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Neptune Pine, the definitive all-in-one smartwatch. Voice calls, video chat, full keyboard, GPS & much more.
Neptune Pine, the definitive all-in-one smartwatch. Voice calls, video chat, full keyboard, GPS & much more.
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Accessories - where are we at???


Hope everyone's summer is going well! Just to say, with the exception of about 35 people, everyone should have received accessories. I will be getting a list of those 35 people this week. Basically, these are people who have moved and for which we did not have a new address. Thanks!

Another accessories update!


Accessories have been shipping this week. 95%+ of accessories have now been shipped. If you do not yet have your package, expect to see it in the coming days.

Hi again! : accessories update

About half our backers have now received their accessories. We will resume shipping very soon. We got bogged down with logistical issues the last few weeks. Expect to see your accessories - if you have not yet received them - this month. Thanks for your patience.

Neptune Dispatch: February 11th


Hi Again,

We understand there was some confusion after the messages yesterday because the Backerkit generated email stated "This address looks complete, so if it's correct then you are all set." Unfortunately this isn't the case.

Please make sure to read through yesterday's Kickstarter update. Even if your address is correct, you must still login to Backerkit and confirm your address in order to make it onto our new list for accessories fulfillment. Please click the link at the very bottom of yesterday's Backerkit email. The link will lead to a page that looks like this:

 Or it may look like this:

if you didn't get a message from Backerkit, you'll need to login directly with this link:

In this case, you're screen will look a little different. Just make sure to click the blue CONFIRM button.


1. Backerkit lists my old accessory choices or it shows that I still need to make my choices, but I can't update this section.

Don't worry, we're sending a full box of accessories to all active backers who click CONFIRM in Backerkit.

2. Can I just email you to confirm that my address is correct or to make a change?

No, we need you to click the CONFIRM button in Backerkit. Backerkit will generate a new list for us and also transmit this information directly to our Shipwire account for fulfillment.

3. I pledged for three Pines, what about me?

We're planing to ship a full box of accessories to match each Pine you received.

4. What are the accessories available.

Once again, we're sending one bumper case, one clip case, one helmet mount, and two screen protectors.

5. How do I choose my accessory colour?

All the accessories are mid-tone grey. Here's what the prototypes look like in the final colour.

Neptune Dispatch: February 10th


Hi Backers,

We’ve had a busy Winter gearing up to an exciting product announcement coming soon.

We’ve also been busy working to complete the Pine accessories. After some final tweaks and sample approvals, the bumper and clip cases finally moved towards tooling for mass production. This inventory is scheduled to ship from Taiwan late March, so backers can expect delivery of all the accessories together in April.

We’re setting up this final stage of fulfillment very carefully for a smoother, more efficient process than last time. In order to claim your accessory pledge reward you must complete the following step.

If you received an email from Backerkit, click the link in the message to confirm your address. (If you didn’t see that email, go to Backerkit, login, edit your address if needed, then click the blue CONFIRM button. You must confirm your address via Backerkit, not here or in an email.

Your deadline to confirm your address, and be listed for accessories delivery is Monday, February 16th.

Question: I gave my Pine away as a gift/sold it to someone else.

Answer: No problem. We’re happy to send your accessories anywhere you like. Just edit the address field to show the name and address of the person you want us to ship to.

Please note, we will only ship accessories to backers who confirm their address before the deadline. Even if you didn't move, we need you to complete this step. We must ensure we’re working with an updated shipping list from active backers. The deadline is set so we can move on to the next steps in our logistics process.

What’s in the box:

In the interest of streamlining this last stage of fulfillment, we’ve decided to send a full box of accessories to all active backers! It looks like we have the inventory on order to be able to send everyone one bumper case, one clip case, a helmet mount, and two screen protectors.

Please note we did not complete development of an improved Pine watch band. We had only 12 backers who pledged at the watchband tier reward level, although many more increased their pledge in Backerkit, for the improved watch band. We will be refunding each of these backers their $25 pledge later on this Spring.

If you have any questions please email Keep in mind that our response time will depend on the volume of messages we receive.