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Neptune Pine, the definitive all-in-one smartwatch. Voice calls, video chat, full keyboard, GPS & much more.
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2,839 backers pledged CA$ 801,224 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Stratty Cunningham

      Just added mine; 1835.

    2. Greg Nutt on

      I have already added it and I also corrected a missing equation for 64GB "GOT IT" column. Someone had changed to to be a static "2".

      I was backer 1122.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schallenberg on

      @Greg Nutt: What is your backer number and memory size, please? I want to enter your info into Joel Joseph's spreadsheet.

    4. Greg Nutt on

      I didn't get a tracking number, but I did just receive my Pine. I am a little disturbed that it was left outside my door in the apartment building where I live. Sideloaded Google Play store, installed Skype and Bria for Android on it so far.

      I'd like to say thanks and FINALLY!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schallenberg on

      @Stratty Cunningham: What is your backer number and memory size, please? I want to enter your info into Joel Joseph's spreadsheet:

    6. Stratty Cunningham

      Got my tracking number yesterday. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE?!

    7. Missing avatar

      guillaume guimond on

      When I received my pine watch ? Every week you send to me and all backers a Email to say dispatch this week and I never received are you credible hum I don't.

    8. Pine Face on

      @Anthony Perry, So as long as we have disposable income we should let everyone jerk us around indefinitely.

    9. Anthony Perry on

      Water off a duck's back. Stop freaking out people. You sound like a bunch of whiney babies. Look at it THIS way, at least you have enough of a disposable income to waste your money on technology. Could be worse!!!!!

    10. Technoir on

      Yet another delay that, supposedly, is out of Neptune's control? SAY IT AIN'T SO, JOE! Unbelievable. Nothing is Neptune's fault! Everybody's out to screw them (and us)! The FCC, ShipWire, Customs services, couriers, it's all some big conspiracy, but never Neptune's fault.

    11. Alan Ma on

      REPLY to ALEX DAVIE...that is the precise reason for them to choose Shipwire!!??!!LOL

    12. Alan Ma on

      I'm not sure how could a company have so much BAD LUCK!!!! how come this company have so much DELAYS!!!??!!! there were no DELAYS GETTING OUR MONEY WAS THERE!!!!!!????!!!!! Do We All Agree out there in the BACKERS WORLD!!??!!.....I really think these guys have employed someone FULL-TIME in writing up Delay Tactics/Excuseseseses in a little office somewhere and laughing all the way to the BANK!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      peter barr on

      So .... I have to ... 'Be respectful and considerate.' Before I can 'Post comment' detailing my feelings after {a year of waiting} to make my POINT of business respect for consumers ($Backers$ of Pine)....................................................................etc.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rory McWilliam on

      I am by nature a patient man but I am sorry to say I think your window of opportunity has closed. I am sure that the established players delayed some of your FCC approvals and not getting a partnership so you could offer heart monitoring hurt but PLEASE .. send me a freaking product..

    15. MAPASHITO_BCN on

      Delay after delay... when the pine will arrive to my home it will be a piece of the past.... nowadays we have more powerful options in market... It is frustrating to wait and wait and wait and wait.... hope I will have it before 2018

    16. Alex Davie on

      It's a REAL shame that Neptune didn't do their homework on fulfillment houses. Neptune, this comment is for YOU to take to heart. The backing community will only bear witness.

      Shipwire has got to be one of the WORST big-name options to ship through. Especially since they were acquired by Ingram Micro. Shipwire does a good song and dance to make you think they are "the best", but they will take any and every shortcut they can to benefit themselves at your expense.

      Shipwire almost single-handedly destroyed a business venture with a partner of mine after funding on Kickstarter. Here is the quick and dirty impression after working with Shipwire.
      1. Quoted 2 days to unpack merchandise, but it took 2 weeks for inventory to be available to ship.
      2. Initial shipment (over 1,000 units) were randomly selected, regardless of SKU, resulting in hundreds of backers/customers getting the wrong color!
      3. Avoidance of responsibility for above shortcomings - we only got reconciliation (credit) after going straight to the VP of Shipwire.
      4. Shipwire customer service is shotty at best. They are great at non-informative reassurance that sounds good to get you off of their phone, but they seldom have solutions readily available.
      5. Next incoming shipment to Shipwire, they literally lost our pallets on their own receiving floor. We were lied to about its whereabouts, the timeline it would be unpacked within, and even simple things like when an assigned contact would follow up with us by phone/email.

      After these grievous shortcomings, we pulled out of Shipwire as fast as possible. We now use a smaller, more personal, family-based fulfillment company who ACTUALLY has their stuff together!


      Neptune took a long time on the Pine.
      The Pine isn't what was promised.
      Backers are upset.
      Neptune chooses Shipwire to fulfill orders (not to be confused with unfulfilled promises).
      Backers wait even longer.
      Backers are more upset.

      I just wish my numerous refund requests had resulted in me getting my money back. I don't even remember why I backed this.

    17. Владимир Гибулин on

      damn, looked at the calendar. For a year I see only promises, disappointed and angry. Bad you organizers.

    18. Владимир Гибулин on

      черт, посмотрел на календарь. Уже год вижу лишь обещания, разочарован и зол. Плохие вы организаторы.

    19. Alex Davie on

      Same here, @Still, @Kenny, @everybody.

    20. StillWaitingForHisPine on

      I would honestly rather have my money back after waiting all this time than receive the watch tomorrow.

    21. Kenny Shipley on

      I'm not at all impressed. 6 weeks ago you said "We now have enough units, currently in North America, to satisfy a single unit for all our Kickstarter backers" and I'm willing to bet that not even half of the backers have been fulfilled. I'm willing to bet I won't even see my line until well over a year past paying for it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Royal Governor on

      Keeping my finger cross.... I wish that I, and all the backers who haven't receive their pines yet will be receiving Our precious ones by the end of this month of November 2014. Please Make us all happy Mr. Simon.

    23. Robert Gates on

      Very cleaver wording in this "update." How many will they have for shipment if the other two shipments DON'T get released from customs? The beat goes on. :-)

    24. Robert Gates on

      So does that mean they have already been treated for water resistance and are ready to ship to backers or is this just another of their rabbit in the hat tricks?

    25. Greg Nutt on

      Nearly 1 year later. Nothing can describe the pit in my gut from the disappointment of receiving a device that was suppose to be cutting edge when it was promised.

      @Neptune I am aware of previous comments stating that Android upgrades were unlikely due to nonsupport from the manufacturer of of the CPU for the drivers. However, I do firmly believe you owe it to ALL your backers to find a way to get an upgraded firmware for this device to at least bring it up to date to make it once again a cutting edge device.

      My two cents.

    26. Stratty Cunningham

      Stay classy, Trim.

    27. Winston Trim on

      My survey still shows CDMA as my product type with the shipment still set at (March 2014) Maybe you should just change the date to March 2015 and set a real goal that your company might actually accomplish? I'm sure you aren't obligated to change information on Kickstarter but COME ON is Neptune being run by a potato?

    28. Winston Trim on

      These updates get less and less descriptive, how do we even know where our device stands in this process. I still don't understand how Neptune has not individually reached out to each backer with their product delivery information. I am beyond livid, I've been stuck using a shitty "temporary" windows phone since a month after the pine project was funded. I have so much more to say yet I can't even properly asses my frustration at this point to give you an accurate depiction. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get this Pine to EVERY SINGLE BACKER before Christmas. To say that it has already been a year is ridiculous, and now were almost in 2015. Shame on you Neptune, excuses won't cut it anymore.

    29. Norman Chung

      Hoping like heck not to be disappointed.

    30. Winston Trim on

      So this means that by next week this nightmare will finally be over for all of us? Or does this mean you are getting our hopes up again for another fail to come next week...

    31. Missing avatar

      Simon Berka on

      That starts to sound interesting...