby fruit before targeting vines  
  • When breeding, pets will create a nest for more visual feedback for the process  
  • The Mushroom Man’s drop rate has been adjusted  
  • Updated the sky with a more readable 2nd moon and other cosmic entities  
  • Adjusted several player animations  
  • Terrain optimization  
  • More recipes added to convert blocks to more useful items as well as recipes to breakdown objects such as the rock heads that become too plentiful  
  • Creatures can now be placed in creative mode  


  • Fixed normals on objects, characters, and terrain  
  • Spears and potions should no longer reflect off of the throwing player’s collision  
  • Damage states and warning sounds for tools and weapons  
  • Creature collisions should be more accurately sized and be easier to hit and harvest  
  • The collision capsule for the teen is more accurate  
  • Goats no longer orbit trees  
  • Goats and Cats now play their sitting animations  
  • Growth potions cannot be used on something that is already under its effects  
  • Fixed an instability caused by loading into multiple games within the same session of TUG  
  • The Ctrl, Alt, and Shift keys should be bindable now as well as differentiated by their side i.e. LCtrl, RCtrl, LAlt, etc.  

Modding Improvements  

  • Fixed Modded keybind resetting after game restarts  
  • Exposed NKGetCraftingArcheType, NKGetCategory, NKGetTier on GameObjectSchematic  
  • Server side command registration using Eternus.GameState:RegisterSlashCommand  
  • Exposed GetModdedPath on EntityFramework, used to get absolute path based on VFS  
  • Exposed NKGetPath on ModScript  
  • Added custom Strict Lib to DebugUtility  
  • Added JSON parser to Core  

Known Issues  

  • Slingshot projectiles can still reflect off the throwing player’s collision  
  • When Client players throw a spear, it briefly reorients itself to the hand. This is purely a visual bug.  
  • The ‘|’ and ‘\’ key have been removed as a bindable key  
  • Cannot bind key combinations together i.e. ctrl + e cannot be bound as an action  
  • Some of the new bronze throwables will appear to be spears when z-placed  
  • If you leave an area where a nest is, it is not producing offspring when you return. The workaround is to stay within the area until the baby is produced.  
  • In Creative Mode, the first time you click into the Search bar will cause the inventory icons to shift/shrink slightly  
  • In Creative Mode, you cannot place voxels as voxels when in the Survival Placement mode unless the voxel is in hand already when you switch to that placement.  
  • In Creative Mode, the object representation of a voxel is appearing even when in voxel placement mode  
  • When you destroy all the voxels in a cell, it will appear to destroy all objects in that cell as well. Reloading (or leaving the area and returning) will restore those objects.  
  • When a player dies and respawn from a wisp, you can briefly see a flash of their character at the wisps last position before they appear at their spawn point.  
  • You can use a Health Potion when at full health.  
  • AI Creatures can wander off the edge of the world.  
  • The wool shirt is clipping into the default leaf pants and gauntlet

TUG Update Alpha 0.8.5 - 6/23/2015


Update Warning! Game saves from v0.8.4 will not load in v0.8.5 due to terrain tech updates.

Ahoy! This is a big tech update we have going on, as it's the benchmark for the team moving on to engine 2.0. The next several months will be spent building and porting systems over to openGL and making the game accessible to more and more players in the community. Not only do we expand the reach of the community, but we also get a chance to dramatically improve ALL the things for the game.

We have some REALLY exciting times ahead of us, as we prepare to grow our team and get a bit more aggressive on the things we create. As a lot of you know, we have always had a huge focus on modding, and much of that focus is actually going to start to shine within the next few months. While the DX11 engine may not expand much while we move over to openGL, we have some pretty rad stuff planned for the community and a lot of modders from the MC community. Its a great chance for us to really work out new systems we are introducing to make mod creation and discovery easier.

We will have a lot of fairly huge announcements on the future of TUG, within the next couple of months, so be sure to follow us @nerdkingdom

As per usual, report any bugs you run into, screenshots and videos are super helpful if you have the time. And if the game is not running for whatever reason, and it was, we are more likely going to see the report email before we see the review on steam… just sayin.

Cameron has been doing a LOT of streams on builds lately, so follow him @camfergusondfw

If you want Corey to hurry the H E double hockey sticks, up with openGL, harass him @CoreyClarkPhD

And if you want to send lavish gifts and cookie bouquets, feel free to get me @inoritewtf

of course, to track when indev and release builds arrive, follow @theuntiltledgame  

Alpha Patch 0.8.5

Recent changes to our physics and terrain system have been drastic enough that we have had to bump the save version. All older saves are not compatible.

New Features

  • Sky Update: New look to the sky, as well as adjustments for color and density that will change depending how far you are between different biomes
  • Biomes have been made more distinct. Resource distribution, lighting, background sound, and fog density have all been updated for each.
  • Terrain voxels are now what you dig is what you get (with the exception of the ore dropping rock which gives cobblestone). Cobblestone and Thatched voxels will need to be crafted from rock and grass voxels, respectively.
  • Terrain Input system: biomes generally larger than before and more consistent with which biomes they are adjacent to. Biome frequency adjusted
  • Crude Door
  • Fat/Skinny body morphing New clothing options for the Seed
  • Coconuts can now be harvested and planted
  • Variety of mushrooms can now be planted
  • Hitting the crafting button while crafting will cancel the current craft
  • Z-Placement Adjustments
  • Right click to place
  • Hold Left Shift to adjust the distance of the item from the camera
  • Hold Left Ctrl to free rotate the item
  • Hold Left Shift + Left Ctrl to rotate on the X-Axis
  • Creative Mode update (back to explicit tools for each function) 
  •  Creative Mode now has three sets of tools for object placement, voxel placement, and standard Survival interaction

Please visit here for full patch notes here

Updated Crafting recipe list