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Neptune Pine, the definitive all-in-one smartwatch. Voice calls, video chat, full keyboard, GPS & much more.
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      Pablo Pelaez PTY68156 on

      I´am so disappointed it is just a smart watch without Google Play, it did not bring any of the accessories offered, the gps doesnt work and nothing runs well, battery does not support at least the office time per day, it is incredible, I lose 349 US dollars plus charges to ship it to my country. But additionally the link to pine is broken you cannot tell them anything

    2. Missing avatar

      Darren Soo on

      Hey, i pay for 10, you sent me 1.. No respone email?

    3. Pine Face on

      Yes dr_time I am so pissed off. So pissed off I never got a Pine delivered either, but Neptune has declared Mission Accomplished all backers have been fulfilled. I'm not even tripping about about the Pine man, you don't even know, but I have purchased seven Pines already from various sources and let me tell they are crap so I am not really worried about my $300.

      They are crap because they all had different build quality the first one I got was a total piece of horse shit, and they owner sold it to me for a deep discount. This particular Pine had a specs of dirt underneath the illumination, and a dead pixel.

      I also noticed that some Pines come with really shit screens that can barely be viewed at certain angles. Then there was one that had the perfect screen almost like an IPS type screen, of course I kept that one for myself.

      Then most of them had some weird freaking wifi disconnecting issue.

      The Gem of one of them was that at boot it would take about 30 seconds to get to the home screen from when you push the button,

      Then my personal favorite the one with the peeling skin like a snake because the cheap ass coating of the Pine was applied incorrectly.

      Yes I am pissed off because I was able to get count them, seven Pines before Neptune even send me one of theirs.

    4. Gary Garcia on

      I gotta admit I'm pleasantly surprised with the finished product of the 1st generation. I'm already looking forward to improvements in software and the second gen product. I've enjoyed playing with my pine and getting it the way I want it. It's been a bumpy road, and had this came out a year ago, people would be singing high praise. I can still give credit, just not as much as I would have had the road been another. All in all, just based on the final product, I'd rate 3.5 / 5.

    5. Missing avatar

      dr_time on

      @PineFace At the end of the day, if you're SOOOO pissed off about a $200-300 investment that went awry, then you shouldn't have invested in the first place. That's why I'm so "gun-ho", because I see it for what it is, and was willing and able to take the risk. This is mice-nuts, it's not a big deal, just as it's not a big deal for me to put up a website to help support it.

    6. Missing avatar

      dr_time on

      @PineFace I don't have a stake in it. Do you realize I make negative dollars on my website? Let's talk about the "features":

      CDMA2000: Who cares, Verizon is going to dump it this year.
      Gorilla Glass: It's on it.
      Shock Resistance: This is a feature that's difficult to prove weather or not it exists.
      Accessories: Under development? Who knows.
      Companion app: Swapp Link is the companion app for android- It works. Yes, I realize iOS has been cancelled. I see this as a non-starter because if you're an iPhone user, you're getting a iWatch, don't deny it.
      Water Resistance: They did their best to deliver this, and it didn't pan out. Some got it.
      An extra wristband: see accessories, this is still yet to be delivered.
      Screen protectors: I guess you better demand a $6 refund.
      Founders Edition: this wasn't a stretch goal nor a initial feature. This was something they apparently thought they could offer. Clearly this didn't pan out. Who cares?
      NFC: Was attempted, and failed. Look man, they were naive and thought a SD/NFC card would work, it didn't.
      Custom Watch Faces: Uh, don't be an idiot, install an app or a widget.

      Here's the deal: we put a few dollars into a startup that was inexperienced and had a half-baked idea. What we got was a hardware platform that is semi-decent and largely better than other "smart watches" on Kickstarter. This is kickstarter, them's the brakes. Cry about it.

    7. Gary Garcia on

      I received an email that my pine will arrive tomorrow. It's been a frustrating road, but hopefully tomorrow makes it worth the wait. Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schallenberg on

      JoxerTM: You just have to turn the Pine to Portrait Mode, and the Connect button will be exposed. It's a problem with the screen size/resolution, and affects many input fields.

    9. JoxerTM on

      Finally received it, thanks for sending it inside EU so I didn't have to pay additional taxes (Croatia).

      Didn't play with it much as it seems to be designed to shine only with microSIM (have to buy it, besides Viber won't work without it), but there is something odd.

      While in it's options I can see all wi-fi access points around me, including my home network, I cannot connect to any. The "connect" option is grayed out? Did I miss something or I have to turn on something apart from wi-fi? Forgive me for asking, I didn't use android devices till now, only iOS.

    10. Pine Face on

      @dr_time, You’re so gun-ho for this craptacular device, I do realize you have a stake in it with your website. However your low expectations are yours alone, I expected what Neptune said it was going to deliver;
      Cancelled features and accessories:
      CDMA support
      Gorilla Glass
      Shock resistance
      accessories i.e. lanyard, clip, bumper case, helmet mount, heart rate monitor support, pulse counter
      companion app
      water resistance
      polar white color Pine
      an extra wristband
      screen protectors
      founders edition marking
      custom clock faces

      What we got was a so-so device, with a horrible screen, and nothing was Neptune’s fault because everyone apparently hates them HZO, the FCC, Shipwire, and China manufacturing.

    11. Missing avatar

      dr_time on

      @Anthony If you get down to brass tacks, what was delivered is exactly what you backed. So if you don't like it, then you built up expectations in your head. What I got is exactly what was described. A wrist worn phone running Android 4.1.2, 3G capable, with a low resolution 2.4" screen- period. What were you expecting that you didn't get?

    12. Pine Face on

      @Anthony Lane, the worst thing is that you can't even make up your money by selling it. Neptune has already reduced their price on this craptastic device from $350 to $299 on amazon. At most I'm looking at making $200 on eBay selling it off as a novelty and not anything useful while losing money in the process.

    13. Missing avatar

      Anthony Lane on

      Don't forget the reviews everyone! Make sure you log in to Amazon, best buy, etc. and review this thing. Personally I will be rating it VERY low. I really don't like this thing and I have already put it back into the box. Makes me want to start a kicker starter to raise money to help put nepturd out of business. What a waste of money.

    14. StillWaitingForHisPine on

      How could you miss so many people including myself? This is outrageous. I emailed you all my information, but I don't trust you'll deliver, or even respond for that matter.

    15. Gabriele Provinciali on

      Just emailed to you my address (again), I hope I can get mine.

    16. Nick on

      Update for your stupidiness, my surveys for yor OR ANY OTHER camains never said "Nick" as my name as a reciever

    17. Nick on

      I know, that I have to be "respectfull and correct" on comments. But you sent me a box for " Nick" as recipient. Are you that stupid?????????? Now your thing has been shipped back to you. Enjoy it. Hope you will be forgotten when samsung will release their "pine"

    18. Branden G on

      any update on the accessories? or will they also be cancelled in an upcoming update?

    19. Gary Garcia on

      I've emailed twice today and one last Friday. Still nothing. I hope you can either send mine or just refund. Either is fine. Thanks.