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Update #7

The Final Stretch


This is it.  'ISH ISH' is going to be released next week, on MARCH 1.  All of the details are in place for some incredible events surrounding the debut of this record and some exciting things are coming together.  Here's a catch-up mathlist : : : 

1 : : : Almost all of the illustrations that will be in the book are now posted on a secret page of my website.  You Kickstarters get an exclusive sneak peek of these.  Enter the password ISHBOOK to access them HERE!  If you are going to receive an illustration with your reward and you see one in particular that you'd like to claim, please let me know before the end of this week.
2 : : : The records are done!
3 : : : The packaging is done!
4  : : : Exclusive Kickstarter posters from Matt Gauck, Kaitlin Murphy and Kate Hanrahan are here!  Each reward on Kickstarter will come with one of these limited edition screen prints!
5 : : : Even though it felt like rocket science to get it integrated into the site in the way I wanted, I'm really proud to announce that I launched a store on my website!  Tell anyone who's interested in getting merch from me.  
6 : : : All records and posters will be available for will call pick up at the following shows.  Other merch will be on the table and I'll be accepting credit cards (fancy!).


WED - FEB 29 : LEAP Sessions @ The Dunes [D.C.] 
Benefit concert in support of Marble Road, a foundation that helps facilitate resources for families struggling with rare disease.  This show will feature a wide variety of artists aside from myself including: SoftSpot, Caged Animals, Lindsey Deming, Benny, Jonny Grave & the Tombstones.  You can purchase tickets HERE ($15 ADV / $20 DOORS)

WRIR 97.3 or ONLINE : A special performance will air at 7P on Activate, for everyone who can't make it out to the show in D.C.

THU - MAR 1 : LP Release @ Strange Matter [Richmond, VA]
The official release date of ISH ISH, this will be an incredible night of performances from myself as well as The Pharmacy (Seattle, WA), SoftSpot (NYC), and the Richmond favorite, Diamond Center. Come early + bring your friends; the first 50 people through the door get a digital download of the record!  ($7)

FRI - MAR 2 : Illustration Exhibit @ Gallery 5 & Turnstyle [Richmond, VA]
This will be a magical night where I will be showing all of the illustrations from the book and then some!  It's First Friday and that means that all of the local galleries open their doors and share their new collections.  I'll be showing small pieces at Turnstyle and large works at Gallery 5.  The latter of the two will feature an unforgettable lineup of Boas (RVA), SoftSpot (NYC) and Caged Animals (NYC).  This show is essentially free but come prepared to support these musicians (PAY WHAT YOU WILL).

SAT - MAR 3 : LP Release @ Baja Bean [Staunton, VA]
Another solid lineup with Lola Mullen and White Laces, right in the town that helped me to really start and grow my music career.  $5

SUN - MAR 4 : Listening Party @ Steady Sounds [Richmond, VA]
As the dust settles, let's get together at noon to share mimosas and light snacks while we take in the new album along with the latest releases from White Laces. FREE!

FRI - MAR 9 : Release Show @ My Mansion (House Show) [Harrisonburg, VA]
With Adam and the Amethysts, White Laces, and Matt Northrup.

SAT - MAR 10 : Release Show @ Winchester Book Gallery [Winchester, VA]
With Wes Swing and Swear & Shake.

POSTER DESIGN by Michelle Grant

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    THE VISITOR : Choose ANY of the packages above +++ I'll play a show exclusively for you and your friends. I'll even throw in handmade downloads of the record for everyone who comes to the party. [Within ~300mi. of Richmond unless additional travel costs are factored in.]

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    THE HONORED GUEST : I'll go clear 'cross the world to bring everything I've got to you. 1) LIMITED EDITION 'ISH ISH' + CD + book. 2) FULL COLOR 11" x 11" print from the book. 3) TEST PRESSING from URP.* 4) ORIGINAL 22" x 22" illustration from the book tastefully FRAMED to suit your fanciest wall. 5) DELICIOUS MEAL prepared by yours truly. 6) LIVE PERFORMANCE for you + your friends. 7) I'll throw in handmade download cards for everyone who comes to hear the show! [If you're more than 500mi. away travel costs MUST be factored in.]

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