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Neptune Pine, the definitive all-in-one smartwatch. Voice calls, video chat, full keyboard, GPS & much more.
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Neptune dispatch: May 16th

Posted by Neptune (Creator)

We know the only thing you really want to hear from us is a firm date for delivery! Our current projection for shipping from China is for the second week of June. We’re getting very close and are as anxious to get the Pine out to you, as you are to receive it. [Read below for updates on waterproofing and FCC approval which are still in danger of slowing us down.]

What’s happening in China this week?

Work is underway this week on your individual units. The SMT work is continuing as the manufacturer places the chipsets on the printed circuit board. The software has been injected into each unit as well, including a new update app which will allow for easy operating system updates. Finally, set up has begun of the final production line. Retooling of the molds for the silicone strap is still on schedule for May 30th. We currently expect final assembly to take place the week of May 26th for the Pine device and the first week of June for the Strap.

Our FCC certified test lab in Shanghai has completed testing and their final report. This report is now in the hands of the CAB who is comparing test results to FCC guidelines. Their approval is the last step in the process. We were expecting to hear good news from them this week. In the meantime, Simon is working with his contacts at the FCC to make sure the new guidelines are clear to the CAB.

Aaron has been pulling his hair out trying to get the appropriate waterproofing chemicals integrated into the assembly process. The manufacturer couldn’t work with the first two compounds we selected because of equipment needs and safety concerns. Our third try is currently in transit from the South African supplier to our Chinese manufacturer. We hope to have this solved next week.

We were not able to come through on this promise because of the long certification process individual carriers require for operation on the CDMA network. This concerns US customers of Verizon and Sprint. The Pine officially supports: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900. UMTS/HSPA+/WCDMA 850, 1700, 1900, 2100.

We’re sorry to report that it is not possible to include NFC functionality on the Pine for reasons of size, interference and software complications. Backers who selected the 8GB NFC version will be upgrade to the 16GB [Size: The Pine is too small to include an NFC chip. Interference: NFC can be accomplished through a micro SD storage card but our SD card is on the wrong side of the Pine creating issues with signal interference. Software: Doing NFC through the sim card also created software complications. We apologize we were not able to overcome these issues.]

Joel’s working on redesigning the Neptune website for a late May release. Look out for new Pine images, illustrations by Dan Matutina and our new product video from Frame Studio. Also, Alisha is working to set up Zen Desk as our new online system for customer support and improved communication.

Abdul’s busy setting up some big orders we’re all hoping will come through soon for our fall retail release. He’s also working to set up a European subsidiary in charge of everything Neptune on the other side of the Atlantic.

This week we finally started issuing refunds to backers we lost along the way. The bulk of these will be processed the week of May 26th. Please be patient as we work through this process.

Super Fan Brian Seiber has been doing a fantastic job putting his prototype through the paces. Follow his Facebook group and forum for lots of great details.

As always, specific questions and concerns can be emailed to Alisha at

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    1. KSoFly on

      Refunds? Do we get them today. 26th

    2. Missing avatar

      Majoybee on

      Thank you @Angrytechguy for the clarification it would have been just that simple for the group at Pine to write that in the update and save a lot of confusion and aggravation

    3. Missing avatar

      AngryTechGuy on

      I see large amounts of confusion since the cancelation of the CDMA version.

      To clarify, the GSM model is still compatible with your CDMA phone. It can still be tethered. You can still share your phones data connection.

      The cancelation affects those looking to activate the The Neptune Pine as a separate device. As a stand alone unit. Such as, those with out a cellphone, who wanted the watch as their primary/only phone. Or those with cellphones, who wanted a separate cellular and data connection for the watch.

      Other than those two scenarios, if you were going to use the watch with your phone, it is pairable with most phones on any carrier. The watch just can't be activated by itself.

    4. Missing avatar

      Victoria Alefosio

      So what happens to those that chose CDMA version but don't want a refund? I'll take the other version as long as you guys give me an EQUIVALENT version, I paid for a jet black 64gig version. So what's up?!

    5. Missing avatar

      Majoybee on

      Very very disappointing, The ONLY reason I backed this was because of a CDMA PROMISE. The goal was at 300K and you got over 800K and still can't figure out how to come though on that promise. Now it is no more than a paper weight to me... Where do I apply for the interest money I should get for having to loan you guys money?

    6. Missing avatar

      Lucas Mora on

      Hi, I'm very disappointed ,anybody can tell me how can I request a full refund, they doing to much bulls.

    7. Missing avatar

      Lucas Mora on

      Hi, I'm very disappointed ,anybody can tell me how can I request a full refund, they doing to much bulls.

    8. Will Phelps on

      It's great if you don't need CDMA but please don't tell those of us that do that it's not a big deal. Those of us that are Verizon customers bought in because of a promise that has now been broken, and yes, that IS a big deal. A $250 big deal.

    9. Andres Argueta on

      How do we request a refund?

    10. rad sturgis on

      That's mature l

    11. rad sturgis on

      So I guess I'm in the minority here. I appreciate the new update style. I appreciate the honesty. Cdma is no loss for me personally and i don't think it is as big of a deal as some of the other backers are making it out to be. The nfc is a bit of a disappointment but not a deal breaker.

    12. NachoKingP

      Wow, I ordered a CDMA version with NFC, this update was like a 1-2 punch right to the nuts. Guess I'm glad I asked for that refund last week.

    13. JoxerTM on

      Just to say... I've initially taken nonNFC and nonCDMA version. And am not complaining on anything nor hate anyone.
      I simply like the product as it is and couldn't care less if it'll be shipped today or in a few months. And will not cancel my support just because some obstacles couldn't be resolved.

    14. Missing avatar

      AngryTechGuy on

      That's a huge disappointment for those who ordered the NFC version. And it will come as no consolation the the Neptune Pine "Mach 2" will be fully NFL capable, with a host of revolutionary mobile payment and security features.

      I'm not too upset about the loss of the CIMA version though. Since I can simply pair it with my phone or purchase a prepaid card from one of the majors GSM carriers (At&t, T-Mobile) if I absolutely have to have the watch as a stand alone device.

    15. I CHENG CHUNG on

      What I want is your NFC Pine 8gb combo in white. Now it turns out to become a Black 16gb Pine. I can not accept this magic trick after such a long time waiting . I want to request a full refund from you. Can you send me a confirm mail about when you refund ?

    16. Valerio Italia on

      i hate neptune pine

    17. KSoFly on

      F%£$ this im out 1million percent. Those of you who still want it look out for a available 16gb version

      this is where i get off the train for this journey

    18. John Overstreet on

      No CDMA killed it for me. I wish the best for you, but I'm out... I'll be requesting my refund.

    19. Vagelis Fragkos on

      Guys I ordered a Pine NFC and you cannot make it!So instead of giving as a 16GB it GOES WITHOUT SAYING that you should upgrade us to 32GB version.I paid 279CAD and you are giving us a pine worth 269CAD.I believe Andreas Danzebrink, agrees with me along with everyone else who won't have an NFC version and gets furious with your joke of 16GB!!!Post a new update to address that issue because now you have less than 2,839 after one month you will have less!So 45 NFC backers must be upgraded to 32GB version.

    20. Simon Ho

      I was promised in a private message that the refund was going to be processed last week and it was delayed again to week of May 26 now ... ... how can I trust you ???

      Pls process my refund ASAP

    21. Andreas Danzebrink on

      So to sum up:

      I orderd the white NFC Combo for 279$ and now i do get an black normal combo for 269$???? So paying 10$ more for less and not what i ordernd that also is totaly late?? You are kidding!

    22. Max Sablosky on

      Im not angry its just upsetting to see a project that could have changed the market and beat the big monopoly like samsung, Motorola, and HTC, bring a proprietery solution tp the CDMA market, a market which is huge in subscribers honestly i was banking on the CDMA and the NFC features to be a great marketing tool when inplemenying my own project you killedd the twp goals that gave me faith in the projecg and your team.

    23. Max Sablosky on

      Im not angry its just upsetting to see a project that could have changed the market and beat the big monopoly like samsung, Motorola, and HTC, bring a proprietery solution tp the CDMA market, a market which is huge in subscribers honestly i was banking on the CDMA and theNFC

    24. Joshua Johnson

      Yes, I was prepared for delays, in my experience those are the norm with kickstarters but no CDMA killed this for me, that was the primary reason I pledged because we supposedly were going to get that at the 300k stretch goal as I'm a verizon user.

      If the CDMA version ever comes back i'll take another look at this, I'm not really angry, just sad at this point, just sent in my request for a refund

    25. Miguel A. Rivera on

      Neptune Team. I have been reading alot of the comments here by fellow Backers. Some understanding, Others basically upset at key aspects of the product which fell through and lastly man hoping a CDMA version will become available regardless of the delays. If there is not going to be a CDMA version produce for quite some time. When will you guys be refunding the Backers who invested their money in your company for the CDMA version? In addition you have given great information and kept Backers in the loop. However in my opinion i recommend answering question that logically Backers/Customers will be asking. It truly saves time and headaches if you put yourself in the Backers/Customer shoes. I also recognize and understand with any new product there are issues, delays and short comings. I am really sadden by there not being a CDMA version i was really looking to have this vice getting another other watch attached via blue tooth to a cell phone. Please let me know and fellow Backers/Customers i look forward to hearing from you guys. I am here in the US and just caught off guard by the non offering CDMA version.

    26. Matt Tubman on

      I have decided to opt out of this kick starter but before I step away I would like to say that I appreciate your honesty and determination in trying to get this product into the marketplace. I wish you the very best and hope that the final shipped product blows peoples minds and the backers that are still there at the end feel fulfilled.

    27. Max Sablosky on

      Steve they never had the capital to produce a CDMA version of the pine. I asked this question over and over again no response. As with other project my cells 484-645-7107 feel free to call me to explain what went on that made your project a failure for the millions of backers in the USA.

    28. Max Sablosky on

      Why would you like a post which shows you failed like is your companies integrity that low.....

    29. Missing avatar

      Steve Healy on

      While I completely understand that you guys are really treading in new mobile areas, I have to admit there's a lot of "this should probably have been figured out while making the engineering sample" ahead of time that I'm seeing in the last few updates. Do understand that my concern is that you guys have just sold a part of your user base something that's just an androided GoPro. By cutting out two of the major U.S. cell providers, you've knocked a huge segment of your U.S. market out. Considering that you guys don't even support 3.9G/4G technology in the product, that's a SERIOUS draw back! Please consider offering those that are interested the chance to get a CDMA version even if it does mean a bit more of a delay. If I remember right, Sprint's testing process takes ~15 weeks to complete, and that the FCC approval must be in place before they'll even start. So, what's the deal? Was there something in the testing process that you were certain you would not pass? It just seems really short sighted and odd to drop that feature at this point in the game.

    30. Max Sablosky on

      What defines you from the millions of other companies that suppott gsm android phones your big appeal was CDMA and you screwed that over. You lied on a promise you couldn't deliver on. Seriously whtlat bullshit. You could have been a group of honedt men and explained outright your CDMA phone along with the lack of an internal speaker which wad shown in the kickstarter video but you failed on so many levels as a company and with this project.

    31. Alan Ma on

      u sure u guys are not x- political advisers / spinners as u manage to come up with one excuse after another ....after u got our money!! I think this is the last spin b4 I start lining up for refund!!

    32. Emily Paonessa on

      They are advising not to use this as a phone?

    33. Max Sablosky on

      Are you kidding me you waited until theblast update to cancel the CDMA version. I'm done. What assholes.

    34. Joel Coi on

      Good thing I picked the right one. Pretty stoked on getting this thing when it comes in july i'm guessing.

    35. Will Phelps on

      No CDMA? I'm out. I'm guessing there will be a lot of refund requests today, including mine.

    36. Missing avatar

      Reuben B on

      no offense Neptune guys, but the past few updates have included one semi - decent opening piece of news and a long list of fails.. You mention no cdma, no 8gb, no nfc, no approval, no waterproofing and more as if it's nothing... You had already lost me when on the manual you put that we shouldn't use the Pine as a phone and in every interview you actually did... But this is getting a bit out of hand...

    37. dawSnn on

      Ain't even mad. GSM+64 GB+black, still good to go :)

    38. Allen Paul Muhammad on

      The CDMA news is devastating. =(

      I will be rooting for an uneventful process through the next 4 weeks for you guys!

    39. Stratty Cunningham on

      No CDMA? Congratulations on screwing yourselves over.