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The NeoLucida is a 19th-century optical drawing tool updated for the 21st century.
The NeoLucida is a 19th-century optical drawing tool updated for the 21st century.
The NeoLucida is a 19th-century optical drawing tool updated for the 21st century.
11,406 backers pledged $424,959 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      @Raw Word: I welcome recommendations for any deserving public middle/high school art program for NeoLucida donations. Write me at pablo [at] neolucida [dot] com with some details.

    2. Raw Word on

      Pablo, Golan,
      With the Get One/Give One tier could I request a public school art program to send the give one too?

    3. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      @Rebecca Ednie: Both the NeoLucida and NeoLucida XL use the same clamp and mount. I spent months trying to work out a way to make a simple "upgrade" option for the great supporters of the first edition. But the main costs for the NeoLucida XL are in the new viewer; the clamp is a small part of the overall price. So the NeoLucida XL viewer alone would be at least US$40. Not a huge savings and a logistical hurdle to deliver this to backers (new packaging, additional customer support, etc.). So I spent a lot of time trying to make the overall kit inexpensive so the upgrade wouldn't be a financial hurdle for people. The best way to do this is to offer FREE worldwide shipping. So you get an extra clamp that you may not need, but it is only slightly more than the viewer alone, and it streamlines the manufacturing and delivery process so everyone can be happy with their tool.
      Thanks for your support of the original NeoLucida and for your continued interest!

    4. Rebecca Ednie on

      I'm very upset that you don't have a discounted price for the new XL for previous backers who had trouble using the first one. I tried it a couple times but never got it to work. So disappointing. One little movement and the image I was drawing was all off kilter from previous lines. I could make that mess without a camera Lucida!

    5. Missing avatar

      Barry Chessick on

      Looking forward to the XL. I'm 80+. I have a bit of a hand tremor. Hope the XL will help me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ken Cheng on

      Was looking thru my old backed projects and realized I never got my neolucida. What happened?

    7. ella henderson on

      Hello! its been a couple of years and I just remembered (again) the other day that I never received my NeoLucida. I would really appreciate if one of the creators could contact me about this as I would still love to use it.
      My email address is If you could shoot me an email that would be great.

    8. Pembleton on

      Pssh! This NeoLucida thing does not draw anything!! I have to do everything myself!

    9. ella henderson on

      Hi, I was overseas when my neolucida was supposed to arrive ( December 2013). I just got back to Australia and found that it wasn't here so I went trekking through my emails and found that I missed the email about having to supply my shipping address.. I just did that so hopefully that's all good and it's not too late to get one!! Thanks

    10. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      So, we've changed our minds and have decided to keep the pre-order open through August 15th. Basically, we kept receiving several emails a day from disappointed folks who missed the pre-order, and we felt bad to turn them away, when we found a way we didn't have to. So if you're still interested in purchasing a NeoLucida (for September delivery), just head on over to

    11. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      Dear friends and backers: the mid-2014 pre-order period is now over. More units will be available at in September (*for USA orders only, regrettably). If there is sufficient demand, we may have another pre-order in time for the holidays. Thanks!

    12. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      The 2014-edition NeoLucida is available for pre-order through May 31 at

    13. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      Dear patient backers: we are resuming production and fulfillment after a two-month hiatus away from our all-consuming NeoLucida project. (We also work as full time professors!) Approximately 3% of you still haven't received your NeoLucida -- either due to various shipping errors, or, as in the case of Karan Kaushak below, because we're still receiving some of your address surveys!

      We are now returning to the project with our full attention, and, in addition to completing outstanding reward fulfillments, we are also releasing an improved version and a shopping system that will allow proper international shipping.

      Yours sincerely,
      Golan & Pablo

    14. Karan Kaushik on

      Hi Pablo and Golan!

      I only filled in the address form in April but backed your project for $40 back in June 2013. Can I expect my NeoLucida in the mail any time soon?


    15. Agendine

      Hey there,

      Just wanted to drop a note (very late) to comment, after having it for a few months now, how much I like this thing. You guys have really outdone yourselves; it's a great device, has proven genuinely useful (though I admit, I'm only now really starting to like how my drawings are coming out with it), and even the build quality is awesome. I've been amazed at how well it's held up in my briefcase.

      So yeah, hope all is well, and I'm loving the Neo Lucida.

    16. Daniel Freire Figueiredo on

      Hi Golan and Pablo,
      Congratulations for your project! I'm excited about the Neolucida and have started practicing regularly with it!
      However, I have noticed a problem of vertical distortion. Everything looks larger and compressed. Do you think it is a prism problem? Is there any solution? Please find attached a pdf with some pictures of the objects and the drawing. The drawing of the duck actually doesn't serve as an example because I adjusted a little distortion, but in the pot drawing you'll be able to notice this problem very well.
      I hope you'll help me to find a solution.
      Thank you very much in advance for your support.
      Best regards,

    17. Missing avatar

      Santiago Luz on

      I got mine today, here in Brazil, with no customs fees.
      11 weeks and 3 days, probably because of our lazy customs.
      Thanks for the creators! I can see how amazing you are developing each aspect of NEOLUCIDA! I'm so happy with this! Thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      tiana chase on

      got mine in a few weeks ago and i am about the happiest little clam in the sea!!!

    19. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      Hello Clifford!
      Thanks for your considered observations. We completely agree. Here are some responses and explanations:

      > you are essentially looking through a keyhole...
      Yes, this is correct. The small size of the viewing aperture helps eliminate parallax problems that would arise if your head moved around more. In fact, many older camera lucidas have even smaller apertures than ours, for the specific purpose of ensuring a singular, stationary perspective. For example, see the one pictured here, which limits viewing to a tiny 2mm notch:

      > If you wear glasses, you may have a hard time getting your eye close enough to the prism.
      That's correct in several ways. It really is necessary to get your eye within 1cm of the prism for best results -- and this short distance really does interfere with glasses. We know -- we wear glasses too! For this reason, we've posted a design for a "prescription NeoLucida", which not only solves this problem, but allows you to properly focus at two distances simultaneously:
      Other backers have already taken this design further. For example, Ben Tesch produced this modifcation to his NeoLucida:

      > this is going to be a fun tool to get realistic shape placement on paper.
      EXACTLY. The professional camera lucida artists we've spoken to all assert the same thing, as does David Hockney in his book, 'Secret Knowledge'. The NeoLucida is used best to help zap problems with foreshortening and positioning. One doesn't spend "the whole time" drawing through the camera lucida; rather, one uses the camera lucida to mark off accurate proportions -- and then uses regular drawing-from-life skills to fill in the rest.

      Thanks for your review!
      Golan & Pablo

    20. Missing avatar

      Clifford Drane on

      Thank you for the NeoLucida, mine arrived today. It is definitely a quality piece of hardware; the craftsmanship is impeccable and I have no doubt that this is an improvement upon the design of his venerable concept.

      However, after some time using it, I think a couple of user experience considerations should be shared beyond just the kudos and respect the founders earned through this labour of love. As a product meant to be used, there are definitely some things to know.

      1) If you wear glasses, you may have a hard time getting your eye close enough to the prism. It is definitely proving problematic for me, to the point of real frustration that it wasn't pointed out by the founders as a potential issue. Too far away, the image is nil or unusable... Too close and my lens hits the prism and ruins the placement.

      2) Keeping one eye closed comfortably takes practice. Using an eye patch is not out of the question. It's proving to be quite uncomfortable beyond a few minutes at a time.

      3) The "window" is essentially a small slit that you will need to kind of scan your head/eye forward and backward to see your image. This is no projected image, you are essentially looking through a keyhole...

      4) Which is problematic because any side to side movement on your part will shift the image. This takes a lot of getting used to. Draw quick.

      5) The equal lighting consideration is definitely real. Do not expect to use this with your iPad as the drawing platform. Perhaps some see this as an edge case, and maybe it is, but it's worth noting that you will be unlikely to blend this ancient concept with your cutting edge digital artists medium.

      I think this is going to be a fun tool to get realistic shape placement on paper, but not finished drawings (even quite expressionistic ones) as the eye and body requirements to keep a reliable image across time is quite hard.

      I hope it's understood that this is no bash, it's just an honest review of my experience with your product.

    21. MercySkull on

      Creator creator
      My neo lucida might have been shipped back to you, cause I failed to inform the postal service of my area of my move so it can be on its way back to you or lost. The Lucida was to be a gift to someone special too me who's majoring in art. Oh creator please tell me there's a way to get the Lucida back!

    22. Missing avatar

      KcKsTrTr on

      Hi Pablo & Golan,

      Just picked up a small package from the local postoffice, and... it's awesome! The Neolucida has arrived in the Netherlands! :-)

      Thanks! :-)

    23. antimix on

      Hi Creators,
      I have received my in Italy, with no custom problems.
      It contains also the two mall bags with the additional prisms.
      It is marvellous. I will play with it soon.

      Best Regards

    24. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      If you think your NeoLucida is overdue, please message us PRIVATELY. You can reach us at, or through the Kickstarter messaging system.

      Richard, check your gmail.
      -- G&P

    25. Missing avatar

      richard elworthy on

      Hi there. Not sure how to email you directly but my camera has not yet arrived eather :( let me know how we can communicate

    26. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      We will never trust Amazon again. They screwed us to the wall, without warning and without explanation. After half a dozen phone calls we still cannot get a straight explanation from them. They are fine (though extremely complex to use) for retail in the USA; all other bets are off.

    27. Missing avatar

      Lynn Fliger on

      Pablo & Golan,
      I and my son are the creators of the Kickstarter project:…
      I am very interested in your comments concerning Amazons international shipping issues. Please contact me thru my email address which you have. I would like to learn more. We are currently considering listing our product with Amazon. A significant percentage of our customers are international so you see my concern.
      I was a $12 supported but since have purchased a device from your Amazon offering.

    28. Osman EL-BABA

      @P&G You are the first KS Project I ever Backed and Boy what a ride that was ... Simply put You Guys are Professional, Prompt,Honest & Inspiring . From a true fan I wanna say Thank You Thank You Thank You for this journey Even with your last logistic issue ... It's not your fault, Amazon was the right choice ( As the best online international Market place) and you could not have known about their sudden decision.

    29. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      Hi folks! It's true -- NeoLucidas are now available on Amazon for customers with shipping addresses in the USA: Unfortunately, Amazon scr*wed us and will not ship internationally. We feel absolutely awful for our patient international backers so we're working on a proper system for preordering & fulfillment that should work around the world, hopefully by the end of 1st quarter 2014. We'll post more information in an Update shortly.

    30. Kodi on

      Absolutely Fascinating
      Yes it takes a little getting used to
      and looking past the thing SO close to you eye takes a little practice
      I also noticed if the object being viewed is too bright it is more difficult
      as opposed to have it somewhat muted in intensity
      i could never draw this good freehand

      Thank YOU!

    31. Missing avatar

      KcKsTrTr on

      Good news and bad news.

      The good news? A new batch of Neolucida has arrived on! Hurray! :-)
      The bad news? Amazon doesn't offer international shipping (again) :-(

      For me, living in Europe, that last one is frustrating. Just like it is for Pablo & Golan, i think.

      But to be honest... after all, a Neolucida is worth waiting for! :-)

    32. Missing avatar

      Lev on

      I just want to say: "Thank you!" Thank you for this great and amazing work that you have done. Good luck!

    33. jennKaye on

      @ Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin
      I would like to Thank you for bringing the Neolucida into reality and Doing your best to allow backers who missed the original campaign to purchase one. Just received my Neolucida today from Amazon. :D
      Best wishes on your future endeavors

    34. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      Hello all, there are another 2160 units coming online shortly, which should be available by late this week or early next week. In case it's not obvious, we're even more furious than you are about the snags and workarounds -- we thought a giant multibillion-dollar tech corporation would be able to handle international shipping with ease, but we were wrong. We will definitely be pursuing other options in the future.

    35. E to the J on

      i still want to get one once the amazon issues are worked out. i don't think i will use the work around at this time.maybe once there on

    36. Missing avatar

      JBW on

      Not to mention the fact that the item listed as out of stock at Amazon.

    37. Missing avatar

      JBW on

      Really let down by the decision that the solution is to ask international people to deal with this BonguUS solution. Wish I hadn't waited so anxiously and followed all the updated only to run into this non-solution.

    38. Missing avatar

      Matt Soar on

      This is such an exciting project, and you've both been fabulous in terms of communication. I share your frustration and disappointment re Amazon letting you guys down re international shipping, but I also have to say the Bongo workaround is far from ideal - not just an extra step, but another ~$40 for final delivery. I do hope you are able to find a better solution for international buyers.

    39. Fred Ploeger on

      Seems I will be first negative comment...I've been trying for about two weeks now to "see" an image on my paper. I can only check the directions so many times before I start screaming . One question...why are two sides of the prism blacked out?

    40. eduardo torres on

      Got mine a week ago and I am very happy with it, I had faith in this project and it certainly paid off, great job guys

    41. Missing avatar

      Jim Bicknell-Knight on

      Thanks very much for letting us know! Really looking forward to getting one :)

    42. Stéphane Grégoire on

      As long as the glitch is solved soon, cause we're a lot of internationnal waiting to buy the last 80%, wich could be too quick if there's only 20% left. Can't wait to buy this wonderful product! :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Martin Winter on

      That is excellent news, Pablo & Golan! Thank you for this clarification!

    44. Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Creator on

      Only 20% of our stock is in the system right now, so "3 left" reflects this batch while more are processed into the system on a rolling basis. Thousands more are warehoused and will become available once the system catches up with inventory. Patience... There are more.

    45. Missing avatar

      Martin Winter on

      Let’s hope that at least the DIY instructions will be complete soon. (2 left)

    46. Missing avatar

      Jim Bicknell-Knight on

      "glitch" indeed. 3 left.

    47. Missing avatar

      Martin Winter on

      Only 6 left in stock …

    48. Missing avatar

      Martin Winter on

      So excited about this, but will likely not be able to buy it due to the Amazon “glitch”. Quite sad.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jim Bicknell-Knight on

      Only 20 left in stock! Will the glitch be sorted before they're all sold?!

    50. Missing avatar

      JBW on

      Great, but still not working and I am worried you will sell out before getting this sorted. Been a long wait and a lot of updates to follow with the hope of finally getting one, so I will be really disappointed if that happens.

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