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Neptune Pine, the definitive all-in-one smartwatch. Voice calls, video chat, full keyboard, GPS & much more.
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2,839 backers pledged CA$ 801,224 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. James Willmott

      Hi this is James Willmott of 17 Durban Road, London, England,E15 3BW I am still to receive my accessories can someone please get in touch I had pledged for the trio of accessorie . In addition my daughter changed the pattern to open the device almost two years ago and I would appreciate it if someone could explain how to unlock it as she has no idea what she changed it to. So in short where are my accessories and how do unlock my 64Gb paperweight (at present).

      Thank you kindly,


    2. Missing avatar

      Llioyd Makus on

      Lloyd Makus of 2006 Sierra Drive, Campbell River, B.C. Canada V9W 1V6
      Still waiting for my watch and accessories. My account was debited on March 2, 2015 for $639.68
      Canadian $. or $498.00 U.S.

    3. Missing avatar

      Llioyd Makus on

      Lloyd does not have an 'I' in it

    4. Missing avatar

      Llioyd Makus on

      You debited my account for $639.68 (Canadian$)on Feb. 28/2015.
      When might I expect my watch and accsesories

    5. Willy Merkesnes on

      Hi. Look like I am one of the 35 people and had to tell that I still haven't got my accessories. Is there a chance?

    6. Missing avatar

      Llioyd Makus on

      my first name is spelled wrong? Where does this leave me?

    7. Missing avatar

      Llioyd Makus on

      Where am I at I have yet to receive my watch and accessories. Lloyd Makus

    8. TCHOK on

      Still waiting for accessories

    9. Jason on


    10. Missing avatar

      ali alqadhi on

      I know this comment will change nothing since no one is responding the the comments below but I did receive nothing too !!

      Neptune is not responding to any email or web form enquirers,,

    11. TCHOK on


    12. 'Shanna Clevenger on

      I have never received the watch or accessories.

    13. Missing avatar

      KIM, kyoungmog on

      Same here, I have not moved and have not received any accessories.too

    14. Alex Davie on

      Never got any accessories, nor return communication from Neptune.

    15. Missing avatar

      Syed Abdul Rahman on

      Not even one accessories been received.!!

    16. Missing avatar

      blizzart on

      Neptune, aka the bunch of guys who don't give a f%@k once they got your money. No wonder they went elsewhere to fund their next campaign. It's been how long since you were supposed to send a few friggin pieces of plastic? It's been how long since you promised to contact those who never received their stuff? It's been how long since you were supposed to respond to an inquiry on your support email?
      Oh, and by the way, your product is crap, and i don't think any amount of accessories would change that.

    17. Sukit Kasikitvorakul on

      My neptune till now is almost dead. And I still have not received my accessories yet. Please. Please.

    18. Missing avatar

      Adam Clone

      still waiting for the 3rd set of accessories and still no emails or replies.

      Am bit upset with how Neptune had progress towards Pine developments so far and going cold to its backers till now. Is Neptune ignoring us Backers of Pine since Suite is the new project/product they are coming up with?

    19. TCHOK on


    20. Missing avatar

      EJ on

      I sell haven't received any accessories and Neptune has not returned my several emails.

    21. Missing avatar

      Adam Clone

      stil have not receive my 3rd set of accessories and no reply yet from Neptune.

    22. Missing avatar

      Morozov Konstantin on

      Have not still received my accessories. Send a message to neptune about it. Waiting for answer, thanks.

    23. Missing avatar

      Victor S. on

      I have not moved and did not receive any accessories in Taipei, Taiwan.

      My Pine is now an expensive MP3 player.

    24. Missing avatar

      CHI KIT HONG on

      I didn't receive anything yet at all! Refund or give me what you promised!

    25. Stephen Thorne on

      Hi Neptune - Haven't rec'd my accessories, I did receive my Pine. I am actively working with the device and would appreciate contact. Thanks!

    26. Joe on

      I still haven't received my accessories either.

    27. Alex Davie on

      I agree with Snergle... the Neptune Pine = Mega let-down.

      I'll stick with iPhone and eventually get an Apple Watch (since, you know, they can actually talk to each other, unlike Pine).

      Still patiently awaiting the promised accessories to brighten someone's day when I eBay this thing to recoup my losses.

      Waiting, which we are all painfully used to by now!

    28. SnergleTheDwarf on

      recieved nothing ... but I honestly don't care anymore ... the neptune isn't working anymore either (problems with the display ... one side doesn't react to touch) ... and your support hasn't reacted in months ... keep it ... this project was a real down low for me ...

    29. SPIRIT. on

      I have not received my accessories nor have I been contacted

    30. Mark Johnson on

      On the same boat as the rest...
      No accessories nor a change to address

    31. Alex Davie on

      I have received NO accessories, and none of my address information has changed. This is on top of the Pine NOT working with my iPhone as initially promised, and many other features dropped along the way.

    32. Missing avatar

      Tomas Brabec on

      Also did not receive accessories (Canadian address that did not change). Also I have send several e-mails to the Pine support team in the last few months explaining my Pine has stopped working as a cellural phone (any SIM card is not recognized anymore) with no replies from the Pine team. Ended up buying brand new Pine from UK and that one has faulty touch screen - so now I have 2 faulty Pines and nobody is willing to get back to me ! Please advice !

    33. William Ir on

      I have not received my accessories either, and my address is still the same.

    34. Missing avatar

      Matthias Muelln on

      Me too, I haven't moved the last 10 years and did not get my accessories for my two Pines! Furthermore I ordered (and paid) for an additional accessorie pack that I didn't get at all!

      This is all a bit disappointing!

    35. Missing avatar

      Ross Kelly on

      Same here, I have not moved and have not received any accessories

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeff Koon on

      Like the others posting to this unread comment section, I have never moved and have yet to receive the accessories... pointless for me to even post this, except to demonstrate that there are MANY more than 35 backers without their promised accessories.

    37. Gary York on

      I did not receive mine and I did not move.

    38. Daecheol Seo on

      Me too, no shipping mail, no accessory

    39. Missing avatar

      CHU HUNG YU on

      My address does not change
      But I did not receive accessories


    40. Christopher Wong on

      Similar to everyone, no change of Address, no accessories yet. Australia.

    41. Missing avatar

      Matt farmer on

      Ditto - haven't changed address and nothing has arrived

    42. N.H. on

      Similar to others here, I have not moved and did not get my accessories.

      @Neptune, you really need to review your logistics and figure out where our accessories are.

      I was an early supporter and I paid extra for the accessories so it is really getting to be frustrating that I have not received them yet while others who didn't pay for any, already have.

      It is increasingly difficult to trust a company that treats their supporters like this.

      Looking forward to a response...

    43. Missing avatar

      Bob Haya on

      Same here I did not move and did not receive my accessories and have not received any replies to my emails about them for the past few months
      Please put me on the list
      Robert Haya

    44. Missing avatar

      Ronald Wilson on

      I have not received any accessories. I did change my address to my Canadian one.
      Please advise!
      Ron Wilson

    45. Craig Gunderstorm on

      Same here. I have neither received my accessories nor have I moved. Please advise.

    46. Missing avatar

      Julius Schweich on

      How are your sales for the Neptune Pine Watch? We hear so much about FitBits, iWatch, Samsung, etc. But no news can't be good news; can it? What stores carry your (our) product?
      I have been following your progress for nearly 2 years; so, how's it going ? JSS

    47. Missing avatar

      John Miller on

      Like Chris, I haven't moved and have not received anything. Let me know if you need information or something is still in transit.

    48. Chris Vaughan on

      I haven't received mine and I haven't moved. do you guys have tracking numbers?