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Neptune Pine, the definitive all-in-one smartwatch. Voice calls, video chat, full keyboard, GPS & much more.
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    1. Kyle Haughey on

      Hey guys I hope you realised that all the emails in this stream are wrong including the one that the creator added as there is a typo in the one they provided. It is not 'hello@getnetpune' it would be

      Oh yeah, and I'm still awaiting my pine here in the UK too.

    2. Kenny Shipley on

      And today I get an email that the ticket has been closed with no reply of an update about receiving a delivery notification. This is absolutely ridiculous...

    3. Jhowahl on

      @Jeff. You're right. But I'm sure I have sent to the right email address because I have an auto-reply email from them.

    4. Pine Face on

      I'll follow up with you "Neptune" on your Facebook, since you apparently don't read emails or come on here and use the creator account to communicate with verified backers.

    5. Pine Face on

      So not only do you not "follow" comments by leaving comments, do you read your e-mails? From your own updates with almost everyone having a Pine in hand, your e-mail queue really should not be that long. So how about a reply to us stragglers that didn't receive anything in the form of a Pine of tracking number? Can you follow?

    6. Kenny Shipley on

      I'm starting to get pretty irritated with this now. I emailed about not receiving a delivery notice, received a reply I would hear back within 48 hours, and here I am, stuck waiting with no word about my 64gb pine that I've waited nearly a year for that will now not get waterproofing...

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schallenberg on

      @Joel De Leon: Ooops! That should be

    8. Jhowahl on

      I'm from Calgary AB, so far no email yet. Emailed already and no reply yet. Hope to get an email soon with the delivery notice.

    9. Missing avatar

      dr_time on

      @William What do you mean it doesn't support wifi security? I'm using my Pine on a secure Wifi network right now.

    10. William Ir on

      How do I search the comments here to find out why it doesn't support wifi security and I could have sworn at some point I was allowed to choose an add on that made it so I could hang this around my neck or something...

    11. Pine Face on

      So how exactly are we supposed to reach you if this is what happens when I sent you an e-mail.

      Technical details of permanent failure:
      DNS Error: Address resolution of failed: Domain name not found"

    12. Neptune Creator on

      Guys, please will do not follow comments here. Please make sure to email Thanks, and we're really sorry for any mistakes that were made with fulfillment!

    13. Missing avatar

      Royal Governor on

      I'm from edmonton, ab, Canada. I haven't receive any delivery notification yet in my email. Hope to hear from you. It's been a year now.

    14. Gary Garcia on

      I've been left off the list I guess, because I've not gotten any email about shipping. I've emailed y'all as well.